East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

The Cleaner
Henry-Michael Brown (The Impossible Man)
ECSTS - The Meadowlands
Secaucus, New Jersey
Sunday, June 24th, 2001
Participants: 264

Greetings everyone. Henry-Michael Brown aka The Impossible Man here with the ECSTS Sunday Tourney Report. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I missed Saturdays Tourney which really upset me. So I had to settle for Sunday only which is fine. Once I started the Tourney I almost want to give up until that is everything turned for the Better. Well let me not waste time first I would like to post up The Official ECSTS Cleaner and the get started on my matches.

So without waiting long I present to you...

The Cleaner - Official STS Version.

8 Psychic Energy
8 Grass Energy
4 Darkness Energy
3 R. Oddish
3 K. Koffing LV.15
3 NG. Girafarig
3 NG. Murkrow
3 R. Psyduck
2 D. Golduck
4 Mary
4 Rocket’s Sneak Attack
3 Sprout Tower
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Double Gust
3 Prof. Elm
3 Berry

The Strategy:

Use the Basics and their Status Effects to KO as Many Pokemon as Possible.  After winning some prizes the Cleaner Pokemon should be fully powered and ready to Clean A) the Prizes or B) the Bench.

Tourney: ECSTS at The Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey
Number of Participants: 264
Rounds: 9

Round 1 Vs Eli

Deck: Blaine Deck

Okay this is where I faced What looked to be tragedy. I started off way to good. I had K. Koffing and started Attacking his Blaine’s Growlithe. In the end I combined Koffing with Darkness Energy and Obscured Gas Blaine’s Growlithe for the KO and got heads. I was able to send it to my deck without Darkness getting any damage on it. Now I bring out R. Oddish. This is where everyhting fell apart completely. I wanted to Double Gust one of his Pokemon and switch for my Murkrow to free retreat for Oddish. But because I misread the card my Opponent Gusted up my Girafarig and locked me with my Murkrow. It was Warp Point that gave some control. I felt very discouraged as he wiped me out with his Murkrow. If didn’t Double Gust I would have controlled the entire game with Oddish and kept the game in my favor till I got ready.

Lost. Overall: 0-1 Pts: 0

Round 2 Vs Michael

Deck: Erika Deck

This is where I truely felt I was gonna finish the entire tourney 0-9. I got off to a good start but then no Energy came up. For the entire game I was struggling for Energy to attack with. Before I knew he unleashed Erika’s Victreebell and Vine Whipped my Pokemon for 40 Damage. Before I knew I couldn’t bounce back.

Lost Overall: 0-2 Pts: 0

Round 3 Vs Michael

Deck: Sabrina Deck

Another Michael. :) This was too good to be true. My opponent just wanted to play for fun and I respect that. I helped him understand what I was doing with Murkrow when I locked up his Psychic Pokemon. I started attacking whatever Benched Pokemon he had that was building Energy. Rocket’s Mewtwo most Notable. In the end I had 2 Dark Energy on Murkrow and started Ko’ing whatever Pokemon he brought active for 40 Damage. I won.

Won Overall: 1-2 Pts: 3

Round 4 Vs. Hyper Guy (Name Unknown)

Deck: Steelix

Well he was following the Text Book Rules of the game. He looked Nervous but he managed. I had the entire game in my Control. I finally Brought out Golduck for the Clean but he Ko’d it with Steelix. If I had just Ko’d the Onix with K. Koffing I would have never faced 2 Steelix and gotten the Three Points. Time over I won by Prize count got stuck with 2 points.

Won Overall: 2-3 Pts: 5

Round 5 Vs. Tom

Deck: Possible Erika Decks

My Opponent ended up with a bad Draw and was stuck completely with Erika’s Bellsprout. He tried to get more but couldn’t top deck a search Engine. I KO’d it with my Dark Golduck right away.

Won Overall: 3-2 Pts: 8

Round 6 Vs Michael

Deck: D. Machamp/R. Zapdos Deck

This was one battle I should have won. I made a plan to Ko Dark Machamp with Murkrow and go after R. Zapdos that he controlled the game with. I made a bad move that killed the plan and he went on to take the game. I should have watched what I was doing.

Lost Overall: 3-3 Pts: 8

Round 7 Vs Maxx

Deck: Sabrina’s Venomoth Deck

This was just like Round 5. My Opponent was stuck with Sabrina’s Venonat and no Bench. But instead of just Poisoning with Oddish and beat him in two turns I forgot that Venonat was weak to Fire and went with Girafarig looking for Double Damage which did not exist. After 5 turns and a Quick Berry by My Opponent I brought out Oddish and Poisoned it then brought Girafarig and KO it in turn 6.

Won Overall: 4-3 Pts: 11

Round 8 vs Carl

Deck: Dark Golduck

He had a luck draw. He had Psyduck and by 4th turn he had topdecked Dark Golduck. I went for Psyduck quickly but was too late. He evolved and Fully Pumped Golduck, he took out my Pokemon slowly. I kept getting tails on Girafarigs Psybeam for Confusion. He beats me by Prizes.

Lost Overall: 4-4 Pts: 8

Round 9 Vs. Harold

Deck: Moltres Deck

My opponent started slow but then he Blained for Fire Energy and got it on Moltres. I knew I had to be quick since he was 3 turns away from hitting me for 90. I started to slowly hit Rocket’s Moltres when he brough it out to protect B. Moltres. I ko’d Rocket’s Moltres and got Dark Golduck with Dark Energy out. I started to hurt Blaine’s Moltres but he Gold Berried. I realized he was one turn away from using B. Moltres so I though of a Plan. I played a 4th Psy Energy and retreated Dark Golduck for K. Koffing. I Smokescreened B. Moltres and left it with 30 Damage. On his turn He broke Smokescreen and ko’d Koffing. He ends up flipping tails and got B. Moltres into his deck. I brought out Dark Golduck and he brought out his lone Rocket’s Moltres. With no Bench I placed Psy energy on Dark Golduck and KO’d Rocket’s Moltres for 60.

Won Overall: 5-4 Pts: 14

Final Ranking: 85th place.

Not bad at all with the Cleaner. But if I would have not messed up in round 1 and in round 6 I would have finished 7-2. But hey coming back from an 0-2 Deficit was great and marching with a winning is even greater and finishing in the Top 90 is even greatest.

As for the rest of the Weekend I spent my entire time with IPGeek and Team Random. On Saturday we ate out for Dinner. Thank you Mark for the Dinner. I played in Darkness Gym and won with the Converter Got 3 Boosters of course. I talked to BJJ763 and met Tyranitar666. I met Pikabruce even though it was a brief Hello. And got in a quick match with Bommie before he had to attend a little booster draft. We never got to finish. I ran into Johnny Blaze and conversed of course. I signed three Caterpie Cards for BJJ763 but the I realized I should have signed an Arcanine.

On Sunday Morning I made sure I got my seat ready. Then I played Juan(IPGeek) with the Cleaner - Series Finale. The first Game I beat him in two turns but we did a rematch that made the game a lot longer. He beat after a long match.  I earned Promo cards from him. I signed him an Arcanine as well as Tyranitar666. I got Sneasal that Purity Made. It was very awesome and attackes not broken at all. Too bad it is not real. I also Signed Arcanine for Johnny Blaze before the Tourney Began. After the Tourney Joshman and I went to Chi Chi’s and had Dinner while we waited for the Tourney to completely finish and head for MBI, the Maple Bar Invitational. We came back and watched the conclusion. Everyone started having there cards signed by Tom Hanly and Ness. I pulled out my Arcanine and Signed it for Tom Hanly. After the ceremony we both exchanged. He signed my Warp Point.

I went with IPGeek and Team Random to the room where we took pictures and everyone was pulling out Arcanine’s left and right for me to sign. Even Growlithe. Then Juan(IPGeek), Bo, Sticks, DVPlum, I and one more I cannot remember I am so sorry I know your face I just forgot your name, went to MBI.  He took pictures by request of Chrisbo. Because of some no show, Sticks, DVPLume, and Joshman got to participate.

Bo and I tried one more time to play. He played Sic Powers against my Cleaner. The match went on a little longer then Saturdays but then the tourney had to start and we were left in a draw again. :(  I also Signed one more Arcanine for Johnny Blazes Friend. In MBI I went for a Psychic Deck and also took in Cyndaquil for a Spashable Quick Attack. But I completely forgot to put them in and I only got 2 wins. I faced nothing but Grass. I couldn’t belive I wasn’t paying attention to what I was doing. I recieved a bag that had two boosters from Jungle to Neo Discovery. A Box of Asian Base Set 1. A jumbo Team Compendium Fake Card. And W Foiled Dark Arbok and W Foiled Dark Charmeleon.

So I walked away from the STS with equivalent of Half a box of Boosters spanning all the Expansions Including MBI Draft Boosters. A whole Box of Asian Text Base Set 1 Boosters and 6 Promos. I may not have won the STS or the MBI but to be 85th in STS and recieving an Invite and Participating in MBI is worth the experience.

Special thanks to:

Juan(IPGeek), Bomie and the rest of Team Random for a great weekend, It has been fun. Pokesensei for getting me invited to MBI. Johnny Blaze, Tyranitar666, Joshman, Chrisbo and the rest of Team Compendium, Tom Hanly for Signing my Card, Purity and Echina for the Sneasal Card, BJJ763, DMTM for great MBI, MTs for a great STS, and if I have missed anyone and I mean Anyone... Thank you for a great time. :)

Henry-Michael Brown

The Impossible Man