RE: Pokemaster's Article about the State of the Game

Hi pokepeoples,

I read Pokemon Masters articles and was quite surprised at what he considers somewhat useful and what he didnít list as somewhat useful. More so whether with some of his points is he talking about modified or unlimited? Ill assume he is talking about which ever is possible I guess.... So many have responded to the Gamer's grief with good valid points in those...Its a bit long but itís my first one.

This is just my opinions and thoughts

Anyway my views on his It has uses article.

The Classes are fairly accurate with one missing.

Upper middle class: things that can occasionally give the killers something to worry about. Sometimes possible even win more than lose against certain killer decks although this is usually due to weakness or resistance (not always meaning the type disadvantage/advantage but some other disadvantage such as Clefable on Rocket's Zapdos).

Lower middle class: Things that are simply fun to play and definitely fun decks to play with as long as your opponent is playing either upper middle class or lower middle class.

Base set:

Bill: It is good, however it isnít seen much in modified or unlimited due to the fact there are better options however it is good for players who donít happen to own 4 computer search, 4 Professor Oak's etc. In both unlimited and modified 2 cards is not going to cut it as compared to cards that shuffle and get 5 or better.

Charizard: Definitely fun to play in modified, in unlimited SER just stings it too much. Even in modified playing two stage 2's is something I personally don't like doing, so Typhlosion is out. It is good using cards that are strong like Entei to make underused cards like this one come alive but even without Entei using this with a couple of recycle energy and/or even neo 3 aerodactyl and memory berry it makes this thing slightly useful and fun to play.

Venusaur: Some people do use this in Modified until they find that fire is just too quick and overwhelms them. They look to Meganium, which has better chances due to 2nd turn attacks. Playing both of these guys can work if you are lucky enough but against fire you are almost certain a defeat, with just Meganium (wild growth of course) you stand a slight chance you may win. Some people do play it though so I wouldnít say itís underused.

Others not mentioned

Farfetch'd: Good for those who aren't fortunate enough to own a Scyther and just want to play with their non-competitive friends for fun. Which can be just as fun as playing a really high level game of Kingdra's vs Steelix/Espeon or Sneasel vs Wigglytuff which is what it is supposed to be about.



Pinsir: SER again stings you and even with Meganium 60HP does not last long in unlimited, that is if Meganium lasts that long... although again good for fun play.

Electrode: Opponent didnít play Lightning thatís just funny to me. In unlimited there is Rocket's Zapdos which is frequently seen, and in modified there is Amphy...20 is absolutely hopeless when your opponents wigglytuff is dealing a 60 a turn for the same amount of energy and even less if they used a double colourless. Not to mention its rogue prone which is currently very present indeed.... Sorry but this is binder material, barely worth of a fun deck try base electrode instead.


Well you have to have the right type first to get the big extra 10 damage, and his free retreat is good but Venonat's 40HP and this only has 70 so neither is going to last long against most other things... Plus if you flip tails I guess it does 20 damage for 2 Grass. Even if heads they just switch it, warp energy it, whatever they want.

Others not mentioned.

Pidgeot: Only in Modified though although it doesnít have a way of dealing the finishing blow which is kind of a drawback. However play the deck right its exceedingly annoying.

Dodrio: Not exactly underrated and sometimes seen in modified but I donít here much about it all the same. Makes double gust a free gust if you want it with enough dodrio's. Although I'd only use it if your retreat was 2 or 1.



Gengar: Umm yea, but 3 Psychic for 30? and 10 to the bench? thatís 40 for 3 Psychic not to mention SER rips it. However in modified it is possible maybe for fun. Although itís too slow for my liking..

Lapras: In the fossil days, This was in every good raindance as an anti Mr. mime, so it was definitely seen. Nowadays itís far too weak and itís replaced with Cleffa and others.

Zapdos: SER again keeps it attackless and it just sits there as a punching bag. Not even good in fun.

Others unmentioned...

Aerodactyl: Strictly fun only, but with Mew, this isnít too bad, heck if they are really slow it can keep a Slowking away. Although Sneasel is likely to beat it up but even in just fun decks it will very annoying.


Team Rocket:

Dark Dragonair: He's okay but an evolution, people just want to get one evolution out and beat heads with it although yet again its good in a nice simple fun deck. Speed is not something with this card, its swarming is what you get (if you get the basics that is). Iím not even going to say 60HP and quick knock out again.

Dark Blastoise: Again not underrated, is seen in modified (played by rand0m) although in unlimited it is pathetically beaten up by quicker things, and SER yet again holds it at bay..

Dark Charizard: Two stage 2's again, which get slaughtered in unlimited quicker than you can say boo!

Others not mentioned.

Dark Muk: Definitely worthy here. Although not that underated it is something that is only uncommon therefore not too hard to get a few copies of from older players who no longer want it. It can still win if you protect those grass energy and 2 turns out of action isnít too much although the low HP kind of stings it.

Dark Vileplume

Seen before, but lock a baby with Murkrow and if they donít have any warp, or dark energy I guess they cant get out...most of the time :)..but slow though

Dark Weezing

This is something I like although it is extremely self destructive and low HP hits hard here yet again, Grass and metal turn 1 and two, get a bunch of Koffing and hit them for 70. Maybe use Brock or something to heal all your pokemon. Not for professional play for certain but definitely a head turner for fun play..


Gym Heroes

Rocket's Moltres: Main thing that kept this pinning down was not only the HP but SER made it yet another punching bag.

Erika's Vileplume: Even lesser able players know ways around status conditions and do use them.. 80HP won't last and GGG for 30 is kind of weak and yet again SER annoys. However not entirely bad if you make trainers harder to find or harder to play by lassing them or playing chaos gym before putting E's Vileplume then maybe.

Erika's Jigglypuff: This thing is only good first turn.. after that it just fades out.. also rogue hits it hard and returns the favour it wants to do to it.

Others not mentioned:
Brock's Onix 100HP: This thing was a wall, only in fun decks but seriously is certain to annoy lesser players who don't use Scyther, either scoop it up or switch it when you need to remove it and then attack..

Blaine's Kangaskhan: was good in old modified but if you play fire turn one, and then Blaine turn 2 or dce then chaos or something to make SER harder to play you have a 80HP Electabuzz. Again only fun play and rouge kind of kicks it out..


Gym Challenge:

Rocket's Mewtwo. Yawn.. SER yet again makes sure that 60 a turn just doesnít happen, Juxtapose is extremely risky and hypnoblast plainly put sucks. Only possibly good in a fun Sabrina's Alakazam deck.

Blaine's Charizard: Yea this is nice.. I do have a place for this card for fun again, and this is something that on occasion can make some of the higher decks flinch especially Scizor and Steelix...partically with Blaines Charmander eating at their metals..

Misty's Gyarados: Not with Muk. Brock's Ninetales!! This protects it from the purely annoying SER allowing your 70 a turn until Scyther or Sneasel sends it back to you with some calamari rings...


Neo Genesis:

Meganium: Umm this is so not underated. Its good we know, but certainly not in unlimited...

Bellossom: The attack is kind of good if you are lucky (both of them that is) but 70HP keeps it out of play.

Miltank: Definitely good in draft yes, but not much else. Milk drink just doesnít do enough aside from draft and also rogue makes it cry. Body slam is not good at all.

Others not mentioned

Sudowoodo: Bad compared to rouge or Gligar but still fairly joyful to play especially when dealing 40 or 50 for F :).


Neo Discovery

Umbreon holo: Again people play him with Slowking (I donít not like that card at all). But aside from Slowking SER yet again disables him. Fairly good in modified tough.

Wobbuffet: Far too flippy, a good wall though.

Tyranitar: Again, some people do play him in modified. If this was for unlimited Iím not going to say those three letters.

Others not mentioned

Xatu: Seriously a good poor man's Espeon, although not as effective against the big things it can be effective against those double gusted 50HP basics.

Omastar: I like this in fun. Although its not very good at all WWW for 20 then flip for each W for 20 more on each heads means possibly 80, but more likely 40 or 60 which is still somewhat okay, although it won't last long but good for some laughs..


Neo revelation:

Suicune: Modified it does see occasional play, however in unlimited despite its SER shield for 3 basic energy it just doesnít do enough. Although free retreat does indeed help it. Possibly for fun play..

Raikou: To be honest this is weaker than Suicune because of Rogue... However even if you are lucky enough to not face it LLL for 30 and maybe 20 to the bench just isnít enough..


Misdreavus: This thing is not underated but anyway...

At 50HP? Even with Dark Gengar they just switch around it, Focus band wont land heads every time and if you get this on its own and your opponent is quick to develop. Opps I guess you lose. I wonít even start on unlimited. Although should you get around those barriers itís quite useful indeed...but if you are even slightly unlucky on Dark Gengar's power you will likely lose. Dark Gengar itself is a good deck..

Cards unmentioned:

Piloswine: I like this card, particularly in commons uncommons with Dodrio, I donít know how it would fair in modified though. It does KO Espeon, Amphy and countless others in one hit though and with a strength charm kingdra, SER makes it useless in unlimited yet again but still an excellent fun deck that can actually win.

Lanturn: Not very powerful I just like the idea of being 2 types, and should you be lucky with memory berry you could deal 120 damage to a water or lightning weak pokemon for W. That just sounds cool. Again only for modified or fun unlimited

Houndoom: Getting dark energy from the discard without a flip is really cool. Actually somewhat of a surprise deck in unlimited, Eco or chaos with a lass to keep the dark energy there and then keeping them pinned down is fairly neat and a cool way to win.

Sneasel: Yes this Sneasel is not too bad actually in modified.. remove all their focus bands and gold berry in one nasty flip.. okay so itís a flip but still doing a possible 2nd turn 30 or even 50 is pretty good.. but more likely you'll do 2nd turn 20 or 40. Unlimited SER makes sure this thing stays in the binder.

Ho-oh lvl 44 Rainbow burn: This is excellent in modified with either Dodrio and/or Clefable. X-act found this deck and I adopted it for a while. Either use Clefable or Energy Search, Seer Etc. to find your different energy cards and burn them for 70. Water gives it bunches of problems and its really ugly in unlimited but is a very fun deck to play especially when your opponent watches their 100HP Pokemon be OHKO by Ho-oh and strength charm.


Neo Destiny

Dark Gengar: Not untouchable but certainly annoying, however possibly a little slow in the damage dealing department. And certainly not underused either...again in unlimited there are plenty of ways to remove status conditions.

Dark Scizor:

Umm yea if you can get 4 dark and 4 metal on a pokemon in modified yea okay its possibly if your opponent gets a bad deal and you play Furret AQ and have no metal or dark in your prizes. But why not just play AQ Scizor then?? Since it only requires a metal to do almost the same thing on average. In Unlimited.. yea sure.. in the world of no SER this would possibly be slightly good.

Dark Espeon: How can it do 60 with only 2 energy on it? Assuming that they are dark energy that is. It would do 40 not 60... unless you used pluspowers or something. The 2nd attack is like useless if they have metal and even if they don't the damage you will deal is so minor. 60HP is pretty low too... Rocket's hideout can be removed and its rather embarrassing having it knocked out because its HP changed and then sending up another and then it too being knocked out...

Others not mentioned:

Light Golduck: Some do play this, as a rouge deck in unlimited but this is seriously capable of damage if played right. Great to play for fun because it can really hurt those special energy decks. Again use Lass and Chaos strategies to try keep SER at bay but even if it does happen its still not too bad you can build it again quickly.


Poliwrath: Yea maybe, although its flip turns away many..

Elm's training method: In unlimited you have comp search, in modified you have trader.

Ampharos: Shining Raichu and Shining Kabutops playable???!!!! I think not.. This thing is played by many mainly with Zapdos and try to a pokemon center energy move type thing some play Espeon with this too. Rouge again hoses this a little..

Others not mentioned:


Alakazam: Well in modified you can copy most attacks with 2 rainbow attached and the surprise of 80 damage can really damage at times. I like this myself although again not for play in unlimited.

Pidgeot: Itís not that good, but you can save a prize, which can be useful at times, and decking is impossible as long as itís active. I play it for fun in unlimited, donít think it would fair well in modified. Obviously not for attacking :)


Nidoking: Yea decent, people do play this card so there is no need to cry. :).

Umbreon: Possibly, rouge again keeps it in hiding although if you put something else active, but its only a matter of time before they draw something you don't want them to and all that work is undone.

Ninetales: Somewhat valid, however they can escape your burn...

Others not mentioned:

Victreebel: This thing is actually somewhat good in unlimited. Lass them or Chaos gym and lock something with fragrance trap and Murkrow and punish the bench, its not very reliable at all however not useless either. In modified people do play it so its not a card that people should play but donít.

Kingdra (Crystal): Only for fun, but changing your type for decent damage is something I like, using EX

Clefable allows you to change its type if you want to hit a weakness (provided the next energy is enough to attack or you have enough already). Really slow even in modified but I like to play it.

Thatís a lot of stuff and a bit too much but I wanted to get some thoughts and this is only my first article. If I do any more they should be a lot smaller.

Thatís all from me

Keep playing and keep having fun

Adam Ferguson/Pidgeot5

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