East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports


Sorry Chief You Lose
                                               G.P. Nelson
          East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2
                     Day 1
    We drove from Maine and we was lost in New Jersey
for 2 hours by the time we got there it was 5 o'clock on saturday.Which gave us time to take a shower and to make by cousins deck.When I got there I played a few warm up games and I sucked. Here's my deck.11-14
3# onix
3# steelex
4# Rockets scyther
3# Rockets Hitmochan
3# gliger
3# Picha
4 Professer Elm
4 Gold Berrys
4 berrys
2 erika
1 time capsule
4 metal
10 Fighting
10 leaf
DAy 1
    I get to the exposition center a play a few warm up games in which i sucked.After waiting two hours the tournament starts.After about 10 minutes of rules the parings come up i go against a kid with illegal deck but still win.
1-0-0 3 points
Round 2 kid with fire
this was a easy game i just brought out my R hitmochan and killed his B Aracanie an B Rapidash.
2-0-0 6 points
Round 3 Jhoney Doug
    I played him saturday and sunday.He was playing a very good Feraligatr deck with riptide.He got his Feraligatr out on turn 3 with 3 water down hill from there.
2-1-0 6 points
Round 4
    this kid was playing a all fire deck with no retreat at all and he kept using Double gust.It was a prize for prize battle.At the end I had a rockets Hitmochan with fifty damage and he and a Blaines Rapidash with 60 then bell rangs we each have 1 prize left tie.
2-1-1 7 points 
Drop out after
Day 2 Same Deck
Round 1
    Easy battle sent out gliger to his nata poison sting win.
1-0-0 3 points
Round 2 Jhony Doug
Saame as before daminated.
1-1-0 3 points
Round 3
Cant rember anything except i won.
2-1-0 6 points
Round 4
cant rember except i lost.
2-2-0 6 points
Round 5
He was aslo playing steelex i was winning untill he used pillswine frezze atack on steelex.
2-3-0 6 points
Round 6
cant rember anything except i lost
2-4-0 6 points
Round 7
cant rember anything except i won
Round 8
Ferlagator deck
like before total damanation
Round 9
THis kid sucked i won there turns
                    Gerald Nelson