Right, a follow up to the prior Emerald article as it was really inaccurate (no offense)

Firstly, Emerald is a 3rd version of R/S. Like Crystal was to G/S, Emerald adds several new elements to the games. It is based on Rayquaza, comes on September 16th in Japan and comes with a Wireless Adaptor at no extra cost.

The first of these new elements is that Team Magma & Team Aqua both feature Prominently. They both have the intention of awakening their respective Legendary (Groudon & Kyogre) and take over places they wouldnt normally like the Space Center in Mossdeep...but when they awake the Legendaries...they battle it out on the map and you see it.

The next bit is a standard addition to the double battles...while walking around you will get challenged like normal...but suddenly, another person nearby will overhear this and come up to you and challenge you at the same time. This way you end up in a double battle against them and you can get any mix of types of people...Psychics & Swimmers, Hikers & Supernerds, Two Aqua members...the possibilities are endless

Next is a whole new area in Hoenn...the Battle Frontier. In it there are 7 different types of battling. However only two are known. Battle Fronteir which is a Tournement with 16 trainers (15 CPU & You) in a 3 on 3 match, but it's 1 on 1 I believe...there may be a 2 on 2 one. The next one is the Battle Tube which is shaped like a Seviper. In it you have to choose between 3 Doors. You could have a battle, have your Pokemon hield or have your Pokemon inflicted with a status condition. It's just random

Finally, is a welcome return to the Battle Animations last seen in Crystal. When a Pokémon is sent out against you, it moves and does a pose before the battle starts.

And that's basically all we know about Emerald with maybe more information coming at Pokémon Festa this upcoming weekend

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