Not much Pokemon events have took place in the UK recently. Well, this is going to change soon.
A few days ago, I recieved an e-mail from Nintendo Europe, informing me of a competition to take place throughout Britain called "Pokemon Colosseum Battlemaster 2004". This is taking place between April 24th and May 8th on weekends. There are 3 rounds. I'll explain them.
Round 1 will be in various Toys' R' Us stores throughout the country between 10am and 5pm on Sat April 24th. People can play Pokemon Colosseum a full 3 weeks before its UK launch. And to get through to Round 2, players must answer a Pokemon Puzzler and Tie-Breaker. If one wins, they move on to Round 2.
Round 2 invites the winners of the competition to go to a UCI cinema in either Manchester, Greenwich, Solihull, Gateshead or Maidenhead on Sat May 1st between 10am and midday. People who didn't win the competition can still go and play Pokemon Colosseum, but not as part of the tournament. Participants need to bring there own copy of Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire and they battle it out on the big screen! The only catch is that the fighting Pokemon need to adhere to certain rules.
1. Players must have 6 Pokemon in their party.
2. No individual Pokemon can exceed level 75.
3. The sum level of all Pokemon in the party cannot exceed 300.
4. The game must be saved in a Pokemon Center.
5. No items can be held by the Pokemon.
6. One cannot have 2 or more of the same Pokemon in their party.
7. The game packs must be in the English language.
8. The game packs must be Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire.
The top 3 trainers from each cinema can go through to the Grand Final.
The 3rd round is the Grand Final. The final 16 players fight on Saturday May 8th at London's famous bfi IMAX cinema! The rules from the previous round go straight down the toilet for this one, it's "no holds barred"! Players still need to bring their Pokemon game packs, but there are no level restrictions.
Everyone who competes at the IMAX wins prizes. The winner recieves a huge Battlemaster 2004 trophy, the Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak (which contains a Gamecube, Pokemon Colosseum, a Gamecube/GBA link cable and a Memery Card 251), free Nintendo games for a year, a Pokemon scooter and a years free subscription to Nintendo Official Magazine UK.
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I thought that you may find this information useful as I have not seen it on your website.
Thank you for reading,
Cole Bendall