Hasbro's New Pokemon Electronic V-Trainers Puts the Fantasy in Kids' Hands

New Promotion Lets Kids Enter to Win a POKeMON Figure in Their Likeness

PAWTUCKET, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)----Hasbro, Inc. combines exciting POKeMON figure play with the latest in technology in its new ELECTRONIC POKeMON V-TRAINERS, bringing the POKeMON fantasy to life. The ELECTRONIC POKeMON V-TRAINERS segment ties into POKeMON: MASTER QUEST, the new theme featured in the consistently top-rated WB Kids animated television series, and are scheduled for retail availability in July.

Expert or novice fans can play all day with their portable POKeMON ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS unit, as they increase their trainer points and battle for badges to become a Master Trainer. Kids begin by collecting basic figure packs, which allow them to compete against other POKeMON rivals to earn badges using the ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS hand-held unit. The hand-held ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS unit lets you obtain all eight Gold, Silver and Crystal badges by battling other trainers and increasing trainer points. Kids can also collect CAPTURE PACKS that allow them to battle and capture POKeMON, which helps tie the V-TRAINERS back to the fantasy. And for the ultimate in POKeMON action, kids can connect two V-TRAINERS units together for head to head battle with a friend.

"POKeMON continues to captivate millions of kids around the world," said Greg Leeds, General Manager of Hasbro's boys toys group. "Through unique technology and product innovation, Hasbro is thrilled to continually offer POKeMON fans exciting product that brings the fantasy to life in new and fun ways."

To support the introduction of the ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS segment, Hasbro will launch a consumer promotion, "Where's that Ditto?", in early summer. "Ditto" is a character from the POKeMON television series that can transform and disguise itself by taking on the appearance and powers of any POKeMON character. In the "instant win" promotion, ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS basic figure packs will contain game pieces, and kids will be challenged to find one of the 10,000 randomly placed winning pieces "disguised" as "Ditto" characters. Game pieces will also be available by mail-in request. Kids will know they've won if a winning "Ditto" game piece is placed on a V-TRAINERS unit and the "Ditto" alert is triggered, or if a game piece received by mail is disclosed to be a winner. The instant win prize is an exclusive Mewtwo V-TRAINERS figure. In addition, instant winners will be eligible to participate in a sweepstakes drawing to win a one-of-a-kind V-TRAINERS figure created in his or her likeness and a $500 shopping spree to the POKeMON web site store. Only one sweepstakes prize will be awarded. The drawing will take place in March 2003, to determine the sweepstakes winner, who will be notified by mail. No purchase will be necessary to enter the promotion. Official rules of entry and related information will be available on V-TRAINERS basic figure packs, while supplies last, and at www.pokemoncenter.com.

The ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS unit is expected to retail for approximately $16.99 and the ELECTRONIC V-TRAINERS figure packs are expected to retail for approximately $7.99.