East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

East Coast Super Trainer Showdown
Meadowlands, Secaucus, NJ
June 23, 2001

By Jeremy Borchardt of Los Angeles, CA

Pokemon 23

4 Cleffa
4 Rocket's Zapdos
4 Slowpoke
3 Slowking
2 Onix
2 Steelix
2 Murkrow
1 Wooper
1 Brock's Mankey lv.10

Trainers 17 

4 Professor Elm
3 Gold Berry
2 Secret Mission
2 Warp Point
2 Energy Charge
1 Misty's Wrath
1 Ecogym
1 Nightly Garbage Run 
1 Chaos Gym

Energy 20 

9 Lightning
4 Metal
3 Rainbow
3 Recycle
1 Dark

I had the three round DCI bye so I hung out in the baby gym playing a 8 baby, 
8 energy Sneasel trap.

Round 4 Craig Coppola 

Played a psychic deck I only saw a Rockets Mewtwo and a Abra.
I had a Rockets Zapdos and I used Secret Mission to discard some lightning 
energy. I had Zapdos charged on turn 3 and knocked out the Abra next turn.


Round 5 Chrissy Zawadzki

Played a Dark Golduck, Slowking deck, I don't Remember a lot about this one 
but there was a Dark Golduck with 2 Dark Energies.


Round 6 John Lathem 

who what where ( John Lathem, if any one remembers let me know, Table 1)
No disrespect John but I am drawing a blank here.


Round 7 David Nishijima - y2ace

Well this is one I didn't want to have to play.
I had chaos gym and Slowking on turn two I think and just shut down the deck 
for an easy win. Sorry.


Round 8 Jason Klaczynski - Ness

My God I have to play Jason!
They gave me a deck check before my round I had my game set up so they 
checked the deck leaving all the cards in the same spot.
I had a Brock's Mankey, and a Slowpoke he had a Cleffa and two Cyndaquil turn 
one a play recycle and taunt his Cyndaquil, he used fireworks.
Turn two I play metal and taunt the other Cinderquill, he used Firworks for 
Turn three I play another metal on Mankey he plays energy on his Quilava and 
I draw elm and get a Zapdos Slowking Gold berry and some energy I plasma his 
He chars my Zapdos and it works we both fight it this way for some time and 
many prizes.
we had 5 min added to our game due to the deck check, so had a lot of people 
watching this game.
at his last turn we both had one prize left he played Arcanine on his 
growlith and tries to use fire recharge no luck and sits looking at his card 
till time ran out.
Do I thinks he stalled? Most likely, but every one knows it was my win.


Round 9 Chris Fulop - tyranitar666

I played a Feraligater deck and had a bad start I got a slow king on turn two 
but he Double Gusted it for a KO. I got a few cards letter put it was to late 
he had control of the game already.


Well I made it to the top 8 by a few percentage points.
Sorry David! 
Well I had to do my third deck check and I failed....
Ok not really two Lightening Energys where stuck to the back of the Metal 

Finals Round 1 Andres Rodriguez - Bomiester

I was the 8th seed so I got to battle the No1 seed.
I hated this match up two of the three So Cal players played each other and 
the Alvin had to play Jason.
I shut him down with Chaos Gym and two Slowkings and a Steelix. he had no 
chance without his trainers. Alvin lost to Jason.

Finals Round 2 Jason Klaczynski - Ness

Wow started off a good battle till I got my slowkings out, he couldn't get 
any thing to work with the two Slowkings and had a bunch of trainers on top 
of the deck so he tried the Elm every turn, I Hit his Typhlosion 70 and put 
30 more on me so I had 60 total.
I retreated the Zapdos ad brought out wooper to do the last 30. For turns 
later I still hadn't got a heads on the Wooper, (thats 8 dice rolls) and he 
still couldn't play the Elm during the four turns.
finally I KOed the Typlosion and he put up his Quilava and charred. I bring 
out Zapdos and kOed the Quilava he was out of basics I won.

Finals Round 3 Chris Fulop Tyranitar666 

This guy was my only loss that day so was worried, This time he had the bad 
hand magbey and Totodile. I play Misty's Wrath and discard the lightning 
energy play a rainbow and the plasma works.
still nothing he switches and fury swiped, I rainbow to remove the Gold berry 
he swipes again, I play Metal and Plasma I now have 4 energys.
He passes I KO his totodile. he sputters for nothing, I flip heads its over I 

On Sunday I couldn't play the main tournament, so I hung out and rooted for 
my friends.
I got to play as a "Master Trainer" in the Ericka's Challenge and went 5-1 
against 5 normal and 1 format with my format deck (not bad if I do say so my 
self) the loss was to a Murkrow lock.

I would like to thank 
all the Master Trainers

Special thanks to my friend from So Cal. Great guys, all of them! 
Ipgeek21 -Juan
Andres Rodriguez - Bomiester
Alvin Leu -Yummybulba
David Nishijima - y2ace
David Rodriguez- the vileator
Aaron M Gerardo - DVPlume11
John Nguyen - rocket zapdos6669

And of course may Dad and Sister (3rd day two 10-).

And to Josh (St!cks/Aipom's Bum) (the 11 to 14 winner) and his dad for dinner 
for all the So Cal players, hope to talk to you again some time.

Feel free to e-mail or IM me, I have ICQ also.

Cool new signature

Jeremy Borchardt
1st place 2001 ECSTS day one 15+