Greg Hodgkinson's Pokemon CCG Notes
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December 16, 2002

New Japanese Pokemon Card set to debut in Early ‘03

A new set of Pokemon cards are coming out in Japan early next year. Very early! At the end of January 2003, the “ADV” Pokemon set will debut. ADV stands for Advanced Adventure! This set will be different than the “normal” Pokemon cards and sets. Much like the “VS” set of the past, this new set is going off into another direction. The cards are available in three different “Half-Deck” packs (just like VS), each cost 900 Yen (about $7.50 as of 12/16/02). There will also be expansion packs (Booster) costing 300 Yen and containing eleven cards. The most interesting feature of this set is the different format of the cards; gone is the “E”-card information strip. This new set will highlight the new Pokemon from the Ruby/Sapphire Gameboy Advance games. This new game will also have rules for 2 on 2 gaming, just like the Gameboy game!

WAIT! There is more. McDonalds is getting in on the act again as well. Starting on 01/17/2003, McDonalds stores in Japan will be offering Promo cards (the number is unknown at this time; but my guess is 9) featuring the new format and the familiar “McDonalds” Promo logo. A purchase of a “Happy Meal” is required in order to get a card.

More information when it becomes available!