East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Steelix Luck
by Dark Trainer
Meadowlands Expo Center, NJ
Saturday, June 23, 2001
About 409 people in my 11-14 division

         Once I got there I told most of the kids I was playing Steelix.  
Everyone laughed and said I would lose in the first round but they were
wrong.  With no byes I think I did okay for playing Steelix.  I was 7-0 till
the 8th round where I fought a Blaine's Arcanine deck and lost.  Then lost
again to another Blaine's Arcanine deck.  But I did make 36th place.  The
deck was one that Jason (Ness) fixed up and then I changed because I though
there would be alot more water than I actually fought.    

Steelix Luck

---Pokémon (19)---
4x Onix
4x Steelix
4x Rocket's Zapdos
4x Cleffa
3x Rocket's Scyther

---Trainers (20)---
3x RSA
2x Professor Elm
4x Gold Berry
2x Secret Mission
2x Misty's Wrath
2x Double Gust
2x Master Ball
2x Focus Band
1x Chaos Gym

---Energy (22)---
10x Lightning Energy
4x Metal Energy
6x Grass
1x Full Heal

Round 1 Murkrow
He had Murkrow out to my cleffa most of the game killing off most of my
benched pokemon.  Then I got a double gust wich I saved myself with. I had
been building up a steelix the whole time with a goldberry and 4 metal/steel
energy. And I only had cleffa on the bench left so he took cleffa and I
wanted his rockets zapdos.  I brought out Steelix and won a few turns later
due to him haveing no more bench.
3 pts

Round 2 Rockets Haymaker (Rockets zapdos, Scyther, Hitmonchan)
He had a rockets scyther to my rockets zapdos and I went first.  I attached a
electric energy and used mistys wrath and took a metal energy and a RSA and
discarded 2 electric energy, a double gust, chaos gym, focus band.  I used
Plasma and got a electric energy.  Then he attached a fighting to R.
hitmonchan and passed the I attached the steel and used plasma and attache an
electric energy.  The he attached another fighting energy to R. hitmonchan.  
Then R. Scyther was dead the he did cross counter.  I used electroburn wich
knocked his lats basic out and I one.
3 pts

Round 3 Steelix
He put a onix to my Zapdos and I went first.  I benched an onix and cleffa.  
Then powered up zappy a few turns later when I was about to kill onix he
evolved and attached a metal and tail crushed for 50 and the gold berry took
40 away. I had only been using plasma to get energy on Zapdos and now he had
3 so I attached a metal and a gold berry and electroburned for 50 for a kill.
 Then after a few turns zapdos whas killed off but I did get 4 prizes out of
him.  With my Onix with 3 metal on it I put it out and screeched.  Then he
just passed cause his new steelix only had 1 energy.  I evolved to Steelix
and hit with heads for 60.  Then after him attaching an energy to cleffa he
passed and I killed his Steelix.  He put out cleffa to try and deck me but I
later killed cleffa for a win.
3 pts

Round 4 Misty Deck
This kid was very skilled I could tell.  He had a deck made entirely of
Japanese cards and had all the translation cards off on the side.  He was
from a team called Team Ream.  I really didn't like this match though because
it ended by me decking him out.  First it was my Zapdos to his poliwag and he
used like 3 misty's and almost killed it.  Then I powered up a rockets
scyther and killed some of his water pokemon.  He killed that off to.  He
alos managed to kill of 2 cleffa.  Then I used steelix with 4 metal.  I took
one prize from him.  Then He used a Misty's Poliwhirl and did rapids and
removed a steel and I just stalled him out the rest of the match with steelix
then cleffa and he decked out.   
3 pts

Round 5 Slowking
I could tell this kid was a newbie cause he put his Slowking out as active
many times during the match.  I used Rockets Scyther to kill of most of his
slowkings but he still had one more on his bench.  He pulled out a fully
powered up R. Zapdos with a metal on it and I lost a prize.  I took out my
steelix with 4 metal energy on it and a gold berry and just killed of every
pokemon of his with a matter of turns due to the fact he only had 1 Slowking
3 pts

Round 6 Gator deck
He was and okay player but all my Rockets Scyther had a ball with this match.
 He would put down a basic and Rockets Scyther would kill it off.  He Put
down a marril with 40hp and I killed it with Rockets Zapdos.  he had no
chance with my types vs. his types.  He eventually pulled out a feraligator
and killed Rockets Zapdos but he was NO MATCH for Rockets scyther.  I killed
that a few turns later for a win.
3 pts

Round 7 Murkrow  Rockets zapdos and Skarmory
This was pretty easy for the most part.  I managed to keep 2 prizes ahead of
him most of the game and never let up.  My rockets zapdos was used most of
the match because it was the first and only pokemon I really powered up.  By
the end of the match cards were getting low when I Eeeeeeeked my hand that
had like 20 card in it back into my deck.  The match was about to end when he
had my Cleffa Mean Looked when he double gusted out steelix and tried to mean
look it but failed.  YEAH!!!!!!  I then placed my last of my 4 metal energy
on steelix and killed that stupid Murkrow with a heads on Tail crush for the
3 pts

Round 8 Blaines Arcanine Slowking deck
This was when the losing started.  He powered up his Arcanine by turn 3 with
9 fire energy.  He the proceded to kill of my 2 Zapdos'.  Then I stalled with
cleffa to build up a Rockets Zapdos and  a Steelix.  He finally killed my
cleffa and then R. Zapdos had fun while I killed off that Arcanine.  He
brought out a cleffa and blained on two fre energy to growlithe.  I killed
off the cleffa with a heads and then he went and killed Rockets Zapdos with
Arcanin and Out went Steelix and he killed it with Arcanine but I managed to
put 30 damage on it. That was my last basic and he one.
0 pts

Round 9 Fire Recharge Typhlosion and Rockets Zapdos
She had lost of fun this match by killing off all my Rocketrs zapdos' by turn
6.  I basicall was lost because she was so much better than I was.  
Everything I put out was dead in about a turn or two. I finally powered up my
last pokemon steelix.  But I did kill three of her babies.  So my fun in the
tournament is over but I did manage to make 36th place out of 409.

Props: Wizards of the Coast for putting it on.
           The 35 booster packs I won
           The fun that I had

Slops: Rocket on Format
           Blaine's Arcanine