Greg Hodgkinson's Pokemon CCG Notes
2nd E Card Set News
January 30, 2002

The second E-Card set will have 92 cards in it! This is unless the Japanese sneak a card at the end(like the Tyranitar card in the VS set--142/141). This info comes from the recently released Pokemon's Trainer Magazine in which 3 new promo cards were inserted as well as an Eevee card that was a preview to the new set. The Eevee card was numbered 058/092!

Here are the scans of all four cards; courtesy of Birgir Gudjonsson. 

I have also determined that the Pokemon's Trainer Magazine will remain a Fan Club exclusive and that each time it comes out, it will have four cards in it. Vol # 15 is due out the first week in March with others to appear every other month (roughly). These cards are numbered but they are not Black Star cards. They are the start of a new series representing cards from the Pokemon's Trainers Magazine. Here is a picture of the new symbol. 

- Greg