An Interview with Master Trainer Mike
About Pokemon E-Cards & the Expedition set.

At the end of August we asked people to send us questions they had about about Pokemon E-Cards & the Expedition Set.  Master Trainer Mike, from Wizards of the Coast, agreed to answer about two dozen questions for us.  So here you go:

I was wondering if the American E-card's have new back's on them like the
Japanese E-cards?
No they do not.  They have the same card backs as our cards always have.
Will there be a 1st edition printing?
1st edition cards are no longer being printed for Wizards of the Coast released Pokémon cards.

With 9 cards in each booster, what's the number of  rares/uncommons/commons per booster?
Each pack will come with 1 rare card, 2 uncommon, 1 parallel foil card (could be common, uncommon, or rare), and 5 common cards.  1 in every 3 packs will replace one of the common cards with a holo card in its place.
Will there be a new foil in every booster pack as I've heard there will?
There will be a parallel foil card in every pack and 1 in 3 packs will also have a holo card.
I heard about these things called supporters, what are they?
It is a new type of trainer card.  The text on these cards reads: You can only play 1 Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.
Mikey Fouchet
I was wondering if you could give us an example of a Supporter card and what kind of actions are needed to use one.
Professor Oak’s Research says: You can only play 1 Supporter card each turn.  When you play this card, put it next to your Active Pokémon.  When your turn ends, discard this card.
Shuffle your hand into your deck, then draw 5 cards.

Will the new supporters have the 1 per turn use rule on the card? or will they be in the new rule book [im assuming there will be a new rule book]
They will follow the 1 per turn rule as was released in Japan.
Truk Chris
Are poke-bodys the same as a Pokemon Power? for example, would Muks Pokemon
Power Toxic Gas shut it off? Or are they something completely different?
Poké-BODYs and Poké-POWERs are both consider to be Pokémon Powers and would both be shut off by Muk’s Toxic Gas.
With the introduction of Pokemon Body in the Expedition expansion, will Pokemon Powers, on pokemon from earlier sets, that work like Pokemon Body be considered a Pokemon Body instead of a Pokemon Power? If so will there be an offical list of what Pokemon Powers follow the Pokemon Body rules?
No, earlier cards will still be played as read.  The separation of Poké-BODYs and Poké-POWERs was done to help players understand the game (Poké-BODYs are continuous, Poké-POWERs are activated, etc.).  They both are considered Pokémon Powers.
   ---Snorlax Stampede---
What is the ratio of Trainers to Pokemon in Packs? Normally should each pack contain a Trainer.
Booster Packs contain cards by rarity.  Trainers are in the packs randomly based upon their rarity.
All E-Cards will be League and tournament legal, correct?
Yes they will be.  The Pokemon E-cards are the next expansions Wizards of the Coast will be releasing for the Pokemon TCG and while they will have the extra benefits of the card-e technology, they will be treated just like every other expansion we have released.
- J Spurlock
Was any artwork on the cards used, done by any american artists? And will there be any sets' art done by american artists?
All art in Expedition was provided by The Pokémon Company from Japan.  There isn’t any outside art planned for future expansions at this time though this could always change.
- Scott N.
        Question: Are there dark pokemon in the new e-card set and are these dark pokemon going to be weak against strength type pokemon??
There are new versions of Darkness and Metal Pokémon in Expedition.
- Wesley
                     How much of a difference is there between the e-card set(japanese version) and the expedition set(U.S. version)/Are there any sort of surprises in store for us, or are we just going to get the same old cards that our friends at Japan get??
Expedition contains the cards that were released in Japan in their first Card-E set as wlel as some cards that Wizards of the Coast wanted to bring back into the current game environment.
- J Morales
Ive been wondering ever since i as told that E card was gonna have a new effect so What does the burn effect do?
If a Pokémon gets Burned, it has a Burn Marker placed on it (like a Poison marker).  At the end of each turn, the owner of that Pokémon flips a coin, if they get tails, they would place 2 damage counters on that Pokémon.  Burned can be combined with Poisoned or any of the other Special Conditions (Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed). 
- G Nelson
Will supporters be like pokemon tools? Can you have a supporter and a pokemon tool on the same pokemon at one time?
Supporters are not attached to Pokémon like Pokémon Tools are.  They are a type of trainer that yo are limited to playing 1 a turn of.
K. Pestana
Are there going to be more than just games and information on the pokemon in the e-cards?
The Pokémon company creates the content that goes onto the Pokémon Card-E cards.  Much of the initial content consists of games, sound effects, animations, and information about the cards.  The Pokémon company will always be working on improving the card content as future sets come out.
- Uday Aladangady
My second question is about the set. There are 165 cards, and I don't think Japanese Card-E (the first set) has that many cards, so did you guys finally get to make your own cards and put them in the set?
No.  The Expedition set contains cards that were released in Japan as their first Card-E set as well as some cards that Wizards of the Coast wanted to reintroduce into the current game play environment.
David S.
Are there going to be the Holo / non-holo duplicates in Expedition like in Jungle, Fossil, etc.
No there will not, though each of the 165 cards will also be available as a parallel foil.
- Bill H.
Are all of the cards in the Expedition theme decks e-cards?
Every card in the Expedition theme decks is from the Expedition set though not every card in the Expedition set contains card-e content.
Will there actually be Pokemon weak or resistant to Metal and Darkness attacks, in Expedition?
With the Card-E sets, Creatures is mixing Metal and Darkness Pokémon fully into the game.  There will be Pokémon with Weaknesses and Resistances to these types as well as to other types previously untouched (some Pokémon will be Resistant to Water for example).
- Lacy
It looks like there will be a number of new rules, trainer types, special conditions, and these enhancements should really re-energize  the game environment.  There are apparently many very powerful new pokemon, attacks, and powers also !!!   Would you mind describing just a few of the Expedition cards that are the most exciting to you?
There are many Stage 1 and 2 Pokémon in this set with Pokémon Powers that will see a lot of game play.  The Veunsaur has a Poké-POWER that lets you attach 2 energy cards to your Active Pokémon each turn instead of the normal one.    The Alakazam’s Poké-POWER allows you to copy any attack from any of your opponent’s Pokémon (though you must still pay the cost of the attack).   The Pidgeot’s Poké-POWER lets you, once per turn if Pidgeot is Active, shuffle 1 of your Benched Pokémon and all cards attached back into your deck.
There are several other interesting Powers, Trainers, and effects coming in this set.

Enik the Sleestak
Which Pokémon type (Grass, Fire, whatever) gets the biggest boost in power from Expedition?
As the Card-E sets come out, there will be more changes coming in what cards and colors will be most playable in the tournament environment.  Look for some strong Fighting Pokémon up the road for example.
Iain D Kendall
How many theme decks are there and what are they called?
There are two theme decks in the set, Echo and Electric Garden.
- Jenny Mahr
Will Any of the cards have hidden attacks only visible through the e-Reader, like the Spaceworld Celebi japanese promo?
The Mew card in Expedition has an attack like this.
- Eduardo R.
Do you see any possibilities of type colors becoming popular again from the new set rather than the main Grass/Water/Fire types dominating? If so, which type do you believe will be making a comeback?
As the Card-E sets come out, there will be more changes coming in what cards and colors will be most playable in the tournament environment.  Look for some strong Fighting Pokémon up the road for example.
Stride SDX