East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

By: Ali Jaffery
Meadowlands Expo Center
Secaucus, NJ 
About 1000 Participants
June 24, 2001
Sunday Event
11-14 Division
Well this is my first time going to the STS. I got there around 10AM. I met Ness there and traded him a typholsion for a booster and mp mewtwo. I got a holo jumpluff. I had to do some major deck changes after buying 3 more paks from Ness getting slowking, and 2 magby. I finshed my deck with 5 minutes left. I was in a mess cause some kid stole my deck protectors box(luckily my deck wasnt in it). I also had a problem cause they found 60 cards in the deck but only 59 on the sheet. I forgot to change it from 2 goldberry to 3.  Then I was ready. Heres the deck.
15 pokemon
4 mp mewtwo
2  magby
2 murkrow
2 slowpoke
1 slowking
1 elekid
1 n cleffa
1 p cleffa
1 surges buzz(rare one)
24 enrgy
13 psychic
4 rainbow
2 potion
2 full heal
2 lightining
1 darkness
21 trainers
4 berry
3 goldberry
2 elm
2 d gust
2 wrath
2 ngr
1 chaos gym
1 blaines quiz 3
1 nrg charge
1 rsa
1 rockets trap
1 here comes team rocket
I got ready and got to the seats then I was bored by master trainer mike with all the rules. Then I read the tourney matchings and I went.
Round 1
Psybaby VS Brocks Deck
This kid was too hard. I started with elekid bench mewtwo. attach psychic to mewtwo and and use playful puch for 20 on onix. He had a huge bench. He was more int hus bench instead of basics. 2 turns later mewtwo was loaded and defeated onix. he sent out brocks liktitung. and started beating up mewtwo. Mewtwo was dead. I send out elekid and bench cleffa. elekid defaeats likitung and he sends out sandslash. He attacks succesfully for the knock out. I send out cleffa to stall but hes also defeated and i lose because of no bench.
Between Matches:  I went around asking people for a rockets zapdos. I also drew a new pokemon
Round 2
Psybaby VS Blaines Charizard
This kid got 4 Blaines Charizards and 2 typholsons charged up in 10 turns. He got so many basics and evolutions with master ball.I lost easily. There goes my top 8 chance
Between Matches: I played a little in trivia game but never got picked and i played in opem gym.
Round 3
Psybaby VS Colorless
ok. This was a long match. I kept attacking and he kept using first aid. He uses sabrinas kadabra which enables me to use mewtwo. i kill one and he kills mewtwo and my other mewtwo kills his other kadabra. I get murkrow and get it ready. Murkrow gets 10 cause of rainbow. He uses gold berry. He kills murkrow.By then times up and its a tie.
Between Matches: I had lunch but i was still hungary so i bought some more food its so expensive. I also played in 3 matches at open gym.
Round 4
Psybaby VS ??
All I remember is that I won.
Between Matches: I just watched the 10- matches.
Round 5
Psybaby VS kid with slowking
I remember I used the mewtwos and psyburned a lot for the win.
Between Matches: I played name that pokemon and won a free booster pack that had a holo feraligatrr in it. The one with riptide. I was also late to my match because of this.
Round 6
Psybaby VS Girl with Ledyba and mistys deck
Ok she started leading with one prize taken cause I was late.She started with 2 Ledyba and I started with elekid and mewtwo benched. I did 2 puches for the knock out. Then it seemed she was going to win cause all my punches started failing. I brought in Mewtwo for the knockout. By then she had mistys dewgong. I retreated mewtwo and used elekid. I attached energy to mewtwo and punched with no success. She attacked with no success I attached another nrg to mewtwo and attacked with success. She attacks with success and kills elekid. Its all tied but I win easily with the psyburn.
Between Matches: I played in open gym. I keep losing.
Round 7
Psybaby VS kid with rainbow
I played mewtwo and lost cause of so much resistance. He used resistance gym against my murkrow. He had rainbow deck. There goes my chance at the top 16.
Between Matches: I played in Open Gym and signed some cards to put up.
Round 8:
Psybaby VS Rockets Zapdos
Well I lost again. He kept electroburning my baby pokemon with success.
Between Matches: I was hungry again so I bought and Ice Cream cone.
Round 9
PsybabyVS Girl with ???
pk. she was very good. this came down to the wire. She was leading with 1-6 with prizes left. But I came back with mewtwos and it was 5-5. She sent out cleffa and I drew my last card with Mewtwo ready. it was even for a victory and odd for a loss. The die is rolled it is 4 (even). I win.
Hmm... 4-4-1 for a first time. Not too bad.Well My uncle was already there to pick me up. I picked up the stuff they gave me and left. I got 2 of base2, rocket, neo genisis, and neo discovery. I got imposter oak, 1 holo nidoking, 1 here comes team rocket, d slowbro, holo jump luff, mary, holo espeon, houndour, promo jiggly and cpu error. I got another holo jumpluff in the pak before, 2 magby, 1 holo feralgatr.
1. My uncles for taking me and picking me up.
2. Pojo for a great site.
3. Ness for the great trades and the boosters i bought from him.
4. wizards for great prizes.
5. The feralgatr i got.
1. All the kids that didnt trade me rockets zapdos.
2. all the kids for causing problems.
3. the kid in round 7 for a lot of trouble.
4. the kid in round 3 for stalling
5. me for making some criticxal mistakes.
6. me for forgetting to change it from 2 to 3 gold berry.
7. me for spending too much.
8. the concession stand owners for high prices.
Well I think that was fun.
Ali Jaffery