Professor Membership Card Pictures
August 13, 2002 - by GymLeaderPhil

I'm a lazy bum, but here they are kiddies, right from MTM's shiny leather wallet at Origins.

The Master and the Apprentice, wait, switch that.

Back of the card reads:

The person whose name appears on the reverse side hereof is a member of the DCI and agrees to comply with all DCI rules and policies, including, but not limited to, the DCI Universal Tournament Rules and the floor rules for the appopriate game. Faliure to comply with any of these rules and policies may result in suspension or revocation of membership in the DCI. The DCI number on the front of this card is valid until revoked. The DCI reserves the right to publish players status and participation information. Confrimation of DCI membership status may be obtained by inquiry to the DCi via email at dci@wizards.com or via mail at DCI, Wizards of the Coast, PO Box 180, Renton WA 98057 1080, USA.