Pokemon Advance News
February 20, 2002


Coro Coro comics April edition is going to feature 「フリーザー」all the news on Poke'mon Advance. Also, the second E-card series is coming soon and the first 3 cards were shown. enclosed are some pictures. One of Seaking, one of Elekid, and the other is the japanese version of the Promotional Articuno given out when Americans saw Poke'mon the Movie 2000. I included some pics. I hope this is helpful for your site. size=2> --Jared Ellison

I got this info off the Japanese Poke'mon TCG website. - pokemon-card.com


The site has two card scans and a cool map. The map shows the "continent" of the E-card series. The Japanese are going to "explore" the continent in the up coming releases. The map shows the "City with no Name" on the Eastern side of this continent.

Greg Hodgkinson