February 4, 2002

Translation of and Guide to Navigating [http://www.pokemon2002.jp]

By: Usagi-chan [ usagi5886@yahoo.com ]


This document is a guide to the new Japanese Pokémon Movie 2002 site at http://www.pokemon2002.jp .  It contains translations for much of the important info on the site, as well as instructions on how to navigate through the menus.


Just one thing: Everything that isn’t italicized is translated, and everything that is italicized is my comments and descriptions.


·         There may be a few translation errors in this guide.  If you see any, just e-mail me.

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·         This guide was entirely created by Usagi-chan.  Any likeness to other translations is coincidental.

·         Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo, Creatures, Game Freak, TV Tokyo, Sho-Pro, Jr. Kikaku, and the 2002 Pikachu Project.

Usagi-chan ^.^

}         As you enter the site for the first time you’ll see a video.  You can replay it with a button at the upper left of the top page.  The text says:

The most beautiful city in the world

The water capital, Altomare

The “Heartdrop” calls legendary Pokémon to awaken

}         The movies are called:


Pocket Monsters:

Divine Protectors of the Water Capital:

Latias and Latios


Sparkling Starry Sky Camp

}         Release information:

Saturday July 17, 2002

Nationwide (In Japan)

Tôhôkei Roadshow

(If you are counting down days until the release, the number in the bottom-left corner of the top page tells you how many days are left.)

}         The stories are described on the site as follows:

Divine Protectors of the Water Capital: Latias and Latios

The water capital Altomare is said to be the most beautiful city in the world.  There, Ash and Pikachu meet Pokémon that have mysterious skills, Latios and Latias.  Latios being brother and Latias being sister, they are great friends; As brother and sister, they protect a treasure, the “Heartdrop,” that is in a hidden place in this town, unknown to humans.

The world-famous mysterious thieves, Zanner and Leon, are after this treasure.  Zanner is the older sister and Leon is the younger sister.  What Zanner and Leon brought about Ash, Pikachu, and friends must wrap up.  Because the seal on the “Heartdrop” and “Altomare” are broken, the city is badly damaged by a flood.  How can Ash and Pikachu prevail against this crisis?

Sparkling Starry Sky Camp

The horizons expand in the world of Pokémon with this mini-movie, with pleasant music and narration.  The big-city Pichu Brothers appear again!   The Pichu Brothers accidentally fell out of a steam engine returning from an important errand and into the forest.  Can they accomplish their task and return home?

            This musical fantasy depicts the exchange between the various Pokémon met in the forest.  A new and delightful Pokémon, Sônano, appears for the first time on the big screen.

}         You can download the trailer for the movie by clicking on the blue button with Pikachu in the right side of the top page.  It offers it in 3 sizes: Large (11.6 MB), Medium (3 MB), and Small (1.4 MB).  You need a QuickTime player to run these.

}         You can also download wallpaper for your desktop that depicts the Pokémon in the mini-movie Sparkling Starry Sky Camp by clicking on the yellow button with Pichu and other Pokémon in the right side of the top page.  On the following page, click on the blue text at the bottom-right (under the picture).  Here you select the size of the wallpaper with the blue buttons.  Wait until it loads on the screen, and then right-click to “Save Picture As.”

}         This movie showcases three brand-new Pokémon.  These stats and some pictures can be found by clicking on the middle of the darker-blue buttons in the top site:


Infinity Pokémon

Length: 2.0 meters

Weight: 60.0 kilograms


Infinity Pokémon

Length: 1.4 meters

Weight: 40.0 kilograms


Cheerful Pokémon

Length: 0.6 meters

(Of the body.  Tail length is 0.3 meters)

Weight: 14.0 kilograms

Pre-evolution of Wobbuffet

}         If you click on the fourth button from the left on the bottom of the top page, you can play four children’s mini-games.  Here are the names and instructions:

 Gotta grab ‘em all! Pokémon Catcher (the upper-left game with Wigglytuff)

Push the left button (the first button), decide the position of the arm, then with the down button (the second button) you can grab the Pokémon.  If you put all the Pokémon into the goal on the right, you clear the round.

Pikachu wanted: Find Pikachu! (the upper-right game with Pikachu)

The screen moves with the left mouse button.  If you find Pikachu, grab it with the left button.

Go for the goal! Pokémon Maze (the lower-left one with Magneton)

Make Pikachu move with the lower-right arrow buttons and find the exit.  The upper-left map is a hint.

A game with your rival! Pokémon Playing Cards (The lower-left one with Venusaur)

Please find the same card placed in the left side as the card that appears on the right side.  If you have the right one, you can take the card with the left mouse button.  Please take the cards before your opponent can.

}         From the top-page, if you click on the fifth button from the left, and then the first button from the left in the Greeting Card page, you can send a greeting card, (for birthdays etc.) in four simple steps:

1.      Let’s decide the card’s picture

Choose any card and check it with a O.

2.      Let’s write the message

Title: _____

Examples: ‘Happy Birthday!’, ‘Are you catching Pokémon?’ etc.

Color of title’s letters: _____

Message: _____

Color of the message: _____

3.      Let’s write you name and e-mail address

Name: _____

E-mail address: _____

4.      Let’s write the names and e-mail addresses of the people to whom you are sending this card

You can send up to 5 messages at a time.

If you make a mistake in the e-mail addresses, the card won’t get sent!  Be careful when entering them.

      Name                       E-mail address

Person 1     To Mr(s). _____     _____

Person 2     To Mr(s). _____     _____

Person 3     To Mr(s). _____     _____

Person 4     To Mr(s). _____     _____

Person 5     To Mr(s). _____     _____

[Try to send completed cards] [Do over again]