Greg Hodgkinson's Pokemon CCG Notes
New Promos
May 29, 2002

Here are the first two cards of the up coming Card-E(E-Card for the Japanese sets)set due out in August in ENGLISH. These two cards were part of a seal promotional card pack with two other "E" type cards. This pack was given out at the E3(game Expo) by Nintendo! The cards have the following info on them:



So the First Card-E english set will have 165 cards in it! The Japanese first E-Card set had only 128 cards. Add to it the 29 card "Starter" set and you are still 8 cards short. The E-Card "Starter" set also had unnumbered energy cards; so if we add these(and this is a BIG ""IF"", then we are still 2 cards shy! They look great!

Check out the cards here!


Thanks to Chuck for the scans!

- Greg