East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

          Mega-Mind Blast (Psychic)
                  by: Kris Planer
       Meadowlands Exposition Center
         Seacaucus, Meadowlands, NJ

              Sunday, June 24, 2001
                 Around 225 People

Lets see now,m this is my first killer report in a long time. I was
really looking forward to the ECSTS an it was an excellent day. On
saturday I ran blaines magmar, and ended up going 6-3, Anyway, here is
my deck that I built  on Sat. night:

Pokemon: 23
4 slowpoke (neo)
4 slowking
3 sabrinas abra (quick attack)
3 sabrinas kadabra
2 sabrinas alakazam
1 rockets mewtwo
1 NP mewtwo
1 MP mewtwo
2 cleffa (neo)
2 erikas dratini

Trainers: 20
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold berry
2 Berry
2 Resistance Gym
3 Rockets Sneak Attack
3 Erika
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy: 17
17 Psychic

Here is my days report from my exhibition battles to the end of the day.
I started by playing Dark Master Trainer Mike, I won and got a World
Tour 99 Pikachu, and then got in line to play Chrisbo. About the time i
was to ply him, the tourney began to start so he had to go, buy i got a
free prerelease clefable. On to the tourney!

Round 1 me vs. slowking deck
Plain and simple, he only had a slowpoke out and i started first with
sabrinas abra. i Quick attacked, got heads and won on turn one.

Round 2 Me vs. Joshman (Last year Top 8 player)

He was playing a surge deck and it did real well,  i had a one prize
lead most of the lead. pass to later, they called time so he had to
finish his turn, i had a R. mewtwo with no damage out and he had out a
surges buzz (holo) with two energy on it and had played virmilion gym.
he had to play 3 straight heads to win, cause i had a 2 to one prize
lead, he flipped two heads for discharge, BUT FLIPPED TAILS for the
gym!! I win. we shook hands and went to lunch.

During lunch we went to play trivia but Rah Rah didn't pick us. On to
round three

  Round 3 me vs. kid with fertailigatr deck (might have been ness)
 He got out fertailigatr on tur 3 and i only had a sabrinas kadabra out
sohe riptided for the win.

Round 4 me vs Slowking deck
 this was a good match, until i got out my pumped R. mewtwo. i went on a
prize a turn run and my opponent started to cry about losing and tried
to forefit, but i wouldnt let him. i psyurned a slowking for the win.

Round 6 me vs Koga deck
i started first this time. he had out a kogas weedle and a benched kogas
ditto, i started, played an energy on abra, played a resistance gym,
RSAd away a koga, and quick attacked for 30. he started, played a kogas
ninja trick, put an energy on weedle and used sting. My next turn i put
an energy on abra, elmed and flipped heads for quick attack, he used his
kogas inja trick, so i did 20 to ditto. he started put an energy on
ditto tried to giant growth but flipped tails. my next tur i played an
energy,  elmed evolved into kadabra and psyshotted for the KO. he put up
weedle and passed. So i just psyshot for the win.

Round 6 me vs Murkrow deck
this was the start of my slip for the top 25
i got 4 quick prizes but he managed to mean look a cleffa and it went
all down hill.

Round 7 me vs. blaine deck
he got out the arcanine and destroyed me.
i put up an effort but he was way too fast.

round 8 me vs steelking deck  
This was another long game. he hot out a steelix but i confused it with
mind blast. he had one card left in his deck, i had a cleffa out and he
got the two heads to knock me out for the win. he gave me a free elekid
coin and then we shook hands and left.

round 9 me vs dark machamp deck
this was odd because i was plating the personi went down to the STS
with. he got the machamp out but i got slow king going and won easily


overall, it was a great day. after the touney was over, i got my
japaneese slowking sighned by master trainer mike, dark master trainer
mike, and professor John Maple (the head of team Canada)

Props and Slops
Props to:
Pichu. he gave me a hug LOL
Dark Master Trainer Mike. He is a real nice guy
Wizards for holding the event (had a great time.
The no sneasel rule. u have to prop that
Me for getting 6 slowkings in one day cuz i went in there with none and
getting 5 1sr edition neo genesis holos in a row
electroflip for beig so cool
chrisbo for giving me a free prerelease  clefable.
The head judge for the 15+ division ( made great calls)(the tom green
Professor Jogn Maple. He wona game with a promo JIGGLYPUFF

Slops to:
The people who take the game to seriously. (its not magic)
fertailigatr for being too fast.
20 sided dice. unlucky for me.
my packs on sunday. they all sucked
Rah Rah for not signing my slowking