East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

Stephen Lewan 11-14 age group
East Coast Super Trainer Showdown
Saturday Event
June 23,2001

  Hi everyone this is my first Killer Deck Report and what best way of
starting it off with a Killer Deck report from the ECSTS.  Anyway I came with
my friends joey and jonathan and my little brother brian. Now on to the deck.

Lighting Rod

2 Pikachu(Neo)
2 Pikachu(Movie Promo)
3 Dark Raichu
3 Onix
2 Steelix
3 Rocket Zapdos
1 Lt. Surgest(Big hitter and for those Typlosions and Ferligators)
2 Cleffa
1 Magby

3 Professor Elm
3 Sabrinas Gaze
2 Erika
3 Masterball
3 Warp Point
4 Gold berry
2 Berry
1 Teleporter

4 Metal Energy
3 Dark Energy
13 Lighting Energy

Stradegy: Okay the goal of this deck is to get out a early steelix, just to
power up a dark raichu, Rocket Zapdos, or a Lt. Surges Buzz. Now I like to
start or with cleffa, rockets zapdos, or even sureges Buzz. By the way dark
raichu KICKED with all those babys. Now on to the battles....

  By the way I forgot the names sorry, but you still know the battles.

Round One: Grass/Water Deck
  Okay this kid was playing cards that could stall and poison early like
Whooper, and erikas Weepinbell(sleep poison) then he had Mistys Poliwhirl and
dark muk for clean ups. My hand was Rockets zapdos, 2 lighting energy,
Pikachu(MP) dark energy, Elm, and master ball. He went first it was whooper
againest Rocket Zapdos(just my luck) He use Rocket sneak attack(RSA) and I
looked at him like he was nuts, in this format with whooper it wouldnt of
worked out to well. but he did get my Elm and screwed me up. He elmed himself
played mistys poliwhril and 2 Erikas Bellsprout. He amnesiaed my rocket
zapdos(plasma attack) I drew a Metal Energy and use Master ball I went for a
onix and played it, I attached Metal energy to it and passed. My opponent
Evovled Erikas Bellsprout into Erikas weepinbell(the one with sleep poison)
Attached a grass energy to it and use amnesia again to Plasma. I drew a
Cleffa, Played it attached a lighting energy to it and passed(any way he used
another elm, and attached another grass energy to erikas weepinbell, evovled
mistys poliwhril and attached 2 water to it by the time I was ablt to retreat
rocket zapdos) I brought out a steelix by the way that had 2 Metal energy and
a gold berry on it. I then attacked Whooper for 20 and passed. He played a
grass energy on mistys poliwhril and retreated for Weepinbell, and used sleep
poison. I drew and elm and used it. I evovled my pikachu into dark raichu and
played another metal energy on steelix, I woke up too, I use Tail crush and
with a tails, and placed one damage couter on steelix from poison. My
opponent Attached another water to mistys poliwhrill and retreated for it. He
used a misty then use water punch for 1 heads which did a total of 60 minus
30 for metal energy then an extra 10 from poisoned, and I used gold berry in
bewtween turns leaving me for damage counter on steelix. I drew and attached
a lighting energy to dark raichu, and attacked played another gold berry on
steelix. Basically this is what I did for the last turns of the game, He kept
retreating screwing up his bench but steelix cleaned everyone up the Poison
didnt affect him.
1-0 (3 Points)

Between games: My friends all one there first match and my brother lost. I
told him dont give up but it didnt bother him I think he had the best
sportsmanship out of us because he realized the game was just fun. Well we
all just talked about are matches then fought are way up to the parings(Geez
some kids are just so rude they were pushing my firend jonathan around
because he was small, and they were ramming into everyone, I think they
should of a letter area, like a-g on one area and h-o on another it would be
more organized)

Round Two: Typhlosion/Blaines Charizard deck
  This was a very well planed out and thought out deck. Now in this battle I
had all I can do to get a rocket zapdos. I kept getting steelix and onix(just
my luck againest a fire and NOW i get steelix) Anyway, by the time I got out
some lighitng pokemon she just detroyed them. But she played alot of babyes.
By the end of the game, I had dark raichu(with a gold berry) againest her
Typholosion . I had 2 dark energy on Dark raichu on it by the way too, Doing
50. I attacked doing 50 and 2 heads 20 to her whole bench, she attacked me
doing 60 and 20 to her self I used gold berry and I attacked using surprize
thunder, which got me one prize leaving me with 3 more and she had 3 babyes
on the bench each with 20 on each. I was mad because I got tails, and she
brought out a typlosion with 20 on it and 2 fire on it, she got a heads with
fire recharge and played a fire energy on it for the KO and the win. I hate
games that end on luck, But that was a good deck and I gave her credit for it.
1-1 (3 points)

Between games: During this time I was hungary and ready for lunch I didnt
have any breakfast and I needed some food. Anyway here is the next round.

Round Three: Evolution deck with Lt. Surges Electrode, Dark Electrode,
Ferligator, and Surges Fearow(Strange deck)
  My hand was Onix, Metal energy, Steelix, Rocket Zapdos, Sabrinas Gaze, and
2 Lighitng Enegy. I went first, I used Onix up against Surges Spearow. and I
had Rocket zapdos on the bench, Played a metal energy and used screech, my
opponent drew played an energy on Spearow and used Whirlwind(I looked at him
like he was on crack, I just used screech and I had a rocket zapdos on my
bench I guess he didnt know what screech did even though I explained it) I
brought out Rocket Zapdos and Drew another lighting energy, I evovled onix
into steelix, played a lighting energy on Rocket Zapdos. And attacked for 40
using plasma plus 20 doing 60 because of screech KOing Spearow. He looked at
me weired and I explained how I did it, he shook my hand all impressed. He
had a bench of Totodile, and brought out one, He attached and attacked me
with fury swipes for 20, I drew and used Sabrinas Gaze with 4 Cards in my
hand(My hand sucked) I got a Metal energy, Masterball, lighting energy, and
cleffa. I played cleffa attached another metal to Steelix and used plasma. He
attached an energy to one of his benched Totodiles(he had 2 more on the
bench) and he evovled it into Croconal(with sweep away) and use fury swipes
for anothe r20 damage. I drew another sabrinas gaze. And I attached a
lighting energy to cleffa. And I use plasma, He attached another energy to
Croconal, and use fury swipes. I lived with 10HP(do the math) I drew a
Pikachu(Neo) Played it and attacked for my second KO and got a lighting
energy. My opponent brought out Cronconal, and attached an energy to it, and
played a Voltorb(team rocket). And tackled for his first KO. I brought out
Cleffa, and attached an energy to Pikachu, and used eeeeeeek putting back my
gaze and getting me, golberry, rocket zapdos, Dark racihu, lighting energy,
metal energy, Pikachu(neo) and ANOTHER SABRINAS GAZE.  My oppnent attached an
energy to Croconal( water that is) and tried to use sweep away, it failed, I
brought out Steelix, and played a gold berry on it, then attached a metal
energy to it, and evovled my Pikachu into Dark Raichu, I use Tail Crush with
a tails(thankgod) He drew played a Gold berry on it, and attached to Voltorb,
he use sweep away for 20, discarded two of his ferligators(thats sucked for
him with all that water energy in there) I drew another lighting energy
played it on dark raichu and attacked it with tail crush with a heads KOing
it. For my 3rd prize a Time Capsule. My opponent Brought out voltorb, played
a Spearow(same surges one) used Nightly garbage run putting back the
ferligators and croconal back into his deck. He attacked me for nothing with
his voltorb, I drew a dark energy and played a lighting energy on dark
raichu, I used another tail crush for a 4th KO. I got a Elm finnaly(but I
didnt need it now). He brought out the Totodile and attached to it using leer
with a heads. I drew played the dark energy on dark raichu and elmed. I got a
Gold Berry, Berry 3 Lighitng energy, Surges Buzz, and a Steelix(which willnt
come in handy now). I then passed. My opponent attached to Surges spearow and
evovled it into Surges Fearow( hopefully I can say No probelm) My opponent
used another succesful leer. I Drew another gaze and Used it. I got basically
the same hand except I didnt get the buzz, and I got a warp point. I attached
to Dark Raichu, and used warp point. He brought out Surges Fearow and I used
Surprize thunder with one heads plus the dark energy KOing the Fearow and
doing 10 damage to the Totodile. He brought it out and used leer, it failed,
and I attacked it with surprize thunder for my last prize and he had no one
else left( in my case when I beat someone in to different ways I destroyed
them) But he was a good sport and shook my hand, we both said goodluck too.
2-1 (6 points)

Lunch Break: Finnally, I was starving. Me and my friend joey, went to eat, I
had a pretzal, my sandwhich I packed, and some pringals I packed. Then I went
off to my other friend and my brother, They were at another area eating. I
sat there for a while noting down some of my first 3 battles for this report.
For the rest of the free time I had I just walked around and I did a couple
trades, then I just sat in this area where they were asking qustions and you
could earn some free boosters answering them, I answered none I was just
there to rest my legs after 40 minutes off non stop walking and talking.  
Anyway the Pairings were back up soon and I went off to my 4th round.

Round Four: Sabrinas Psychic deck
  This deck was ok, It stood chance because it was very annoying to play
againest. Anyway, I went first. I had Rocket zapdos, 2 lighting energy, onix,
metal energy, berry, and elm(finnally a great hand). Its rocket zapdos
againest, Sabrinas gastly( Gasesous Form) and from what I heard that card was
KILLER, so I didnt want to deal with it. I attached, played a berry, and used
plamsa. He attached to it, played a gold berry on it, and played rockets
mewtwo, and Sabrinas abra(quick attack). He attacked with Suffocating Gas,
and I used berry only reciving 10 damage of it. I attached a metal energy to
Onix, and used elm. I got Steelix, Maserball, Metal energy, Lighting Energy,
Sabrinas gaze, Dark Energy, and Dark Raichu. I then used plasma. and he used
Gold berry. He drew attached another energy and played a berry, then used
Elm. He evovled sabrinas abra into Sabrinas Kadabra(uh oh steelix doesnt need
this) And attacked me for another 30 damage. I Evovled onix into Steelix
attached a metal energy onto it.  I used gaze with 6 cards. I got 2 Gold
berry(alright just what I need) a Pikachu, Dark raichu, 2 lighting energy. I
played the pikachu, and I attached a gold berry to rocket zapdos, and
Steelix, then I attaked for 20 which is got rid of with berry. And I used
gold berry. He attaches a Gold berry to Kadabra, and attaches a energy to it,
he uses Double gust and chooses steelix, and I choose Rockets mewtwo, he uses
surge with a cleffa and brings out Kadabra, he uses Sabrinas ESP with Life
drain and it works. I use gold berry leaving me with 60. I Attach an energy
to pikachu and evovle it into dark raichu. I use tackle for 20. My opponent
attaches again to gastly giving it 70 HP, he then uses another life drain
which was unsuccessful. I draw another goldberry, Play it and attach a
lighting eneryg and use tail crush for a KO(whew luck saved me I hate when
that happens) then I used gold berry leaving me with 90 HP.  He brought out
Rockets mewtwo attached an energy to gastly and passed(giving it 80 HP)(by
the way all the energy in this deck was psychic). I drew a lighting energy
and played it on Dark Raichu, I then used Tackle. For 20(I wasnt gonna switch
damage with 50 on that and 20 on me). He attached another energy on Sabrinas
Gastly and played another sabrinas Abra, and used Elm. He then passed. I drew
a rocket zapdos, and played it(darn no energy). But I do have a pumped up
Dark Raichu for pack up. I attack with tail crush, with a heads and KO
it(geez luck saves me again) So I now have 2 prizes. He has none. He brings
out sabrinas gastly, and attaches another psychic to it giving it  100HP. He
then evovles his sabrinas abra and plays a gold berry on sabrinas gastly. He
attackes me for a total of 10. I draw nothing I need, a dark raichu, and
attack it with a heads, He heals it off, leaving 10 on him. Any way we
continue this for a long time, Until he has 140 HP, and is down to 40, and im
down to 50, still all I draw is energy and pokemon then an erika, which gets
me a dark energy, I attach the Dark energy to Dark raichcu, and I use a tails
crush for 30. He drawls and by this time he has a rocket mewtwo on the bench
with 2 energys and a sabrinas kadabra with 1 energy. He attacks me for
another 10. I draw and ELM, use it adding some cards in my deck, I get 2
Lighting Energy,  Dark energy, a Metal Energy, a berry, a gold berry, and a
Masterball. I play a metal energy on Steelix, and play Goldberry on it. I KO
that gastly finnaly, and use goldberry. He bring out, Sabrinas Kadabra, and
uses Life drain with a heads. I draw a time capsule, play a berry on dark
raichu, I use tail crush tails,(by the way if I didnt mention he has Gold
berry on  this kadabra). He draws and plays an energy on Rocekts mewtwo, he
passes, I draw a Lt. Surges Buzz. and play it, attach a lighitng energy to
it, and attack for only 30 he heals it off leaving him with 20 damage. He
attaches to Rocekt Mewtwo, and passes. I draw attach an energy to Surges
Buzz, and I KO it with a lucky Tail Crush(this is my longest but I must admit
my most lukiest battle). He brings out rockets mewtwo, and KOs Steelix, I
bring out dark Raichu, and I attack it for 40 with Surpirze thunder(I had
dark energy on it) He attacks for 60, And My turn I attack for another 40 for
the win. WHEW that was one long battle the funny thing is it was only 20
minutes long because we bot ended are turns fast.
3-1 (9 points)

Between Rounds: My Brother Won finnaly, my friend jonathan won, and my friend
joey lost his first battle. We just sat around waiting for the Next round.

Round Five: Typlosion/Blaines Charizard deck(this kid was using 3 NON HOLO
blaines charizards, please send me an e-mail if they actually leagally exist,
and I dont think the were Mistakes, the even looked fake atlhough I didnt ask
the judges about it because this kid almost got physical about it and I didnt
need to get kicked out because of some kid so I just went with it)
  This was fast, my opponent got out a fast blaines charizard, againest my
babys, and he got 2 Typhlosions out there too, He kept sucking up energy and
using blaines taking out everyone I had. I wasnt able to power anyone up, and
when he used double gust I chose a non energy typhlosion which he just
retreated. And KOed more of my pokemon. I lost this game horribally. I did
get 2 prizes I think maybe 3 I am getting rusty.
3-2 (9 Points)

Between Rounds: My friends all won this round. Including my brother. We took
alook at are records which I forget because really didnt look at it. This
battle was fast so I had some time to walk around and check some things out.
I was looking for Jim Ferrall, a kid I new on the net during this battle, but
I couldnt find him today(Oh well I still met him sunday).

Round Six: Haymaker( I didnt know this deck was playable) she was playing a
no trainer haymaker althougth I think she had like 4 Elm and 4 Chaos gym in
  Okay im getting rusty here, But I think I go first with a rocket zapdos up
agianest a Sabrinas Gastly(NOT AGAIN) I used plasma and she attached to it
and passed, I did something i am going to hate later, I played a dark energy
on it and used Plasma because I knew how annoying those things get.(by the
way I had a Onix on my bench with 2 Metal In my hand, 2 masterball, and 1
lighting)(I drew the dark). She looked surprized and brought out a Rockets
Scyther and used shadow images, This went on for a while and I died from Dark
energy(STUPID ME STUPID ME) didnt matter though I had a steelix pumped up
with 2 Metal and 1 Lighitng Energy. I brought it out, and used an Elm, which
I just drew. I got Gold berry, Rockets zapdos, dark raichcu, Gaze, 2 Lighitng
Energy, and surges buzz. I played both of them(Buzz, and rocket zapdos) and
attached to rocket zapdos. I used tail crush with tails. By this time she had
a Rockets Chan powered up. She drew attached an energy to a surges buzz on
the bench, and she used shadow images. I drew a lighting energy played it on
Rockets zapdos, and played gold berry on Steelix, I use tail crush and it was
successful. She brought out Rockets Chan and used Cross Counter. I drew a
erika, and use it I got another metal energy and I played it on Steelix, I
then used tackle.(so all she could do was 10 if she was even able to do it).
Basically thats what I did. for 2 more turns, Then she brought out a Surges
buzz, and played down a Movie promo mewtwo, she then attached a 5th lighitng
to it, and Used Charge for 2 more(one that went with her Chan, and rockets
scyther) I drew a Dark energy, attached to My surges buzz, and attacked it
for only 30 with tail crush. She attached to it, and used Discharge with 8
Energy. and got 5 heads, darn. that did it, It KOed steelix, Darn it. I
brought out my rocket zapdos and attacked it for 20 getting another energy on
it. She Attached to the mewtwo, and passed, I drew a time capsule used it
only putting in 3 lighting energy an a steelix. I attached my last lighting
energy to the buzz giving it 2. and attacked it for a KO. She brought out
mewtwo, and played a Rockets zapdos. she attached a lighitng to it, and used
Energy absorbtion. I Drew a Elm and used it. I got 2 Lighting energy, Metal
energy, Berry, Dark Raichu, Pikachu(neo) and Steelix, Nothing I really
needed. so I used plasma. She played another energy on Rocket zapdos, and
attacked me for 40. I drew a Pikachu. attached the metal and berry to rockets
zapdos, and use Electroburn for 10 to me I used berry leaving me with only 30
damage. She brought out rocket zapdos and used Plasma, for 10. I drew a gold
berry(alright) played it on rocket zapdos, and attached another lighting
energy to Surges buzz. I then used electroburn, and healed my self with 10
damage left. She attached a metal and attacke me for 50 I lived my 10 HP, So
I just drew and used electroburn we were both KOed and I won the match.
4-1 (12 points)

Between rounds: Seriously I forget what happened here??? sorry if you were
intrested about it.

Round Seven: Blaines Ninetails/ and rapidash deck(with LOTS of babys and
  This was a strange deck I really dont know why he didnt use blaines
stronger cards, I guess he figured Blaine acts like a potion on Blaines
Ninetails plus it does 50 and with the 50% chance of loosing energy. He went
first with a Gligar againest My rockets zapdos.(this card seems attached to
me) I had 3 Lighting Energy in my hand(thats new I unussualy just have 2 or
1)with a masterball, a elm, a goldberry, and steelix. He played an energy on
him, and he played a cleffa, blaines vulpix, and a elekid. He played a berry
on it as well, and a gold berry on the vulpix. He passed, I drew a Onix and
played it, I attached and used plasma, He used berry getting rid of it. He
evovled his Vulpix into blaines Ninetails, and used Blaine on it. he then
retreated it, and used Elm. He attacked doing 50 and not loosing energy. I
drew a erika, and used it. I got a Lighting Energy,  metal energy and a
Sabrinas Gaze. I played Metal On the onix and evovled it into Steelix, I also
played gold berry on it. I elm getting Metal energy, gold berry, Dark raichu,
Pikachcu(promo,) and 3 Lighting energy. I play the pikachu. And attack for
20. He plays another blaines vulpix, and uses Burn up KOing rocket zapdos,
loosing his energy. I bring out Steelix. I draw a Time Capsule, Evovle
Pikachu into Dark raichu.  Attach a Metal to Steelix. Then I attack for 20.
He uses gold berry. He evovles his Benched vulpix into BLaines Ninetails. And
used blaine on Blaines Ninetails active, and used burn up doing 80 to me, and
lost his energys again. I use gold berry, and Draw a berry, I play berry on
my Dark Raichu. and I attach Lighting energy to Steelix. I play Gold berry on
steelix. And use tail crush with a heads. I also use goldberry. He draws
plays an energy on his benched Ninetails, and he passes. I draw and rocket
zapdos. Play it attach an energy to dark Raichu. And use tail crush KOing it.
 He brings out Blaines Ninetails, and attaches to it. And uses burn up heads.
I draw, and I play another lighting energy on Dark Raichu(this card with save
my butt) I attack with a tails doing 30. He attachs to a benched gligar(to
one he started out with) and Used burn up KOing steelix, heads again(darn it
he willnt loose his energy) I bring out dark Raichu Draw a gaze. I think ill
save it. I use time capsule sending back steelix, onix, and 2 lighting
energy. I attach my last lighting energy in my hand on Dark Raichu leaving my
hand with 5 cards in it. I attack with two heads doing 20 to his baby pokemon
including the gligar, and I draw my second prize. He brings out gligar and
attacks for 40 I use berry leaving dark raichu with 50 HP. I draw another
lighting. I use gaze with 5 cards. and I do get one dark energy, Elm,
lighting energy, onx. I play the onix. and attach the dark energy to Dark
Raichu. I attack for 40 KOing His gligar and with one heads take out his
whole bench( I love dark raichcu againest babys). He was surprized to see
dark energy in my deck, but explained how it acted like a game winnig plus
power or a butt saving plus power. Plus it worked well with dark Raichu.
5-2 (15 Points)

Between Rounds: I took a breather and noted down some stuff of my recent
battles, on a little board and pen that I brought with me. Then I went
looking for my friends I counldnt find them for a while. I forgot though how
they did. If you want to ask them E-mail Jonathan at: thedmlance@aol.com, for
joey: Marinefire123@aol.com, and for my brother: poketrainer457@aol.com.
Anyway They put up the parings and still no sign of friends just my brother,
oh well I hope they know the parings are up.

Round Eight(almost through): Okay this is going to suck, but I forget who I
battled and how I won sorry about this, but I know I won. I didnt take any
notes after this I was so nervous for the next battle, anyway sorry about
6-2 (18 points)

Between Rounds: I found my friends and my brother I know my brother won, and
I think my friends won too. I just looked at the Standings for a while then I
went in line for the Parings.

Round Nine(The Last and Finnal round whew): Dark Blastoise/Steelix deck
  This kid was good, and smart. He told me him and his brother made the same
decks he did the trainers and his brother did the pokémon.(Maybe me and my
bro should do that next year ^_^)  Anyway, He went first with a Cleffa,
benched squirtle(Team Rocket) and a benched Onix. Cleffa(WOW no Rocket
Zapdos) He  eeeeeeked successfully and It was my turn. I had Steelix, 3
Metal, Lighting energy, Time capsule, and Elm. geez what a hand it sucks I
didnt have any onix. I drew a rocket zapdos(now I get him what I say this
card loves me) played it attached to cleffa. I elmed, with Onix, Steelix,
goldberry, 2 lighting energy, berry, Pikachu. I played the pikachu, and onix.
And passed, He evovled his squirtle and played an energy on it. he eeeeeeek
and it failed. I drew a masterball. I played Goldberry on onix, and evovled
it into Steelix, I played berry on rocket zapdos and use masterball, I got
dark raichu, so I brought out Pikachu and used Recharge. it failed, My
opponent attached another water to Dark wortorle and evovled it, then
eeeeeeek. I drew a lighting energy. and played it on Pikachu, I used Recharge
and it worked. he drew attached a metal to onix and a gold berry to it too.
He evovled it and passed. I drew a Erika. I evovled pikachu into dark raichu,
I used erika, got 2 metal energy, and a Pikachu(neo). I played one of the
metals on Steelix, and used Surpirzed thunder it was successful but I didnt
get his bench. he broght out steelix. attached a metal and used tackle. I
drew a golberry and played it on Dark Raichu. I played metal on Steelix. and
used surprize thunder it did 10 and failed to the bench,(darn I used up all
the luck in my little coin ^_^) He attached a water energy a KOed Dark raichu
with Tail Crush. I brought out Steelix, and attached a lighting to it. We had
a long fight then I KOed it. he brought dark blastiose, and KOed steelix. He
just KOed everyone I had left and won. I said what an amazing deck. I said it
was well made, we shook hands and that was it.
6-3 (18 points)

Before we left: Well I do my brother lost, jonahthan I think won, and joey
won too. We all did great. my bro did good for his first time at the STS I
did better than laster year so did my friends. Actually Jonathan was DEAD
LAST last year, he thought it was elimination, and lost his first battle.
Dont belive check it out on Wizards. Sorry jonny. But he DID AWSOME this
year, I should be proud I made him his deck. He just kept playing CHAOS GYM
at the wrong time. Oh well, doesnt matter we all did great.

Me: 6-3 (18 points) Ranking: 84th
Joey: 7-2 (20 points) Ranking: 51st
Jonathan: 6-3 (18 points) Ranking: 103rd
Brian(Brother): 5-4 (15 points) Ranking: 144th

My awsome come back
Eight not four boosters
We all went together and did better than last year
My brother did good for his first time here
(Sunday) I met a friend of mine online    
Sucky boosters come on Fossil, base set 2 geez                  
That kid for using a fake card to win                                    
Me for not being forceful enough to get a judge                
For having a horrible time....Just kidding I had a great time( wait that
belongs it Props oh well)

If you have any comments, deck ideas, deck help(yes I can help you with your
deck if you want) and if your my opponent please e-mail and tell me if I
screwed the battle or not, heh heh I dont think I did though anyway all that
can be sent to me at stealthespeon@aol.com or just IM me if you can.