East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Dark Charizard's burning ambitions
                                 by Melissa Hebra
                          Meadowlands Exposition Center (STS)
                                Secaucus, New Jersey
                               Saturday June 23,2001
                            Over 100 participants in 11-14

   This was the best STS yet! Me and my family barely got time to sleep at night because our flight delayed about three hours, so we got to the hotel at 2:00am and woke up at 8:00am. I played on Saturday and ended on a good record of 6-3, which got me place 106 0ut of about 409 people. Well, enough waiting, here's my deck!

Pokemon 17

Charmander (rocket) 2
Dark charmeleon 2
Dark Charizard 2
Cyndaquil LV.21 3
Quilava 2 LV.35 2
Typhlosion LV. 55 & 57 = 2
Entei 2
Cleffa LV.6 2

Trainers 21

Gold Berry 4
Moo Moo Milk 2
Professor Elm 2
Boss's Way 2
Challenge! 2
Super Scoop Up 2
Good Maners 2
Ecogym 1
No removal Gym 1
Nightly garbage run 1
Blaine's Quiz #1 2

Energy 22

Fire 22

  This deck's main strategy of this deck is too pump up heavy hitters while stalling with a Cleffa.

Round 1 against a guy with good pokemon

This was a tough battle! I start out with Charmander, good maners, another trainer and some energies. He RSA me by taking out my other triner. From then on i can't remember much, but i lost due to the fact my Dark Charizard got 1 heads instead of the 2 i needed to win.    0-1

Between battles: I went to the Pokemon shop and bought a vending sheet japanese. I got Articuno, seel, and a Krabby that were pretty cool.

Round 2 against a Dark Muk deck

He started with grimer, oddish, and two magmars. After that, pretty much all of his Dark Muks had dark energies and doing extra damage. The only reason i won was because i super scooped my cyndaquil to send out one of my big hitters to finish it off.      1-1

Round 3 Grass Deck

This was a five minute match. Both his pokemon had weakness to mine, and i ended up winning. 2-1

Round 4 Guy with a tough deck

This match was a hard one. I can't remember much except he had Steelix and i won. 3-1

Round 5 A poliwag deck.

Water against fire, quess who won? He had two Misty's Poliwag against my poor cyndaquil, which only lasted about three turns. 3-2

Round 6 A Steelix deck

This match was confusing! He had his Steelix against Dark Charizard. He was about to knock out my Dark Charizard when i noticed i did not apply weakness to his Steelix. I just put some damage on it, but i still won. 4-2

Between Matches: I went to buy some more vending sheets and a japanese jungle booster. I got a Wigglytuff as a holo, and on the vending sheets i got a Zapdos, Magnemite, Electabuzz, Aerodactyl, Tangela, and a Grimer.

Round 7 Rocket's Moltres Deck

He starts with two rocket's Moltres. That kid had an electronic coin flip which always went his way. I lost due to no bench. 4-3

Round 8 Some deck i can't remember

I can't remember much of this match except i won. 5-3

Round 9 A Steelix deck

This was an easy match. All he had out was an Onix which i took out pretty quick. Final Record 6-3

I took place 106, which is not that bad. I got 8 boosters, which only had 3 holos, Erika's Venusaur, Koga's Beedrill, and a metal energy.


My parents for taking me.
My newly built deck.
To the people who made up the event.
To the cards i got in the vending sheets and boosters.
To my friend Roslyn.
To the vending sheets for being $4.00, and Japanese boosters only $1.00-$2.00!


To the people that cheat (you know who you are.)
To me, for forgetting to take out my No removal gym.
For food being so expensive.

Melissa Hebra