East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

hey, whats up. I went to the sts this past saturday and had to drop out after
the 3rd round because my dad wasn't feeling to good. I went 1-2 with this
deck and competed in the 15+ group. Here is the deck.

3 Abra
3 Dark Kadabra
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Rocket's Zapdos
2 Cleffa(genesis)
2 Elekid
2 Lt. Surges Electabuzz(lv.28)

9 Lightning Energy
9 Psychic Energy

4 Misty's Wrath
3 Professor Elm
3 Imposter Oak's Revenge
3 Narrow Gym
4 Berry
4 Gold Berry
3 Nightly Garbage Run

 This deck is a modified sponge deck. I used the Dark Kadabra, Misty's Wrath
and Imposter Oak's Revenge to discard energy for my Rocket's Zapdos, Mewtwo
and Lt.Surges Electabuzz. the Elekid is for when I can't attack and the
Cleffa is for getting a new hand when I am out of Professor Elm. The Narrow
Gym provides a super scoop up ability without the flip and the Berry/Gold
Berry provides heal for my pokemon. So now to my report.

Round 1: Grass/Psychic Slowking deck
 I had the worst hand I could get with this deck. It had a Elekid, 3 Abra,
and 3 Psychic Energy. i started with Elekid and a benched Abra. He started
with 2 Slowpoke(neo). I won the flip. So I drew a Berry and retreated Elekid
for Abra. Attached a Psychic Energy and a Berry to Abra, then Psychocked for
20 and no paralyzing. He then went and attached a Berry and a Psychic energy
to Slowpoke and Psychocked for 20 and no paralyzing. In between turns, we
both healed our active pokemon with the Berries attached to them. I don't
remember much of the game, but I do remember killing 2 Slowkings with Mewtwo
and Dark Kadabra worked like I planed. So I won this match by 2 prizes. all i
have to say about this match is that this was a amazing match and I hope
there is going to be more just like this 1 was.

Round 2: Arithematic/Steelix deck
 This match was all down hill for me the entire match. i don't remember much
but he got a rocket's Zapdos with a stell energy and a Steelix with 4 later
on. That was the match. My deck worked like it was supposed to, but his was
just 2 strong for mine.I lost this match by 5.

Round 3: Arithematic/Dark pokemon deck
 This would have 2 be my best match all day. I don't remember much but he
was leading by 2 prizes and I came from behind with 2 rocket's zapdos giving
me 4 prizes and my oppenet 1. He then activated a promo eevee and bite the
remaining zapdos for 20. I retreated the hurt bird and activated a loaded
Dark Kadabra. I then Narrowed Gymed it back to my hand (that was the mistake
that costed me the game) and Mind Shocked for another prize. He then fainted
my Dark Kadabra for his 3rd prize and i activated my Surges Buzz. I then
attached to it and Charged it. This went on for about 10 turns with me
flipping heads and thanks to my NGR, I was still in the game. I was left with
1 card in my deck, so he then retreated for Dark Jolteon and Thunder Flashed
me. I picked up my last card and attached a lightning energy to Surges Buzz
and flipped for the lightning flash effect. It came up TAILS. That was the
game. he won by decking me. That was probably the best game I had all day. It
was amazing how 1 flip changed the entire game.

 After round 3, my dad wasn't feeling 2 good and said about drivivg home
instead of staying at a hotel. So the 3 of us agreed (a couple of my friends
drove up with us.) and droped out after the 3rd round, 4th for the other
friend. When we got home, we fixed our decks in hopes of going back tomorrow.
I removed the Cleffa's and Surge's Buzz for 1 more Rocket's Zapdos, 1 more
Elekid, 1 Mew,and 1 more Professor Elm. That so happened that we didn't get
to go because we over sleeped (we didn't go to sleep the night before because
we were tersting and making our decks, I love last minute deck building)

So thats my report. any questions, suggestions (but please, No hate mail) send
them to MasterMage85@aol.com
Till next year.