Pokemon Needs Your Help!

There's a huge matchup going on right now over at GameFAQs.com. They're having a "Great Game Contest," and one of the 64 games that made the bracket was the GBC classic, Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal! It is the only representative of the Pokemon series, but did manage to make it into the tourney as a highly respectable 8 seed. It'll be facing off against another RPG in this first round: 9th seeded Xenogears.  The vote is in the right margin.

The matchup was scheduled for yesterday, but had to be put on hold due to a glitch in the voting system. It will be fixed and running normally today, but the bad news is, Pokemon was being beaten when the polls closed yesterday! Fortunately it was only by a few percentage points.

I just thought I would let you and your many readers know about this fun opportunity to show your Pokemon pride. I really think that if we are able to get the word out, Pokemon will have a great chance to upset the largely overrated Xenogears, despite GameFAQs.com being regarded as place where Squaresoft games are unbeatable. Well, in any case, I thank you very much for your time; keep up the good work on the pojo.com, great site you have there.

-Jon B