January 8, 2001 - #Pojo

Hi, I am TheCanuck. If you are usually on #PoJo or #PoJoDBZ you may know me. This article will be about #PoJo and #PoJoTournament though. I will talk about how the chat is going, tourney of the week, and Op/TD of the Week. This will be a weekly article usually posted on Sunday or Monday. This week and next week will be the only times that I will pick the TD/Op of the “Week”. The rest of the time please, email your choice to me. My email address will always b at the bottom of the page. Enjoy ! 

“Op of the Week” – This Op has been with #PoJo for as long as I can remember. About a month or two ago  he was promoted to Sop. Actually a couple days ago, I believe he set the record for 64 bans in a day. I would like to Congratulate R64 as the 1st “Op of the Week” .

“Tournament Director of the Week” – This TD is actually brand new being a TD for #PoJo. His “Rand0m New Year’s Bash” was a great hit. Rand0m congratulations for Being  the very 1st “Tournament Director of the Week”.

“Tournament of the Week” – This tournament was the “Rand0m New Years Bash”. The rules were as followed :                 

“The Big New Year's Bash! Hey guys, this is RaNd0m... holding a tourney on new year's eve! Let's welcome in 2002 with some POKEMONZ! Along with the tourney, at each of the time zone's year change, we'll pause to count down ... =O .............. Oh the format... right... Well you guys are going to love it! It'll be Base-Challenge... All promos 1-23 legal (the rest banned), along with a huge twist. Once checkin is closed, you actually start deckbuilding. What I'm going to do is tell you the format now, but you can't actually build a deck until your in the tourney. Why? Well its simple. What will happen is that I'm going to give each of you a random gym leader to build a deck around. 1/2 of your pokemon MUST have that gym leader's name, excluding Giovanni which Rocket will count as well. This means if you get stuck with Misty and you have 19 pokemon in your deck, that means you must have 10 pokemon with Misty in their name. Get it? :\ .....................................................Bans: Wigglytuff, Rocket's Zapdos, Rocket's Trap, Rocket's Sneak Attack, Blastoise, Energy Removal, Super Energy Removal, Clefable, Arcanine, Lass, Erika's Jigglypuff, and ... Gastly (Base) ............................=/ With a dice, Tony will roll, you'll have your leader chosen. Finally, you'll have 30 minutes to build a deck with half of that gym leader (The one you picked) 's pokemon in it! Good luck guys! This should be a lot of fun... the rounds are at 9 right now, but if its popular demand to shorten them, I will. Good luck guys, and get a LOT of people in this tourney! :D And just remember, 2 isn't the winna and 3 nobody remembers... but 81 is ALWAYS known. =\ (Why I know this, I can't say... but if you ask someone at the sts, they probably know :P) The tourney will be delayed a few minutes until CRIMINAL's is finished... please wait patiently. Thank you. =/ ANOTHER RULE: I've decided to make the whole "assign gym leader" thing a lot easier... Thanks to Tony, we're using dice. :O He has a script item that allows him to roll an 8 sided dice...! So, the numbers are as follows: 1-Sabrina 2-Blaine 3-Giovanni/Rocket 4-Lt. Surge 5-Erika 6-Misty 7-Brock 8-Koga .......... I'll write down who got what, so that way there ISNT cheating... =/ Also, your nick MUST have your leader in it. NO BUTS. =/ good luck ;x Have fun guys. :O ~ RaNd0m”

 Amazingly there were 9 rounds >,< , and 36 people played.

Congratulations to eb_band_player for winning the “TotW”


“Overall Report” – Ok, here’s the report that really matters on a 1 to 10 scale. This week I  would give #PoJo an 8. Ill Explain why.

  Ops- Doing well getting on more. Promote some vops, Sops. Great Job ^_^’

Sops- Please don’t get me started. R64 and Goth are doing great. Get on more


Vops- Need more of you. >,< .

Regular Users- Some of them need to behave. Cough kakoratto7 Cough         


                           Kniv3s - Getting Ops

                            W00T_ - TD Status

                            CRIMINAL – TD Status

                            BigChuck001 – TD Status

                            RaNd0m – TD Status

                            RS – Getting #1 on the League.


That concludes my 1st weekly report on #PoJo. Please check back soon. Start mailing me your choice on “Op of the Week” .