Pokemon Diamond
April 1, 2002

RE:Pokemon Diamond


Pokemon Diamond is fake, that's for sure. It tries to add a new twist to Pokemon, you don't have Pokeballs, instead, you call your Pokemon on a phone. Now, I have had this file downloaded for quite awhile, and it is illegal. (But I never  use mine. Well, not much.) My experience of it was not to my liking, the game was a bit sloppy looking, but I say that it did take major hacking (or making new games) To do what they did. The box is fake also, it was a good computer editing job.

Now, the rumor about a man buying the game in China, well, my version of the game was actually in Japanese, so I wouldn't doubt that whoever made the game may have produced a few bootlegs (I'm not sure, this is just my hypothesis.) Now, some of the Pokemon in this game do look like the new 100 coming out for GBA, most are probably made up.Now, I do believe this game is fake. One is becuase Nintendo has not said anything about it, you figure they would say somthing if Pokemon Diamond was a real game.

Now, download this game if you wish, but it is risky, remember, ROMS and Emulators are illegal.  So proceed at caution when downloading.  I know of plenty of good sites to do this. A major one, which I visit time to time is: (link removed by Pojo for legal reasons). Now, ROMS and Emulators are fairly easy to use, just unzip them, click it, go to options, and there should be something about loading slot1 there, just click that, open the folder that your ROM file is in, click it, and it should appear on the screen. Some emulators are different, but that's how a lot of them work. 


04.02.02 -

Nintendo HAS spoken about Pokémon Diamond in Nintendo Power, Issue 151. Nintedo says: "The product you're reffering to {Pokémon Diamond} is counterfeit and not endorsed by Nintendo in any way, shape or form. ..."
I hope that finishes it. Pokémon Diamond IS illegal, due to copyright infringement. It's not a real Pokémon game.