ADV: Advanced Adventure
December 31, 2002

Continued from Greg Hodgkinson's Pokemon CCG Notes Dec. 16. Click here to read.

New images of the next Japanese Set titled ADV, which stands for Advanced Adventure. The booster pack design still shows the nine basic energy types so we know there are no new energy types coming our way in the future with the release of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the Game Boy Advanced. You can also sneak a peak at the Professor Weirdjapanesename Guy. If there is a Professor card in this Advanced Adventures, it's bound to be a interesting set to purchase a box of. 11 Cards per pack, which will be great relief to our nine cards per pack situation we have now with e-Card. I'm personally low on a lot of Expedition's Uncommon. But yet I have like six different Expedition Butterfree. Its a decent card to pull but having a rare reverse holographic, holographic reverse holographic, several rare versions, and a holographic Butterfree is enough to make any player purchase Japanese packs for the future English e-Card expansions. ADV Boosters will run you 300 () Yen.

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Greg missed this image from the Japanese Pokemon CCG Site. This was used in conjunction with a paragraph about 2 on 2 gaming. This image looks far too much like a video game, something that only the Gamecube could create. Could there be a barcode on the back or hidden on the cards that scan into e-Card readers? Dunno... Nintendo of Japan's Website says nothing about it yet. Of course Nintendo must have some sprites of the characters on file for future games. Question is, what game ever featured the Ruby and Sapphire Grass Starter? None. Not just yet apparently. Though I doubt that the barcodes are going to be featured in this set.


Perhaps ADV will take the characteristics of the VS and ditch the barcodes till the next set. Additionally the three 30 card decks that will be released are quite similar to VS, being that they are 30 cards. Each deck has one instruction manual, plastic coin, damage counter, and a special condition type marker. The top cards on the image above are exactly the same as the McDonald's Happy Meal Promo version only they are apparently holofoil. Each deck cost 900 () Yen.

ADV: Advanced Adventures will hit Japanese Shelves January 31, 2003. Be sure to send me over a pack or two if you purchase some. Later folks.