Feraligator:  Why he is still (or still should be) the King of Modified.

Oh, wait, please don't scream.  I know, I know, everyone says Feraligator is dead.  But it just isn't true.  How could it be?  With the absence of Misty's Wrath and Trash Exchange, people have forgotten about the big blue gator.  Have we all over looked one of the most deadly combos in Pokemon?

Thats right, I speak of the Revelation Parasect!  Think about it; get ten waters in the discard, and riptide every turn for 110 damage.  Without having to search through your deck with stuff franticaly trying to find enough waters to again discard for another assault.  Facing a Steelix?  No problem.  Dump another 2-3 waters, and one-hit a steelix without using a fire type.  Who much sweeter does it get than something like that?  Sure, it's two types in a deck, but who cares?  With Boost Energy comming out in Aquapolis (or so sources say) a double-gusted Parisect is no problem.  Or use switch, or your own double gust.  See?  Not too scary after all.  Well, not for you anyway.

Another concern people have is decking out.  Tell me how you can deck when you are claiming a prize every turn doing 100-140 damage?  Babys?  Double gust.  Even without that, just keep flipping.  You'll get heads sooner or later.  It is more logical to belive that the deck would work than to think it wouldn't.  Uniqueness is often a good thing.  I went undefeated in the normal rounds at the last gym challange using Muk and Misty's Gyrados!  Who else played THAT deck!?  And yet it totally destroyed.  Don't rule it out because it is out of the ordinary.  My Erika's Jigglypuff/Sneasle/Wigglytuff deck comes real close to loosing sometimes to uniqe decks.  I ALMOST lost to a Steelix/Aerodactal deck (revelation 'dactal and rage onix).  Don't be afraid of new stuff.

Here is a sample deck:

Pokemon: 20

Totodile x4
Croconaw x3
Feraligator x 4
Paras x2
Parsect x2
Cleffa x3
Tyrouge x2

Trainers: 24

Bill x4
Professor Elm x4
Copycat x2
Professor Oak's Reserch x2
Gold Berry x3
Double Gust x2
Switch x2
Pokemon Breeder x2
Pokemon Trader x2
Time Capsule x1

Energy:  16

Water Energy x16

This decks only threat?  MUK!  AHHH!  The lousy slimeball!  Of course, thats one of the things that is so great about this game; EVERY deck has some type of counter.  But muk isn't too bad; take out the grimers early and then any muk that shows up later in the game can be double gusted and taken out with some back-up hitter (like kingdra or something)

Inspired?  Good.  Now go, and explore the possibilities!

The Poke`mon Master 1110