Pokemon Card News
March 7, 2002

Three months ago, we here at POJO.com posted images of the 6 E-Card Campaign Promo cards that were going to given away in the Spring. Well, it is Springtime (sort of) and the cards are now out. So, how do you get the cards? A very good question indeed. Here is how it worked.

First, you had to buy three of the E-Card starter decks. These decks had a "Proof of Purchase" tab on it. You had to send in the three tabs to a special address in Japan. This "sweepstakes" was only open to residents of Japan. After all of the tabs had been collected, you had to wait until the Spring to see if you were selected to get a set of three cards. If you were one of the lucky winners, you would be sent one of two sets of cards. The two sets are the "RED" set (with Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard) and the "GOLD" set (with Meganiam, Typhlosion, Feraligatr). There are going to be only 5000 copies of each card. The Japanese are going to give out 1000 copies of each card for the next 5 months. Since these cards are going to be so rare, they will be very hard to get. Here are some up for bid now!


WOW. Good luck.