East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Keith Svendsen
ECSTS - Meadowlands, NJ
Sunday, June 24 2001
264 Participants


Pokemon (18)
4 Slowpoke
4 Slowking
4 Rocket's Zapdos
4 Cleffa
1 Porygon (Rocket's)
1 Brock's Mankey

Trainers (22)
4 Professor Elm
3 Gold Berry
2 Warp Point
2 Misty's Wrath
2 Secret Mission
2 Focus Band
2 Energy Charge
2 Master Ball
1 Imposter Oak's Revenge
1 Nightly Garbage Run
1 Sprout Tower

Energy (20)
12 Lightning
4 Metal
2 Full Heal
2 Recycle

4 main decks were used in the ECSTS:
Feraligatr (with Riptide attack)
Blaine's Arcanine and Typhlosion (with Fire Recharge)
Slowking, and Rocket's Zapdos, and / or Murkrow
Steelix and Rocket's Zapdos

Well, I traveled about 3 ˝ hours to NJ (from MA). Here is how my deck fared…

Round 1 vs. ?
My opponent did not show up. I was awarded my only bye of the tournament.
Record: 1-0-0 (3 Pts)

Round 2 vs. Slowking, Murkrow, and Promo Mewtwo
Unfortunately for me, my opponent went first. Within two turns, he had two Slowkings out. I had no useful trainers and continued to eeeeeeek with cleffa. He promoted Murkrow and successfully used Mean Look. After a few more eeeeeeeks, I placed two Rocket's Zapdos on my bench. I powered them up and used Metal Energy to protect them from Feint Attack. Finally, I was able to break through his Slowking wall and use Warp Point. I promoted a fully powered Rocket's Zapdos and killed a few of his Pokemon. His Murkrow finished off my Rocket's Zapdos. I promoted another Rocket's Zapdos with 40 damage and killed his Murkrow. At this point, we were even in prizes. He promoted Promo Mewtwo. He used Energy Absorb to power up his Mewtwo. My Rocket's Zapdos could only do 60 to his Mewtwo (because of Metal Energy). He finished off my Rocket's Zapdos and later won the match.
Record: 1-1-0 (3 Pts)

Round 3 vs. Feraligatr (with Riptide)
My opponent was David Brooks, the father of Jonathan Brooks (last year's 10 and under champ). My opponent went first. He continued to use Professor Elm and eeeeeeek to power up his Feraligatr. He used Double Gust to kill my Slowkings. He won easily.
Record: 1-2-0 (3 pts)

At this point, I considered dropping. I knew I couldn't finish in the top 16. I was miserable because somehow I had lost 20 dollars. I decided I would quit if I lost again.

Round 4 vs. ?
I won early in the match. My opponent had a Cleffa and maybe one more Pokemon on his bench.
Record: 2-2-0 (6 pts)

Round 5 vs. Poliwhirl and Grass
I quickly powered up two Rocket's Zapdos and two or three Slowkings. She stalled with Misty's Poliwag. I used Full Heal energy and Warp Point to dodge the status effects. Rocket's Zapdos knocked out her last Pokemon and she had no bench.
Record: 3-2-0 (9 pts)

Round 6 vs. Kingdra
I got Rocket's Zapdos out early. He sacrificed a few Pokemon to evolve his Seadra into Kingdra. He promoted Kingdra and he continued to flip heads for Agility. Meanwhile, I locked his trainers using Slowkings and he couldn't get any energy. My Rocket's Zapdos finally knocked out his Kingdra and I went ahead in prizes, 4-3. He promoted Horsea and time was called. I needed only two more turns to win decisively.
Record: 4-2-0 (11 pts)

Round 7 vs. Rocket's Moltres and Blaine's Moltres
Again, I got Rocket's Zapdos and Slowking out early. He promoted Blaine's Moltres and stalled for a few turns. My active Rocket's Zapdos (with Metal Energy) knocked out three or four Rocket's Moltres on consecutive turns. I won quickly and he never used an attack.
Record: 5-2-0 (14 pts)

Round 8 vs. Steelix and Lightning
Finally, a Steelix deck! He powered up a Steelix and sacrificed a few Pokemon in the process. He promoted a Steelix with 4 Metal Energy and knocked out my Rocket's Zapdos. He was telling me to hurry up because he thought he had the game won. I used my secret weapon against Steelix: Porygon. I promoted Porygon and changed Steelix's weakness to lightning. He couldn't retreat Steelix (and end the effect) because he would waste all his Metal Energy and he couldn't use Warp Point, Lt. Surge, or Double Gust because Slowking locked his trainers. He tried to knock out Porygon but flipped a tails. I promoted a fully powered Rocket's Zapdos and Electroburned for a prize. He decided to stall out the match, even though he was losing. He stared at his hand for about a minute and time was called. I needed one more prize to win decisively.
Record: 6-2-0 (16 pts)

Round 9 vs. Steelix and Rocket's Zapdos
Another Steelix deck! I went first. I used Plasma to build Rocket's Zapdos early. After three or four turns, I Electroburned his Rocket's Zapdos for a prize. He conceded after I played a third Slowking.
Record: 7-2-0 (19 pts)

I finished in 26th Place with 19 pts.

Now for Props and Slops…

Pojo for posting this ECSTS Report.
My 9th Round opponent from Holland. He gave me an action-flipz coin.
Johnny Blaze for buying me food after I had lost my money.
Tom Hanley for his exciting win over Ness.

My 8th Round opponent.
The expensive food.

Comments, et cetera…
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