East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

Well its Monday and after a lot of work and a lot of sleep im ready to type
up my STS report.  After bombing on Saturday with My Mitsuiís Gyarados/Goop
Gas Attack deck and finishing 105th, I decided to screw being original. I'm
playing 15+.

Deck List

3 Rockets Zapdos
4 Slowpoke
3 Slowking
4 Onix
3 Steelix
3 Cleffa

4 Elm
3 Erika (screws me later)
4 IOR (screws me)
2 Mistys Wrath
2 Resistance Gym (wooper tech)
3 Gold Berry

18 Lightning Enrg
4 Metal Enrg

Now on the Match report

Round 1
Me Vs Promo Mewtwo/Slowking/Erikaís Clefable? (Really donít know where him
using that card came from)

This round was weird.  The kids deck was not that good and it was still a
close game due to my bad hand.  I believe he got two prizes on my babies and
with Steelix out he drew all 6 prizes with my elming for more metal enrgs and
gold berries.

(Win, loss, tie)

1-0-0 (win)

Round 2
Me Vs Freligator Riptide
What a game this was. This kid had blue hair and was playing an all-Japanese
deck.  I could tell this kid wanted no one who didnít know what every card
did to give him an advantage. (Didnít work friend Dave plays better
fereligator deck) We both went at it with Cleffas and were flipping for ekk.
He got a fereligator out and was up 3 prizes left to 5. I got out Steelix and
elmed for Slowking to put on my Slowpoke. It finally came down to both of us
showing resentment toward the other and tying. I honestly donít know who
would have won that game, as every time he sputtered with Magby he couldnít
use riptide.

1-0-1 (tie)

Round 3
Me Vs Sabrinas Kadabra/Dark Goldduck
This game was closer then it should have been two. He took out both my
Steelixís with his Sabrinaís Kadabra and ESPís. He knocked out 2 Steelixís
and a cleffa but then Rockets Zapdos/gold berry and the Slowking on the
benched allowed him not able to catch up.

2-0-1 (wins)

Round 4
Me Vs My Exact deck
We both had basically the same idea but his mechanics stunk. He drew the
first prize I drew the next 6. Not much else to say except we had good time
laughing at our same pokemon (unfortunately for him not same trainers)


Round 5
Me Vs Fereligator Deck
Donít remember much about this match. I remember him knocking out 1 Cleffa
and me warp pointing his one Cronosaw to Electroburn him for 70. Gold Berry
on r.zapdos. He tackled me for 20 I then plasmed him for 20 knocking him out.
The rest of the game he tried to catch up but could not.


Round 6
Me Vs Zapdos/Murkrow/Neo Electrabuzz
This guy was really cool and I enjoyed meeting him. We both stayed at
Amerisuites and played in the lobby. We both had switched decks and were
surprising each other with them.

We were pretty close to start out as he mean looked my cleffa. I ekked for a
Warp point and the rest of the game was him benching his pokemon so I
wouldnít draw a prize. He couldnít take down my Steelix and they all
eventually came back up energyless with damage on them. I tail crushed them
all. He probably could have stalled at the end point with babies but didnít
take long turns as he knew I had it and was a true sport. I enjoyed meeting
him and his wife and hope to see them at next yearís STS!


Round 7

At this point I was in 10th (or something below 16)  and was nervous as all
heck. At the beginning we asked what places we had gotten yesterday. He had
gotten 10th I had gotten 105th :p.

Me Vs Another Fereligator Deck

This guys deck mechanics were great and I knew I was in trouble. In all
honesty I started out with a good hand and it was just the way I played that
caused me to lose. He was up 2 to 3 prizes left at the end and was illegally
stalling. The judge made him go and he couldnít riptide enough water energy
to knock out my steelix. He gold berried my tail crushes. This guy was a jerk
during the match and won by time. He seemed cool at the end and probably was
just anxious. This was my only loss of the day but I still had my head up
high as I felt great about my deck.


Round 8
Me Vs Brock/Murkrow/Steelix Deck

This is what went down that you saw in my deck list. I got deck checked and
was not nervous at all until he said my count on Erikas and IOR was wrong.
(-1 Erika, +1 IOR) I wanted to die but the head DCI judge said I could go on
(thank you) but was penalized 2 prizes. I was honestly discouraged as the
last game was so close and he had a 2 prize advantage,

I got an awesome hand with one Slowpoke, one Onix, one rocket Zapdos, one
cleffa, 2 enrgs and one elm. I elmed with my zappy out and did plasma
flipping heads on his baby. I amazing caught up and it was tied 3-3 prizes.
He kept using brocks mankey and brought out my slwokings. I did the only
thing I could as I put enrgs on them and retreated them. He brought out
murkrow. I was all out of warp points ( one wrathed away, the other used) I
thought for sure hed lock up my slowkings but he didnít. Time was called. We
were given extra time. We both brought out Steelix. He had 3 metal enrgs on
it and the only way I could damage it was by flipping heads for tail crush. I
had 2 metal enrgs. I wasnít letting him use trainers and he was glad so he
didnít draw out.  (I assumed he had an elm and with so many cards in his hand
he wasnít going to draw out) The match was ended as everyone was waiting on
us. We tied. This was honestly the greatest game I had ever played catch up
to his 2 prize advantage.  It reminded me why I had spent all that money on
the cards.  I turned around to find at least 50 people watching the game. I
had goose bumps seeing them all and was very nervous. This is what I found
the most impressive.  They all knew he should have mean looked my Slowking.
Not one person said a thing to either of us. Tied at 1 prize each it was an
awesome game.

5-1-2 (That blew my chance at top 8)

Round 9
Me Vs yet another Fereligator deck.
Last round we had fun I won as he was to trainer dependent and I had Slowking
out. I canít remember much as I was still in shock from the Erika/IOR ordeal.
I won pretty easily.


What an amazing day. 4 games down to the wire. I met some awesome people and
will never forget June 24th.

Wizards of the Coast. Period. I donít really care how they wrote off all the
boosters they gave away or ripped me off with drinks. Thank you Wizards.
Props:To the Remisís from my Pokemon league for letting me stay with them and
not letting me pay.
Props: To all the awesome trainers I played. Thank you for such memorable
Props: To the cool guy at the Trivia stage.

Slops: Me for messing up my deck
Slops: Kid with all Japanese deck from Detroit.
Slops: To people with 3 byes.
Slops: To me for not having a dci rating up until now.
Slops: To Word for trying to spell check every single pokemon

What an awesome day it was. Thank you again Wizards and please have one here
next year you wont regret it.

Brian Devlin
Im= Btd64

Please feel free to email me or im me.