January 28, 2002

Hey everyone. It's me Thundachu. I am doing the 2nd annual Pokemon TCG cards. I know that someone else did this last year but, I am doing it this year. Alot has changed since the last awards. Only Fossil Base and Jungle cards were released. Now we have seen Southern Islands,Neo 1,2,and 3. We have even gone to the extreme with Promo cards! Now without any more interuption, the awards ceromony. These awards are ONLY on Modified. Look for Standard coming soon.

Fire Pokemon: Many new fire pokemon have been released in the past. The big bad Charizard had it's shine and really isn't that great anymore. Slugma made his shine. He is only played for evolution though.

 Ah, Modified. Tis the Pokemon format I think sux0rs. Typhlosion is a good card in Modified. However, it probably wont last long with Feraligatr on the run. Magmar in Neo Genesis is a little Energy Hog but it has it's moments. Magby stops Pokemon power people in the midst! Ho-Oh in Neo Rev. is a good card. It is pretty much Moltres with 3 attacks and more damage.

Winner: This years award for best fire Pokemon has to goto Typhlosion Lv. 57. It 0wned.


Now we look at our Grass pals.Grass pokemon lack in damage and HP but are good in status changes such as Poison.

Heracross in Neo Genesis had the shine for it's pokemon power. However it's shine turned into darkness when Neo Discovery(Neo Lameness) came out. Magenium was rarely used when it came out and is still rarley used today.Shuckle made it's premier in Neo Gen. also. The rival of Weedle!!! Not many grass pokemon in Team Rocket set worth saying. Erika's Oddish in Gym 1 is completly br0ken. With 2 Status Changes for one grass nrg. Erika's Victreebell also made a BIG apperance in the 1st couple weeks that Gym Heroes came out. As we look into Gym Challenge we have Erika's Bulba,Ivy,and Venu from the Saur family. We also get Koga's Pokemon!!! Giovanni's Nidoking is 1337(elite).

Winner: The winner of the grass Pokemon for 2001 has to be Erika's Victrebell. This card is powerful and a great staller. 90 HP and a not so bad retreat cost of 3.


On our way down the line we are looking at the Psychic pokemon. Many Psychic pokemon premiered in Neo Rev,Neo Gen and Neo Discovery,along with the Sabrina series of Gym2.

One of the most played Pokemon cards in Psyhic decks today is the Sabrina trio of Sabrina's Abra,Sabrina's Kadabra and Sabrina's Alakazam. Sabrina's Abra is not that good, only in the deck for evolution. Sabrina's Kadabra is to lower HP with it's 2 mind bending attacks. Sabrina's alakzam is for direct hit damage and attacks from the bench! This card has WAY more 0wnage than Base1/2 Alakzam. In Neo Discovery we see the Unown Pokemon begin to pop-up. These cards are not met to attack. The only reason you should put them in your deck is for the Pokemon Power. Unown[D] has Dark as the pokemon power witch reduces damage from dark Pokemon by 30. Unown [M] does the same only with Metal Pokemon, and Unown [N] does it with Colorless Pokemon. We also have Lugia in Neo Rev. In this case, a 2 headed coin is good. You have a choice to flip a coin and if heads attack does 80(instead of 40), but if tails it does nothing. Notta. Zip. We also have Movie Promo Mewtwo witch had 0wnage.

Winner Unown: In this section I am doing a winning Unown card. The unown winner for 2001 has to be the Unown [N]. I would say Unown[D] but there is really no use for D because Sneasel is banned from Modified. Combine Unown[N] with Sprout Tower and Metal Energy and BANG! Great combo.

Winner: The regualr winning Psyhic card of 2001 is Sabrina's Alakazam. I cant say how many times I have been beaten with this one card! It has to be the best Psyhic Pokemon in Sabrina's Gym Challenge set!


Alright, moving along tonight we look at the Lightning(thunder) pokemon. These pokemon have to be my favorite(hense the name  "ThundaChu").

If you want pure 100% thunder power seek Lt. Surge's deck in Gym Heroes. We have Lt. Surge's Pikchu(my fav) and Lt. Surge's Raichu. Both are great cards. If your seeking a higher levle of voltage you may want to try Pichu to kill Feraligatr and Elekid who is good unless you read the fine print underneath the good stuff. Ampharos in Neo Genesis had it's time. And like all Pokemon cards, time passed.

Winner: The #1 lightning card of 2001 is Pichu knocking out pokemon with powers around the world.#2 is Rocket's Zapdos.


Now we are going to take the time to look at all of the Pikchu promo cards!!!

________'s Pikchu is for collectors only. It sux0rs.Ivy Pikachu was good when it was the only Pikachu promo in exsistance.=/ Surfing Pikchu is good. Movie Promo Pikachu was ok. Flying Pikachu's 2nd attack is good.

Winner: Out of the english translated Pikachu Promo cards the winner has to be Flying Pikachu. This cant be the official winner because, all Pikachu cards havent came out yet. But for 2001 it's Flying Pikachu.

Thought would be good but sucked: _____'s Pikachu had to be the worst card in exsistance. You can only use it if it's your birthday and it is banned from almost every tournament. =/ I give this card a rating of -100(on a 1-10 scale) lol.


Moving on in the ceramoney we look at water pokemon.

Well we already know the winner for this entry. The one card that conqured Modified is Feraligatr with Riptide. Combo this card with Parasect from Neo Rev. and ouch! That is a broken card! Typhlosion bye. And it makes Blaine's Arcanine and Ho-Oh look like the weakest link. Another good card in modified is Misty's Seadra. This card has 0wnage.

Winner: I had an email poll of everyone in my address book of who should be the winner. The results were Feraligatr with Riptide 35 votes and Misty's Seadra 35 votes(only have 70 ppl in my book). But, since it's my decision on who is played more and who is powerfuller I have to call the winner. Feraligatr(120HP) is the 2001 water pokemon.


Bam! Boom! Fighting Pokemon

Ok. Not many fighting Pokemon are good in Modified. One card I see alot of in Modified decks is Rocket's Hitmonchan. This card is broken with it's Crosscounter attack. Another one I see is Hitmontop and baruki(Tyrogue). Baruki is good for a baby pokemon.

Winner: Rocket's Hitmonchan.


Is it Normal or Colorless?

Ho-Oh Promo in Neo Rev is only good in rainbow decks. Ever since the premire of Pokemon 2000 everyone wanted Lugia. Soon to find out with Neo Gen. that Lugia sucked. Neo Rev. Lugia is better than Neo Gen but not by much. Miltank in Neo Genesis I love that card.

Winner: The winning colorless pokemon of 2001 is Lugia in Neo Revelation.


Metal vs. Steel

Ah my favorite people, the steel pokemon. Steelix and Skarmory are great in decks. Foretress is the greatest metal card I have seen in a long time.

Winner: I have to give this one to Steelix. Great HP. Bad Retreat. What more would you want?


Dark vs. Bad=Black

Well might as well forget this section. Sneasel is banned. The most broken card to hit Pokemon is banned from Modified. =/ Thats just sad. lol. Houndoom in Neo Genesis is pretty good. Tyranitar absolutly ownz j00. Murkrow in Neo Rev. sux. Murkrow in Neo Gen. is ok. Houndour no comment.

Winner: Well congrats to Tyranitar. The best dark Pokemon in Modified.


The forgotten

This section is on the best br0ken cards that have ever existed banned in Modified.


-Proffesor Oak


-Gust Of Wind

-Energy Removal

-Super Energy Removal









-Ancient Mew





Since there are so many broken cards that are banned from Modified I have made 3 winning cards.

1st place: The 1st place winner is Sneasel. The unltimate pokemon in 2001.

2nd place: Second place is now owned by Mewtwo from Base1. It is a great card. Modified even destroyed Mulligan Mewtwo

3rd place: I think this spot should be Ditto but sadly, it is not. The 3rd place winner is Hitmonchan. The haymaker creator.


Here is the stuff that was chosen for awards on #PoJo.

Trainer Card: The winning trainer card of 2001 that is allowed in Modified is Rocket Sneak Attack.

Banned Trainer: The banned trainer that isnt allowed is Breeder.

Best Energy allowed: Metal Energy is the winning energy of 2001.

Banned Energy: Double Colorless Energy


Thank you for reading the 2001 Pokemon TCG Awards. I hope you enjoyed it. Look for the standard winners(Base-Fossil only with banned promos and Sneasel) coming soon. I am Michael Thundachu Harden. Have a great day.