East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

Tommy Hickman
(sAvIoR on IRC/daewonsong316 on aim)
ECSTS - Meadowlands, NJ
Sunday, June 23 2001
505 Participants


Misty's FTKO V.1 Day1



3 Misty's Poliwhirl

4 Misty's Poliwag(bubbles)

2 Misty's Seadra

3 Misty's Horsea(trackle/smoke screen)

2 Misty's Starmie

3 Misty's Staryu(star boomerang)

2 Wooper


4 Erika

4 Misty

4 Professor Elm

3 Misty's Wrath

3 Cerulean Gym

2 Imposter Oak's Revenge

2 Nightly Garbage Run

2 Berry

3 Digger


14 Water Energy

This was the first day and it's 9:00 P.M. Monday so I don't remeber this card for card or game for game. Hopefully I will do a little better with my report from Sunday and give a little more detail but let's get to the report.  This is a Misty's FTKO deck.  People have told me it's not gonna work for ecsts so I tried to build it.  I was origannly going to use a Feraligtr deck but decided something a little more original should be used.

Round 1 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 1-0-0 (3 Pts)

Round 2 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 2-0-0 (6 Pts)

Round 3 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 3-0-0 (9 Pts)

(Just a little note to those who care my 3 bye's were from placing second in the StL qaulifier which is what got me here)(also my matches may be out of order seeing as a have a bad ememory as to who I played.)

Round 4 Me Vs.(steelix deck)

We'll my deck drew slow... and um basically if i dun FTKO against a steelix deck in this format im screwed.... seeing as he has 110 HP uses metal energy and heals alot....:(

Record: 3-0-1 (9 Pts)

Round 5 Me Vs. (Misty's FTKO deck)

This kid had no idea on how to play a misty FTKO deck. I won the match I think early with alot of misty's and he asked me for help on his deck.  So i gave him advice and i hope he did better one the second day.

Record: 4-0-1 (12 Pts)

Round 6 Me Vs. (Steelix)

This round made me so mad....>=I. I went first he had one basic and we flipped. I had a Misty's Poliwag he had a Rocket's Hitmonchan. I remeber i played 3 digger(2 hit me,1 hit him) and 4 erika, 3 wrath, and out of it 1 Misty!!!! I did 50 damage. After this he started healing layed down an onix and a steal enegry and passed. From here the match was over. After the match i checked my prizes and there were NO NONE NADA ZILCH misty in my prize's!!!! 4 erika 3 wrath and the misty i played was in my oppening hand! ARGH!!!

Record: 4-2-0 (12 Pts)

(by now i am disapointed and barely want to play anymore.....)

Round 7 Me Vs. (Feraligtr)

Basically he got fera fast and i got nothing slow......


I now decided to drop play league get prize's and and work on my deck for the next day.


Day 2

Tommy Hickman
(sAvIoR on IRC/daewonsong316 on aim)
ECSTS - Meadowlands, NJ
Sunday, June 24 2001
320 Participants


Misty's FTKO V. 2



3 Misty's Poliwhirl

4 Misty's Poliwag

2 Wooper

2 Murkrow

2 Cleffa

1 Elekid


4 Erika

4 Misty

4 Professor Elm

4 Berry

3 Misty's Wrath

3 Gold Berry

3 Cerulean Gym

2 Double Gust

2 Nightly Garbage

2 Imposter Oak's Revenge


4 Darkness Energy

11 Water Energy

 This deck right here is much improved from my day 1 deck.  Thanks to Ditto and Mega Murkrow for helping me Saturday night.  Again it's now tuesday morning and I'm gonna have trouble remebering matches but I should for the most part know the decks I played against.


Round 1 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 1-0-0 (3 Pts)

Round 2 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 2-0-0 (6 Pts)

Round 3 Me vs. (Bye)Record: 3-0-0 (9 Pts)

Round 4 Me vs. (Typhlosion deck)

This kid played a decent typhlosion/Blaine's archanine deck but me playing water had the obvios advantage. He had Giovani's nidoran for tech against water which in my opinion hurt him bad.  I was taking easy prizes and he was hitting me back. We were pretty much back and forth through this game.  He would use a nidoran to KO me then it would get ko'd it came pretty close at the end it was 1-2 me winning and he used a giovani's nidoran to take my wooper...BIG mistake! I top Decked a misty brought up a misty's poliwag played an energy and did 40 to his nidoran and I won. That was a close game...

Record: 4-0-0 (12 Pts)

Round 5 Me vs. (Feraligtr)

This kid was very good.  His deck was well layed out he had slowking which i got alot of nothing by when I needed it.  He used cronaw earlier to take my low hp and then he got feralgtr out to clean up.

Record: 4-1-0 (12 Pts)

Round 6 Me Vs. (Dark Deck????)

I was very suprised this kid made it this far at the begining of the game but I soon saw his deck wasn't half bad.  He played alot of healing since dark pokemon have low HP(I am talking about TR set dark not dark type) and focuse bands. His low HP didn't do well thos because I played FTKO and darkness energy helped ALOT this game. This game was kinda long but I ended up winning.

Record: 5-1-0 (18 Pts)

Round 7 Me Vs. (Steelix deck)

I hate steelix's decks but i was very very lucky in this one. I went first he had cleffa i had poliwag.  I misty'd and flipped for baby HEADS that was one lucky game. One more turn and I was prolly dead but HEADS is all I have to say...

Record: 6-1-0 (18 Pts)

Round 8 Me Vs. (???)

I won second turn. I forgot what I was playing against but I know I won second turn. All the judges were like =O after I won two consecutive games that fast. In each game I looked around I was the first one done. That was so cool I was so determened to get top 8.

Record: 7-1-0 (21 Pts)

Round 9 Me Vs. (Steelix)

I checked the standings and I was 11!!!! this win and I was top 8 for sure with my good resistance, but, one problem... I played the kid that took second the previous day and he was playing steelix. I so knew I was gonna have a hard time against this deck.  He made some mistakes though.  He went so turbo he almost decked. I had no way top damage him so I kept amnesiaing his tail crush. He didn't want to retreat because of the wasted enegry so he tackled me. I got a few gold berry's past his slowkings and I had a chance at the game. He had like 1 or 2 prizes and 5 cards in his deck and wasn't koing anything! He had already like nightly'd a few times so he couldn't have had many left but he got unmbeluievably lucky with slowking and steelix and barely won. I was not very disapointed because I had a shot at top 16, but when the standings came in.. I was 18. this made me mad. 18 is good on any day but this day because any special prizes wer! e 16 and up.  I might as well

Record: 7-2-0 (21 Pts)

Props and Slops
To Wizards for the Tournament

To the kid with the Feraligtr

To Ditto and Mega murkrow for some late night deck help

To all the kids who cheated and I knew it...Just didn't feel like arguing/confruntation

To My flight and rain in New Jersey

To Steelix, Slowking, Feraligtr, Typhlosion, Blaine's Archanine for being WAY over played


I guess thats all for now

Questions comments email me at Andrewreynolds316@hotmail.com

Oh I almost forgot I will be sending another report about the event and my trip as a whole when I get my film developed but until then PEACE!