East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

by John Chimento
@East Coast STS
Seacaucus, NJ
Saturday 6/23/2001

Downpour - The name of this deck says it all. 
Pokemon (18)
3 Skarmory
3 Totodile -50hp
3 Croconaw - 80 hp
3 Feraligatr - 120 HP Downpour
3 Cleffa
2 Wooper
1 Magby

Energy (16)
13 Water
3 Metal

Trainers (26)
4 Professor Elm
4 Gold Berry
2 Secret Mission
3 Misty's Wrath
3 Trash Exchange
2 Double Gust
2 Sprout Tower

Report - As everyone should know it was Rocket-On format. I played in the 15+ division. 
Round 1 vs. Mark Thomas
Mark was playing a Lugia deck with Skarmory and Elekid. In my deck I try not to use Skarmory if I am facing Fire. I use the Metal manly for Cleffa and use the Skarmory for the Secret Missions. I concentrate on getting Feraligatr and water in the discard. Since it is a card game and a lot is up to pot luck I sometimes don't have a choice of who I am going to send out. So I started with Skarmory versus Skarmory. My Skarmory got the better of his and I took my 1st prize. I then proceeded to build Feraligatr on my bench and discarded many water energies by using Secret Mission and Misty's Wrath. I won by benching him.
Record 1-0
Points 3

Round 2 vs. Glen Sylvester
Glen was also playing a deck with Skarmory, Brock's Sandslash, Wooper and Quagsire. Needless to say I took all six prizes with Feraligatr. Glen did not have a chance in this game as he was in an energy and drawing drought.
Record 2-0
Points 6

Round 3 vs. Julia Sprenz
Julia was playing a real good deck with Blaine's Charmander, Blaine's Rapidash, and Murkrow. She was unsuccessful in Mean Looking my Cleffa and was able to kindle off some energies before I got the Gator built up. Once I took out her Cinnabar City Gym it was all downhill for her. I won by taking all 6 prize cards. 
Record 3-0
Points 9

Round 4 vs. Rudy Rodriguez 
Now it's time to start playing people with 3 byes. Rudy is a real good player and was a good sport. Rudy was playing Blaine's RK9 with Rocket Zapdos as support and a Giovanni's Nidoran female as tech against you guessed it- to knock out Totodile. Unfortunately for me all I had was Cleffa and Magby. At one point Rudy forgets to flip for Cleffa vs. Cleffa. A judge caught it and told Rudy to shuffle his hand back in and flip. If it was tails I would get awarded 2 prizes and he would have no hand if it was heads he could Eeeeeeek. This was the turning point of the match as he rolls a heads and Eeeeeeeks for a new hand. With my luck at flipping heads I flip tails and Rudy knocks both of my babies out with Blaine's RK9 and 3 flips of heads. I did not get a chance to use Feraligatr at all this match. I lose by having no bench.
Record 3-1
Points 9

Round 5 vs. Mary Ann Taylor
Mary Ann is a huge Meowth fan. She had Meowth everything even in her deck. Mary Ann is a very nice lady and courteous to play against. Mary Ann has never played a Feraligatr deck and did not know what to expect. Mary Ann was using Giovanni's Meowth and Persian, along with Rocket's Moltres and Rocket's Hitmonchan. She was Cross-Countering until she got tails and then Feraligatr cleaned house.
Record 4-1
Points 12

Round 6 vs. Bill Wilson
Decks like Bill's are the reason I was running Skarmory and Metal and I'm glad I did or else I would of lost. Bill was running Rocket's Scyther, Rocket's Zapdos, and Koga's Arbok. The game stalled out for about 15 minutes with me Amnesia his Rocket's Zapdos and his Rocket's Scyther. Meanwhile I had built up Skarmory with 3 Steel energies and a pumped Feraligatr. I finally took my first prize with Skarmory Steel Wing against his Rocket's Zapdos. He sent out a Koga's Arbok and successfully poisoned Skarmory. I needed a little more time to get water in my discard. So I promote Wooper again. I try Slam and flip 2 tails as usual. I should of Amnesia the Arbok because he ends up killing Wooper. He is now up on prizes. I get the Feraligatr out and knock out the Arbok. He sends out Zapdos and Electroburn for 60. I knock out the Zapdos and then time is called. I win by prizes.
Record 5-1
Points 14

Round 7 vs. Bill Marra
Bill was also playing Feraligatr. Bill was a really nice guy and we talked throughout the match. Feraligatr vs. Feraligatr. The match was not ver exciting that I can recall. Bill ended up winning in the end by prizes.
Record 5-2
Points 14

Round 8 vs. Chris Gurta
Chris was playing a Steelix deck with Babies and Focus Bands. This match was a long one. We were both unsuccessful on our Eeeeeeeks. I had a pumped Skarmory and k'od his Cleffa. He brought out Steelix and in 3 turns ko'd my Skarmory. I brought out Feraligatr and knocked out his Steelix. He flipped tails for Focus Band. He brought out a baby and Double Gusted my Wooper. All he had was Steelix. I chose Steelix and he flipped heads on Tail Crush to k'o Wooper. That was the last prize he got. I won 2 more prizes with Feraligatr when time was called. I own by prizes. Prize count 3 to 4 in my favor. 
Record 6-2
Points 16

Round 9 vs. Larry Biehl
Larry was a real cool guy and this was a fun match even though it was Gatr vs. Gatr again. Larry was also using the Beserk Feraligatr in his deck. We go back and forth on prizes. The prize count is 3 to 3. Larry Wrath's more time than I do and this proves his downfall. With 1 minute remaining I promote Cleffa and Larry unsuccessfully Eeeeeeeks or Riptide to put more cards in his deck as he keeps on flipping tails. I pass and he has no cards left to draw. I win by decking him. 
Record 7-2
Points 19.

I ended up in 34th place out of 250 something and have a 59.7957 Op-Match win %. 
Later that night my son, Nick, and I played in an open booster draft at the Hampton Inn held by Games_Corner_Waldorf a.k.a CoBrA (Eric). Eric is a real cool guy and the booster draft was a whole lotta fun.
Thanks for reading please contact me at AN7710@dfa.state.ny.us
Props To: 
WOTC for holding such a wonderful event
All parents that play with their kids
The 10-under section being right behind the 15+up section.

Slops To:
The person that stole my 30 sided bright orange dice I was using