East Coast Super Trainer Showdown 2001 - Reports

Catherine Fergerson
Feraligatr Deck
East Coast Super Trainer Showdown- NJ
about 700 participants
My husband registered himself, me and my sister-in-law a few days before the sts.  We got there around 10am, went inside and did the paperwork. Then we looked around for a while, saw the japanese set of cards, the southern island cards and other people's collections. When we finally got matched up we went to our seats.

My deck consisted of:
26 water Energy
2 full heal energy

3 Professor Elm's
3 Gold Berry's
2 Imposter Professor Oak's Revenge
2 Rocket's Sneak Attacks
1 Rocket's Trap
1 Blaines Quiz #2
2 Master Balls

2 Promo Articuno's
3 Totadile ( Rage ) Lv 13
3 Croconaw ( Sweep Away) Lv 41
2 Feraligatr (Riptide) Lv 69
2 Swinub's
1 Pilowswine
2 Misty's Horsea
1 Misty's Seadra
1 Cleffa

My opponent was a very nice woman in her 40's. She was a Gym leader down in Florida. So we flip a coin i call tails, and i get to go first. We flip our cards over and i have a swinub and she had a elekid and a Rockets Zapados on her bed. My hand had feraligatr, masterball, goldberry, and 3 water. I draw my card its Totadile so i place him on my bench, and threw a water energy on him. I used my masterball and got Croconaw. My turn was over and hers began.She threw a energy on her zapados. she flipped a coin for elekids pokemon power... it came up tails. Next turn :i drew a water energy card. placed it on crocanaw. Her turn: she just used elekids pokemon power and tried to hit my swinub and got heads, however i resist lighting... nice to have in a water deck huh?
My turn: i draw another water energy and placed it on crockonaw.
Her turn: She placed a lightning energy card on her zapados. and didnt even bother with her elekids pokemon power however she used a warp point, and put out her zapados and i put out my crockonaw.
My turn : drew a water energy and placed it on swinub. Did sweep away and discard 3 from my deck... all water energy cards. Took one prize it was water energy.
her turn: she used her pokemon power and did 20 to my crocanaw.
My turn: I drew a water energy card, placed feraligatr and discarded all my 
energy . Flipped heads for the baby power and killed her elekid. I won

Round 2: Took forever to get the postings urgg..
I faced a older man from colorado. He was really nice and his son was in the 
10 and under. He was playing a fire deck. We rolled dice for highest gets to 
go first. he got a 3 and i got a 4... get to go first again. :)
My Turn: I drew my cards and got a totadile and Crockonaw, Master ball and 4 
water energy. I placed my totadile, He had a blaines ponyta with hind kick 
out and a magby. Magby came out first.
I drew a blaines quiz, then placed energy on my totadile. used masterball to 
grab my feraligatr. I did bite for 20 damage to his magby ( due to weakness)
His Turn: he placed fire energy on his magby and did sputter, i took 10 
My Turn i drew a swinub and put him on my bench, placed Crockanaw, and a 
water energy. I attempted to use tackle and failed.
His turn he retreated magby and put ponyta up. He placed fire energy on his 
ponyta and used blaines quiz #2. I guessed he put down a pokemon and guessed 
right ( it was rapidash) I drew 2 cards ( 2 water) He then evolved to 
My Turn: I drew a water energy card and placed it on my crockanaw and 
evolved to feraligatr., then discarded all water energy in my hand and did 
riptide. Took a prize for Blaines Rapidash.
His Turn: Sent out his Magby and did sputter. i took 10 damage.
My turn: I drew a water energy however my pokemon power didnt work because 
of sputter. I did riptide which will do 10 damage to knock out his magby and 
flipped heads on my coin. I won.
After Round 2 we checked out the guy who would give out boosters for a 
correct answer on a pokemon question, and he called it " Getting Paid" My 
husband went over there and got paid. LOL his rare in the pack he got was a 
Energy charge. haha that sucks.

Round 3 : I was against a younger guy maybe in his 20's like me. He used 
dice and i hate dice lol we flipped for highest number to go first. Again i 
got to go first.
I drew my cards and all i know is i started with a horsea. i dont remeber 
much of this game, but i remeber flipping my coin and it falling off the 
table ( its a metal pokemon coin) and losing it. We used dice for the rest 
of the game (urgg) and he promised me when we were done he would help me 
find my coin. he had a fire deck and i know i destroyed him. i won
3-0 ( by the way we did find my coin :)

Well after round three we had lunch.. SO EXPENSIVE and the food was horrible 
too. I went out for a cigarette with my husband and his sis and then went 
back inside. We sat creating a card for a while. I drew jigglypuff since he 
is my favorite card. My sis started drawing Dark Pilowswine , and my husband 
dark Jumpluff.

Well we were matched up again LOL I was in seat 1 yay! thats so cool!
Round 4:
I faced Professor Maple, he was from Canada. He was really nice he was 
playing a multiple color deck and had 3 buy's so i was his first game. We 
began our game and i killed his pokemon by the 4th turn. We shook hands and 
since the papers werent out yet for the results for us to write down we just 
talked. He showed me his deck that got banned from the league. It was 
designed to get losses quick. Easy to get league points really fast lol. Had 
NO ENERGY in it. LOL and tons of scoop ups and comuputer searches. he would 
get a pokemon search for the scoop up if needed and scoop up his only 
pokemon. Game done he loses. haha i found it commical. We took our picture 
together and parted ways.

Round 5: I was up against a fire deck...again
I destroyed this guys deck in a few minutes.
After Round 5 my husband told me he would get me a bunny if i won the sts. 
LOL yeah i have been wanting one for so long.. So i was fighting to get my 
bunny. :)

Round 6:
I was fighting a kid about 16 years old. he was really nice to me and asked 
me how i have been doing. I told him, and he told me if i win this round i 
have to win the sts. haha i told him i had to because i was promised a 
bunny. LoL he laughed at me.
He had a typhlosion deck... i took out his deck and we shook hands :) He 
told me to win that bunny LOL
6-0 At this point my ranking was 12 yay!

Round 7: I was fighting another guy but with a psychic deck.
he got his sabrina's Alakazam up way to fast, and destroyed me.
6-1 I was sad i couldnt get my bunny now LOL

Round 8 *sigh* faced my worst fear. A feraligatr deck. It was who could get 
who's out first and he won. *sad*

I got so tired i dropped out after round 8 with a ranking of 39 not bad.... 
i think i did pretty well.

To all the nice people i played, and met.
To my sis and husband for bringing me.

Expensive Food
A Mother who i got into a fight with for pushing my husband ( Long story)
Get paid guy who told my sis she was the weakest link LOL
Cheaters... who gave my sis a hard time

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