January 28, 2002

Welcome to the Pokemon TimeLine. The article done by me, Mike "Thundachu" Harden. Today I am looking at the release of the Pokemon Video Games. This includes ones in the Present, Past and Future. Now without any further or do, my article!

Pokemon Red- Pokemon Red was the first Pokemon Video Game by Nintendo to be released. It contained 11 out of the 151 pokemon. All 11 were basic pokemon. The other pokemon you had to get from evolutions or Special Events. In this game many people began having troubles in the beginning. Nintendo began to get phone calls and emails about people's games freezing. This is when Nintendo realized that there was a GLitcH in the game. This GLitcH was a mysterious pokemon named Missingno. The picture of this pokemon was just a blur and it had the number #000. It got the name Missing Number(no) If you catch this pokemon, it will delete your saved game. If you have heard rumors like, "If you catch Missingno your game will be deleted and you will never ever be able to play it again and you will be abducted by aliens" and all that jazz it is not true. All that happens is your game freezes and your saved game MAY by deleted but not likley. The good thing, Missingno can ONLY be caught in Pokemon Red.

Pokemon Blue- This was the next game released by Nintendo. It is not available to the public in Japan unless you went to a Special Event and got it. This game has the 11 pokemon that you cant get in Red. To get all 150 pokemon, you have to trade from Red and Blue. The legendary pokemon Mew is NOT available to be caught in Red or Blue unless you have Gameshark codes. The mysterious pokemon Missingno can not be caught in Pokemon Blue contrary to popular belief. However Pokemon Blue still had it's problems with release to. Many people entered a city where there was only a Pokemon Center in it and if people saved there games it would start over. This was the erorr called Glitch City. Nintendo corrected this erorr and removed it but Missingno still exists.

Pokemon Yellow: This is one of the most annoying Video Games according to Top 50 Annoying Video Games of 1999 on VGN(people who live in Ohio and have americast get this channel). Pokemon Yellow was # 25 on the list. The reason for this is, you dont get to pick your own 1st Pokemon and you have Pikachu following you around ALL the time! Even when he is kO. Alot of people thought that Mew was in Pokemon Yellow and decided to buy it. lol. Alot of people were disapointed when they found out, no Mew in Pokemon Yellow. A big change from Red and Blue is that there is no erorr in Pokemon Yellow. When Nintendo created it, everything went smooothly.

Pokemon Pikachu: This was a gigapet for Pokemon. The more you shook this game the more watts it got. Very weird game if you ask me. In this game along with Yellow, Pikachu was the main character. Alot of schools banned this game from premises because Pikachu in the game could play slots. Gambling.

Pokemon TCG for Gboy: In my opinion this had to be the greatest game of all time. I LOVE Pokemon TCG and I was hoping for it to get to become a game on Gameboy/Gameboy Color and sure enough, it did. Also with this game you got a FREE Limited Edition Meowth card with a GB symbol. This is the only way to get this card unless you trade for it. The sad thing about this game, when it came out Team Rocket had already been released and the game only had Base1 Jungle and Fossil sets.

Pokemon Green: Pokemon Green is what was the public release for Pokemon Blue. Pokemon green has not been released in the United states and isnt being planned on being released. However, you can download the ROM witch is translated 100% english but it is illegal. Pokemon Green has no erorrs in it.

Super Smash Brothers: This game is made for the Nintendo 64 Game Console. It includes Pikachu and Jigglypuff battling for "kingship". The object of the game is to... smash your opponents with out them smashing you.

Super Smash Brothers Melle: This game contains only 1 pokemon that I know of. That pokemon is Mewtwo. This game is WAY better than SSB1 and has new levels and new adventures to escape to. It is made for the Nintendo GameCube.

Pokemon Snap: This game is made for Nintendo64. You are Todd and you go around taking pictures of pokemon and the more ya get the more points you get. In this game you can also print the pictures out at Blockbuster Video and get stickers from it. This is a MUST 0WN game! It Rules!

Pokemon Stadium: This game is to battle your pokemon and get points while learning a thing or 2 at school. Pokemon Stadium is made for the N64 Game Counsel and is a very cool game indeed. You can even hook your GBC uptp it and use your Pokemon RYB pokemon in the stadium.

Pokemon Stadium 2: GS- In this game all 251 pokemon can be used. You can also again hook up your GBC and use your pokemon from RBY or GS. In this game the super secret pokemon Serebii appears. In NO Pokemon games yet has Serebii been seen. This is a geat game.

Pokemon Gold: Finally the Jhoto pokemon begin to emerge from the cracks. In this wonderful game you can catch all 250 pokemon. However, just like the others you have to trade from RBY and Silver to catch all of them.

Pokemon Silver: The same as Gold with differnt Pokemon. Contrary to any rumors you have heard you can catch BOTH Lugia and Ho-Oh in both games, but they will be on different levels.

Pokemon Pikachu 2:The same as Pikachu#1 but with different options. This time you can hook it upto Pokemon Gold/Silver and generate more HP/Power and Watts. And I still think it is a gigapet.

Hey you Pikachu!: This game has 0wnage! You get a microphone and N64 hookup with it! In this game the object is whatever! If you want Pikachu to go fishing, he goes fishing! Heck, this game has to be the best N64 Pokemon game I have ever seen! It's a must 0wn game!

Pokemon Crystal: This game was a game that made people very disappointed. In the Japanese version players could link there GBC link cables to Cell Phone and call up a battle. When Nintendo translated the game to english, this option was forbidden. Nintendo kind of... got our hopes up and than put them right back down. This game was a rumor that it would be for Gameboy Advanced(Super Gameboy in JPN) but it was officially released for Gameboy Color. However, when this was released it could ONLY be used on GBA or GBC. All the other  GBOY games of Pokemon were able to be used on GBC,GBA,and GBOY. The Gameboy and Gameboy Pocket option was eliminated.

Pokemon Advanced: This game is for Gameboy Advance only. It contains 100 new pokemon including Serebii. Rumors are going around that ALL 351 Pokemon will be able to be caught without Gameshark, but I highly doubt this. Pokemon Advanced has not been translated into English,but at the Blockbuster near me they have Pokemon Advanced dubbed(subtitled). I only got 5 mins to play it, but what I saw, it looked pretty cool.

Pokemon Cubed: Said to be the Nintendo Game Cube version of Pokemon. Nintendo said they have no confirmation on this game being created but they are in the mits of discussing it. I beleive that Pokemon Cubed probably wont exsist.

Pokemon E Reader: This is a program that can hook up to your Super Gameboy and play Pokemon CCG with your own cards! Each card has a bar code and the reader reads the card puts it into your player and you can battle!!! I am going to get this the first day it comes out!!!!! Look for it coming in English soon!

Pokemon Xtra: Guess what console this is for! Thats right Pokemon for X-Box. I have this ROM on my computer and it isnt that good. I emailed Nintendo asking them if this actually existed and they said they cant make a Pokemon game for X-Box because X-Box is owned by Microsoft. So, if you have this game, and you like it dont expeact it to come into the USA. The ROM is only 75% english.

Pokemon Diamond: A really bad made ROM. You can download it at www.pokedavid.com. It has alot of cussing and unkind gestures in it. I called Nintendo Pokemon and they said the person probably hates pokemon, this is why they made it. It is made on Microsoft Paint. It wont be released. However, the pokemon on the box REALLY is the evolved form of Lapras called Lapronk in English. This pokemon will be in Pokemon Advanced!

Pokemon Revelation: Another illegal ROM. It is made WAy better than Diamond though. It is the same as Pokemon Red but, it has 3 starting pokemon as Legendary Birds Uno Dos And Tres. =/ This will never be a game.

Pokemon Lime: A sorry excuse for a Pokemon Rumor.