East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Hi Pojo,
I got back from the STS and boy it was great not as much as last year
though.I went on Sat and Sun and competed in the 11-14 both
days.I'll tell you about  the one I did best Sunday.

Rockets Attack
3 Sabrina's Abra (1 lv 11 2 lv 18)          4 Rocket's Sneak Attack
2 Sabrina's Kadabra                    3 Rocket's Secret Experiment
2 Sabrina's Alakazam                   1 Gold Berry(only had one)
2 Magby                                               1 The Rocket's Trap
2 Cleffa(1 neo 1 promo)                10 Psy Energy
1 Girafafirg                             2 Grass Energy
1 Rockets Zapdos                       6 Lightning Energy
2 Sabrina's Venonat                     1 Recycle Energy
1 Sabrina's Venomoth
3 Onix(neo)
2 Steelix

Yeserday when I got my 8 boosters I got a lot of good cards but nomore
Gold Berry grrrrrrrrr!

Round 1
This boy really had me trapped with Murkrow of all things that had to be
my basic I had Cleffa oh boy with no others on my bench he ML/FAed me.

Round 2
This time I faced a kid who really liked PKMN tools and Fighting PKMN.The
match all bolled down to me and him he had a Giovanni's Machamp with 50
damage with a focus band and me with a Sabrina's Kadabra with 60 damage I
used Psyshot which would of KOed him but he fliped a heads for focus band
and 2 heads for Hurricane Punch he took his last prize and he won.

Round 3
Much like round 1 actully alot like R1 even same outcome.

After R3 the 11-14 division had a hour lunch break not after long a hour
passed and it time for R4

Round 4
All I know is I lost

Round 5
Finnaly I got a R Zapdos Sabrinas Abra and 2 Magby he had a Murkrow and a
Ponyta (Blaines) He sent out Murkrow with no Dark Energy in his hand R
Zapdos Plasmaed 3 times KOed Murkrow and Zapdos took care of Ponyta.

Round 6
All I remember is I won !!!

Round 7
He sent out a Cleffa he stalled but he was getting a Murkrow charged but
I had a Steelix out all of the sudden he Double Gusted me with nothing
but a Murkrow on his bench I had to pick it he attached a rainbow energy
to murkrow I picked Magby after that he just picked away at me.

Round 8
I went against a grass deck he sent out a Heracross he went first
attached a Focus Band to it thank goodeyness I had 2 Magby a Onix TRs
Zapdos in play and a Steelix with 3 Metal Energy in hand he Koed my Magby
he had a Meganium with the Wild Growth Pkmn Power I evolved Onix and
Steelix Mowed over the rest.

Round 9
This was a littearell Steel Clash he used a Stellix as well as a Skarmory
I also used a Steelix and TR Zapdos I got my metal energy faster he didnt
get any out so Steelix had a holiday messing his Steelix and Skarmory up.

I did pretty good I got 8 boosters,a Jigglypuff and CPU error promo

if you have any questions e-mail me at