East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

ECSTS 2001

David Friedlander 11-14 age group
East Coast Super Trainer Showdown
Sunday Event
June 24,2001

    We drove up to New Jersey, on Friday.  After a long 13 hour drive with many stops and around a 2-4 hour traffic delay around Washington DC and the Outer Bridge Crossing in New York.  I left around 12:30 pm from Raleigh, North Carolina, and finally arrived at Merrick, Long Island around 1 am.  I made a quick attempt at a shower and then slept in my Grandpa's train room for less than 3 hours.  I was kept up till 3 AM.  When I finally fell asleep it was time to wake up to get ready for the Super Trainer Showdown.  I woke up at 6 AM.  < Insert Day 1 of Super Trainer showdown here.  I'll post that in later when I remember more about my games, etc. >< STS day 2 >It was late this morning that I had to wake up.  I slept in till 7:30 AM and had a fear of not making it to the Tournament.  I got my dad up so he could take a shower and I yelled at my bro to wake up as well.  I was looking at my decks and card lists, making sure everything was in order.  We finally left the house around 8 AM and went to the bagel shop for a good ole breakfast of an egg bagel with cream cheese, a Nesquick, and a cheese danish.  While taking the Meadow brook parkway to the Goethals Bridge I felt a bit sick, but we had to continue if I wanted to try at a chance for a medal. Around 9:30 AM we finally made it to the STS.  I got in the pre register line with my dad as my bro. forgot to pre register and went into the public access line.  I showed my paper and went in line to go to the judge's table to register my deck.  I did so and then walked around looking for people like m0ss, and daniel duterte(artemis on #pojo mIRC).  Also I checked out some of the metagame in the free play area as well as watching Master Trainer Pat, Chrisbo, and Dark Master Trainer Mike play some people with STS format decks.  We all had to go to our respected playing areas around 10:30AM.  Here I met  for the second time.
                                                            Dark Master Trainer Mike

    I met a bunch of people there, one who was from Kansas and even mIRC's 0wn |Max| from #pojo
Heres a blurry pic of him ; ).

    So now lets get to my deck.

The Coldsteel:
-----Pokemon: 17
2x Brock's Mankey L10 with taunt
3x Cleffa, L6 from Neo Genesis
4x Giovanni's Machamp
4x Giovanni's Machoke
4x Giovanni's Machop
-----Trainers: 28
4x Double Gust
4x Erika
4x Focus Band
2x Giovanni
4x Imposter Oak's Revenge
3x Nightly Garbage Run
4x Professor Elm
3x Resistance Gym
-----Energy: 15
13x Fighting Energy
2x Metal Energy

Some Deck Strategy:
Get a Giovanni's Machamp out by turn 4, 5 or 6 with a Focus Band.  Focus Band and Pokemon Power: Fortitude, make Giovanni's Machamp almost impossible to take out.  Double Gust is to choose a Pokemon that can be dangerous for my living to get out so I can KO it immediately.  It is also for Slowking, or to get Cleffa out of a Murkrow lock.  Resistance Gym is for Rocket's Zapdos mainly.  Metal Energy can keep Cleffa living or any of my Pokemon living actually.  The Erika's IOR combo allows me to draw a great amount of cards but make my opponent draw 4.  Brock's Mankey is for Slowking or any other Pokemon that just sit on the bench and does not attack...also Dark Vileplume is an example of that.  Most everything else in my deck is self explanatory. =/
BTW: Thanks to Joshua Lane for the initial deck idea.

Round 1: Vs: someone with rocket Zapdos
I sat at table 15 next to my fellow Giovanni's Machamp playing friend from Raleigh, NC.  I don't remember much except I lasted long enough to get my Machamp out.  I did do fury punch to KO a Rocket's Zapdos.  Gotta love Fury Punch... with a Resistance Gym, you can do even 70 to a Rocket's Zapdos.  I win it.

Standings: 1 - 0 - 0 (points 3)

I just idle around asking Max and Art if they won or not.

Round 2 Vs: Lauren with a Rocket Scyther, Rocket's Zapdos, Dark Vileplume deck.
This girl beat me when I used to play Raindance back before the first STS(ahh the good ole days).  She beat me with her wiggly back then, but now it was time for my sweet revenge.  I got a Machamp out and kept flipping tails on her Rocket Scyther's shadow images.  I then draw a double gust and get her Rocket Zapdos out.  I KO that.  She sends out her Rocket's Scyther and does Blinding Scythe for 40.  I then KO it the next turn.  All she has left is a Dark Gloom.  She tries one last attempt to confuse me, but fails.  I get 2 heads on Hurricane Punch for the KO and the game.

The judge accidentally marked her for the win and I didn't notice at all and signed the stupid form(I have learned form my mistakes)

Standings: 1 - 1 - 0 (actually 2 - 0 - 0) (points 3) (points 6)

Round 3 Vs: some kid with a Blaine's deck
I face someone against a Blaine's Ninetail's deck.  He gets Entei out first with my crappy little Machop.  I keep powering my Machop up not attacking so he can bring out his Blaine's Ninetails to KO me.  I finally draw the Machoke and Machamp and attach a Focus Band.  I KO the Entei but he flips heads for the Bolt PP.  He sends out Blaine's Ninetails and flipped a heads for his attack.  I KO his Ninetails with two heads.  I easily go through his other Entei and a Blaine's Kangaskahn, for the win.

Standings: 2 - 1 - 0(points 6)

Now was the lunch break for the 11-14.  I immediately checked out the judges table to see why I had gone back in table number to see if I had gotten the loss in round 2.  Indeed I have and I went to track Lauren down.  She had dropped out while I was at the judges table and I found her in the open gym.  I got her to come back with me and she explained that I won.  And I got the 3 points for the win.  BTW, Lauren, if I ever see you again, you're gonna get some Holo I have in my extras ;/.

Standings: 3 - 0 - 0 (points 9)

I sit around eating my donuts and talking to Art, and |Max|.  I also meet Moss, Spl00ga, and ViperStrike from mIRC's #pojo.  Also I trade Spl00 2 beedrill rares from base and base 2 for a Neo 2 Holo Poliwrath(he owns like 66 rare Beedrills!!!! ;x)

Round 4 VS: a Feraligatr Deck
I don't remember much except me flipping tails for Fortitude and Focus Band.  I lose my first match, but still have a chance for the top 8.

Standings: 3 - 1 - 0 (points 9)

My fellow Machamp playing friend was now 2 - 2.

Round 5 Vs: ????
I have no clue about this match... It might've been the match that my opponent had Gligar and some other crappy Pokemon and I whooped him bad ;/.  Or was that day 1.. I don't remember but I won it so lets move on;/

Standings: 4 - 1 - 0 (points 12)

Note: If you saw a kid saluting his dice and if he had a little Civil War figure on his deck box next to the match, that was is me
; ).

Round 5: Vs. ?? with a Dark Raichu, Pichu, R Zapdos deck
I was able to knock out his Pichu, Rocket's Zapdos' and then easily, his Dark Raichus.

Standings: 5 - 1 - 0(points 15)

Round 7: Vs. Tywon with a Feraligatr deck.
Again I sit at table 15, but on the other side.  This was a tough battle, but I came out the victor in the end killing off his last Totodile.  (Note: I have Wooper and Amnesia >=/)  I beat a player ranked in the 2000s ;/ at least that's what he says.

Standings: 6 - 1 - 0 (points 18)

I was very excited I thought if I keep winning at this rate, I'll make it to the top 8!!!.

Round 8 Vs: Oriental guy with a Blaine's Arcy/Slowking deck.
I kept getting Machamps out and knocking lots of his stuff out.  I then flipped tails for a focus band when he used Magby.  I taunted out his Slowkings back and  forth making him waste energy.  There was about 2 minutes left i n the round and he had 2 prizes to my 2.  I saw his deck was low and that's my only chance.  I taunted again for a Slowpoke, this time, cuz his otehr Slowkings had 2 energy each.  He retreat for B's Arcy and killed my Mankey!!! ;x.  I sent up a lone Cleffa.  I saw he had no deck and passed immediately.  I won it just barely.

Standings: 7 - 1 - 0 (points: 21)

It was sad.  The person who sat next to me in round 9 bribed his opponent to win and was not DQed, but lost the game.  Man, he lost a chance for the top 8.

Round 9: Vs. Aaron Gerado possibly? not sure.. I knew he played a Sabrina Alakazam, Rocket's Zapdos deck.
It looked pretty good, I knocked out 2 Rocket's Zapdos with Fury Punch.  He got his Sabrina's Alakazam powered up and double gusted for all my Machokes which were without Focus Band.  I finally got one powered up, but lost it with 2 tails on the power and band.  It all came down.  I taunted up for Pokemon who had to retreat.  He had 2 cards in his deck.  There was no way he could've won.  he retreated and sent up Alakazam.  he rolled his huge ass dice and it landed on a 2(heads)..this dice always got heads when he rolled it.  I flipped for focus band....and omg i flipped tails.  It was game, he drew the last prize.  If I had flipped heads i would've taunted out a Movie Mewtwo.  He had only one lightning energy in his deck and some other card.  My chances of the top 8 were shattered.

Final Standings: 7 - 2 - 0(points: 21)

All i got was the crap ass 8 boosters from just playing and tons of DCI points for my rating ;/.  Wow only a Holo Ursuring and Umbreon rare from my Neo 2 packs ;/.  I got 33rd place, so no more extra boosters.  I found out if I had won I would've gotten either 8th, 9th, or 10th place depending on what my opp. win % would've been.  Oh well.  Maybe I can win at the WCSTS or next year(if Pokemon lasts that long)

Well thanks for reading my long and "fascinating" report. ;/  I did play in da gyms and grabbed a few more rocket boosters(they got rid of all their Neo and Neo 2 stuff already and all they got was base 2 and rocket ;/)

My dad for driving up to NY and back to NC.
My car for with standing all the 1300 miles we drove around ;/
All the players who worked hard to get in the top 8
To Lauren for not lying and giving me the win I deserved from Round 2
To Spl00 for having 66 beedrill rares ;/
To me for getting a lot of Holos for just some common cards(yea i traded some Giovanni's Nidoran females for a Holo Magnamite and Togetic...he got in the top 8 with my commons >=/)
Steve Sperling for being good and not being arrogant

Phil Mondiello for being so danged arrogant and bragging and junk ;/
To my 8 packs the first day..which i lost and got replaced(my original 8 packs had no holos)
M0ss for trying to lick all the top 8 players ;/
Viper for calling himself God and for eating a rare Brock's Zubat card;/

BTW all the STS fake cards seem interesting ;/.  the Sneasel, ______'s Gastly, the Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres card that does 200, and some weird ECSTS 2001 trainer card ;/

~Major General Raikou aka David Friedlander

A few more pictures:
Master Trainer Mike     
 Space Weedle and Tower of Pika
ebArtemis aka Daniel Duterte
(from pojo irc ;/)   

    (his hands r raised ;/) 
Beedrill300(white shirted),
 Viperstrike (red with God  sign;/) 
                                                        and Spl00 (turqoise shirted)