GS Bot Report-1/12/2001
               Topic:GSC Sneak4 Tourney and General GS Bot info.

Ok, I am quite new to GS Bot, but do have some stuff to point out that anyone interested in Pokemon R/B/Y/G/S/C GB battling should know, I know there has never been a report on GS Bot so I will start writing them (With Pojo's good grace.) But anywho on to the report.

     As a lot of people on GSB now, the big tourney Sneak4 is coming up it has 4 members from each major site participating for Pojo it is:


Good luck to those four! They will have some major competition because sites like: TPM,Azure Heights,Pokedaily,GameFAQ's and more will be there competition's will report more stuff as it becomes available.

   To people who don't know what GS Bot is, it is a online battling system based on the mIRC32 chat program, it can be downloaded at: www.mirc.com and to find out how to use and activate GS Bot  go here: http://www.geocities.com/charmeleon42/gsbot.html
There is also another system for the Red, Blue and Yellow games, called PBS (Pokemon Battling System) but I don't know much about it.

           GS Bot is a very competitive place, you can practice battle or Ladder Battle, ladder battle is a battle that is recorded by ladderbot, and depending on either if you win or lose, you may gain or lose points. The registration for Ladderbot is simple and can be found on the GS Bot site who's link I just provided you with. You start out with 500 points, and you battle people, if you lose, you lose points, if you win, you win points, the idea is to win and get more points.

       This is just some simple things about GS Bot, but more to come!

               NIDOKINGS RAGE 2000(From the messageboard)