Greg Hodgkinson's Pokemon CCG Notes
Battle Roads Spring 2002 Tourney Card & More
July 1, 2002

This is the Number 3 Winner Tournament card for the recent Battle Roads Spring 2002 Tournament Card. This card was only given to the Third Place Winner of the Masters Trainers League in Kansai, Japan (Osaka Area). What's special about this card is that the winner's name and area of the tournament is actually printed on the card. This information has been covered to protect the winner of the card. The fact that the winners name and tournament loction are on the card makes this card a true one of a kind card.

There is no card in the world the same as the other. There were only 9 of the 3rd place winner cards given out for this League/Tournament.


Here are the next two Pokemon League Promo cards. They are "Lily Pad Mew" which is Black Star Promo #47 and a Holo Psychic Energy.



- Greg