Ghost Pokemon in the TCG
Pokemon Master 1110

Greeting! Mwaa, ha, ha, ha, ha! It is Haloween tonight! I, Count Poke`monster, errmm.. Master will be your guide as we take a look back on all the haunting, wall-passing Ghost Poke`mon! Mwaa, ha, ha, ha, ha! Let's take a look back...

Base Set: Base Set (BS) gave us only two Ghost Poke'mon, BS gastly and BS haunter. Nether were any good. BS gastly became the poor polterguist whom everyone would compair to the cards they thought to be the crappiest cards ever to exist. He did have his spotlight for a SHORT time, when the little kiddes always defended him with the whole "He can KO a base Charizard" deal. Hey, we were all young sometime, right? The Haunter wasn't much better. He could put people to sleep automaticly, then if they stayed asleep he could do 50 damage next turn. Of course, that happened about three times, and when the defending Poke`mon didn't wake up, the would switch or full heal =/ Oh well, so much for Base Set.

Jungle: Let's see... oops, no ghosts lived in the Jungles of Poke`land!

Fossil: Here is where the Ghosts shined! The Fossil Gastly was the most dramatic improvment in Pokemon TCG history over the BS conterpart. Solid 50 hp, good lick attack and free retreat w/ a resistance to fighting pokemon (hitmonchan was still REALLY popular) made him VERY useable. The Haunter was awesome as well. Basiclly, his power was a baby rule, which back then was the most frustrating thing players had ever seen. He also had a power that put you to sleep automaticly, making him even more hard to attack. His low 50 HP was his only downfall. Then the Gengar. He was very hard to beat. His attack did damage to the bench, then his power could move a damage counter from one of your opponets pokemon to another. Many used that to move more damage to the defending poke, in effect making it like a plus power. Fossil introuduced a very good, very playable eveloution line of spooks to us.

Team Rocket: The Rocket's don't use Ghost poke`mon, apparantly.

Gym Heroes: Heroes didnt do too much for us Ghost fans. It did give us a Medeocere Gastly, a strange Haunter, and a slightly playable Gengar. The Gengar's attack was fun and good if it worked, but few times did.

Gym Challange: Well, this was alot better than Heroes. The two new Gastlys were very nice, one had a power that made it stay around longer, another was a quick hit-and-run guy. The new Haunter was good as well, almost good enought to warrent playing just him. The Gengar, unfortunatly, was nothing special. Still, a good set in which the Ghosts were great in draft.

Neo Genesis: No restless souls here!

Neo Discovery: The exorsist visited this set.

Neo Revelation: Ha, finally a Neo Ghost! Misdreavous makes her debue here! A decent, yet at the time unused pokemon. She looked kind of like a base Haunter, and that turned people away.

Neo Destiny: Oh, my! A dark line of Ghosts! The Gastly is average, and falls a little short of the Fossil version, the Dark Haunter was nothing to gawk about, but the Dark Gengar is absoulutly awesome! The power requires each player to flip TWO coins in order to wake up, and BOTH must be heads! People used this guy with Misdreavous from the last set and went on a killing spree.

E-card Expediton: Another Ghost line was introduced in this set and it was a pretty good one at that! The Gastly, again is nothing to laugh at but still isn't as good as the Fossil one, but the Haunter is the best one since fossil, mabey even better! He has nightmare, which does 20 damage and automatically puts them to sleep, then, if they stay asleep, you can use the Dream Eater attack, just like the BS Haunter, only it cost less to use! Awesome! The Gengar is fairly weak, and not too easy to understand.

Here is the Ghost deck i've put together. It's all ghosts, albet two Cleffas and two Igglybuffs.

Poke`mon: 18

Fossil Gastly x4

Dark Gengar x2

Expedition Haunter x3

Revelation Misdreavous x3

Gaseous Form Sabrina's Gastly x2

Genisis Cleffa x2

Promo Igglybuff x2

Trianers: 22

Computer Search x4

Bill x4

Professor Oak's Research x2

Professor Elm x2

Gold Berry x3

Gust of Wind x3

Focus Band x4

Energies: 20

Pyschic Energy x20

Not too shabby, huh? Oh, no, the Sun is rising! I must leave you now, but I'll be back next year, MWA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA!

The Poke`mon Master 1110