East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Metal Bong
by: Muk007 (aka David Hausknecht)
East Coast Super Trainer Showdown
Secaucus, New Jersey
Methinks 254 people in my age category
No entry fee

Hello guys. Yes, I won the qualifier and yes I went to the STS. Here's the deck. Main idea from Mega Murkrow.
Metal Bong (name by Mega Murkrow too)
3 Misty's Seel
3 Misty's Dewgong (with 1 Metal Energy attached, havoc can be exploit)
3 Onix
3 Steelix
2 Wooper
2 Cleffa
1 Elekid 
1 Magby

4 Elm
4 Gold Berry
3 Secret Mission
3 Erika
2 Misty's Wrath
2 Cerulean City Gym
2 Warp Point 
2 NGR 

7 Water
2 Recycle (retreating)
4 Metal

Get a Steelix up first to start the beatdown. Once it's koed, send up a powered Misty's Dewgong with 3 energy and a Metal Energy. Use Wooper for Rocket's Zapdos. Use the Erika+IOR+RSA combo when ever possible.
I met up with some of the fellow Maverick Hunter Corps members and battle 2 times, winning both.
Rounds 1-3--think *N Sync...although they suck...think of the BYE BYE BYE song.
For those of you who don't get it, I had 3 byes.
Round 4: Metal Bong vs. Steve Sperling (3rd ranked in world) with THE
Details are sketchy, but I remember we both got out Steelix, but I had 4 Metal Energy attached and he only had 2. I stocked up on Gold Berries. He did get out 2 Slowking, but it really didn't matter. I think they helped me not deck =p. He eventually decked.
Points: 12

Round 5 vs. guy with LT. Surge's Jolteon/Rocket's Zapdos that didn't look
11-14.....maybe 16-17
He got out Jolteon pretty quickly and started doing good damage with the second attack AND he kept on getting good flips for no damage to himself. I used probably every search engine in my deck to get a Steelix out with 4 Metal Energy and a Gold Berry. I NEEDED the 2 Nightly Garbage run, or else I coulda decked. He got some damage on me, but then I'd Gold Berry. He considered himslef lucky at the end when I couldn't ko his Jolteon next turn with Tail Crush, but I did something I'd never really do.....I actually retreated Steelix!!!!!!!!! I sent up Misty's Dewgong w/o a Metal Energy of course and received my last prize. It was funny after that....you could tell he was disappointed he lost, but he kinda smiled and looked at me with this "Rock" -like look. It's hard to explain. Lol....
Points: 15

I was really surprised at my run of luck. I never expected Metal Bong to do this good!
Round 6 vs. I think it was Spl00ga but I wasn't sure with
Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine
We both started out horribly. We had Cleffa vs. Cleffa. We both had to flip to Eeeeeeek....which is...dumb. He got setup b4 me and totally beat me to the ground. He had 3, yes--3!!, Typhlosions Fire Recharging Fire Energy on to his Blaine's Arcanine. I never played ANY Onix for fear of Steelix's weakness. If I got up Misty's Dewgong with the proper energy, I coulda taken the game, but I never got enough. Dang.
Points: 15

Round 7 vs. French d00d that only spoke French with a Chomp Feraligatr
I didn't realize he only spoke French until he started talking to his friend b4 the match. We had to practically use sign language to communicate. Ugh...why he was using the Chomp Feraligatr rather than the Riptide one goes beyond my comprehension. I got Steelix with like 2 Metal which wasn't enough. I couldn't seem to ko him b4 he got to me. He had VERY lucky flips. He ploughes through me but I gave a very good fight.
Points: 15

After this match, I knew I couldn't make the top 8. Dang.
Round 8 vs. Bobby Derian with Dark Raichu/Rocket's Zapdos/Steelix
A fellow Coloradoan. We met on the plane and it turns out he won the qualifier the first day with Ryan Cimera and his brother Tommy won with me the second day. Confusing, but we all knew each other somehow. We were representing Colorado. Cool, huh? I was really disappointed (he was too) that we had to play each other. We played each other on the plane but didn't get to finish cause the game was lasting like an hour and the plane was about to land!!! LOL.!! Anyways, I believe we both thought that whoever got their Steelix powered up first would win. Right from the start, I started filling Onix up with Metal Energy. I got up Steelix with 4 Metal (I can't believe my luck today) and he got his up with 3 Metal and saved the other one for his Rocket's Zapdos. I did, actually get like 2-3 ko's b4 he sent up his Steelix. I also really lucky with the coin flips with Tail Crush and was doing 20 damage to his Steelix every turn. I almost had it and then he used...........................SUPER SCOOP UP WITH A FLIP OF HEADS!!! DANG IT! Yuck...He sent up his Dark Raichu and got tails the entire time. (We were using dice). I never played a Misty's Seel the whole game. I ended up winning but felt bad I had to beat Bobby. (he ended up getting 9th the next day)
Points: 18

Last Round-9 vs. guy that looked 18 with Dark Golduck
He started with a Rocket's Scyther, Oddish, and a Psyduck. His Headache was kinda impending my speed, because I got the Metal Energy on Onix, but I couldn't search for the Steelix I needed. Luckily, once he tried the Super Psy with Dk. Golduck on Cleffa, he got tails. I got the Elm, the Wrath, all I needed to get up the Steelix. Once it got up, the most damage he could do was 10. I won.
Points: 21
Final place: 34

Well, I knew it wouldn't be enough to get into the top 16 cause a lot of people would be 7-2, but I still had a great time. Second day....I don't even want to talk about it. I used Blaine's Magmar and couldn't win and dropped to go win some other boosters. 
I got to meet some d00ds like Stegy, Mega Murkrow, Psyduck, Dr Zap 84, Maverick Hunter Zero, Macross Master 2000, The Impossible Man, etc....
All in all, the STS was a feeling like no other. I ended up 34TH!!!!!! I
got 34th out of like 255 people, which I was proud of. I never thought
Metal Bong would do that well. Of course, I had never really got Steelix
with 4 Metal Energy on it b4 :p

....Props to....
Mega Murkrow for the deck idea
All the people else I got to meet
Tom (Dr Zap 84) for getting 1st on Sunday 
Metal Bong
Wizards for actually making a good format....I mean really...would a 
Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine make it to the finals in last year's STS?
11-14 division for being more competitive than the other divisions
my brother for getting 14th on Sunday
Professor Maple for having that huge booster draft
DMTM for supplying the boosters for Prof. Maple's booster draft
Colorado Springs for starting to get DCI sanctioned tournies :D:D:D 
Anything else I missed

....Slops to....
having to stay on the plane in Colorado for 3 hours b4 we took off due to
weather on the East Coast
All the Typhlosion/Blaine's Arcanine decks....I mean, they're good, but
they were practically an archetype at the STS
Hey, and if someone important from Wizards is reading this, try to have another qualifier in COLORADO!!!
Email: Dude748@juno.com
I am not receiving decks needing to be fixed at this moment. Sorry!
Keep playin!!!