Origins 2003 Report
by Meganium45

Just wanted to give you all a brief report from Origins......

Attended on Saturday, Professor Championship, and Sunday just to hang out!

The professor event was truly elite. 64 players trying to vie for the title!

I went with two other players from my Gym at Dragon King in St. Charles...Mega Murkrow and Ditto. Two truly elite players.

I'll be honest I went for the jacket. The deal was, I pay hotel, and whoever finishes top 16, if I don't, has to give up the jacket. Good news is we all finished top 16 (8th - Ditto, 9th - me, 10th - Mega Murkrow)

I drafted pretty well, and actually passed up playing a Vileplume line to play the draft "Andrew Style" (the way my 7 year old drafts). That is to play no more than one evolution line, and to play all hitters that can be moved around, as to not give up prizes. Drafted a nifty 2-1 Wartortle line with hyper reverse horsea (card is too broken), sky pikachu, krabby (2 for 30!) and some other basics of various colors.

Survived the 1st 3 rounds 3-0. My other gymmates were 3-0 and 2-1, so St. Louis was 8-1 after the Draft Rounds....BOO YEAH!

In the swiss rounds I was playing Meganium45 - MEganium with Scyther Promo #45 and AQ Eggs (Grass)...Nasty deck handed to me by Swanton1717 who did not want my playing my rogue Kingdra/Magcargo, and I'm glad I didn't

These were rounds of missed opps, in that I received a 2 point win in my first round - prob should have gotten more time due to several procedural "replays", but was happy.

Only loss was to Mega Murkrow playing that Nasty Scizor Furret Muk (which I miscall Sneasel Furret Muk, feel the same about it), and another match which I should have lost, but got the draw in in round 8. DANG TAILS FLIPS FOR ELEKID (5 in a row).

Ended the day 5-1-2 with 16 points and in SOLE POSSESSION of 9th place (cut to top 8 for Rochester), but I got my jacket, and had fun running with Murkrow to get Ditto dinner while he got ready for Rochester.

We left for Origins at 12:00 the night before, and got to Columbus at 8:00 that morning!!!

As Ditto finished the Rochester round (lost in 1st round) it was 12:00 midnight by the time it was over. We had been up for about 40 hours at that point.

Next day we came back, and basically hung out, got DMTM to sign some Gengars, and patrolled the vendor areas - I got to demo Ruby/Sapphire, which was a lot of fun!

Taught 2 families how to play Pokemon, and made a girl a deck from the packs she picked up (very hard to make a 60 card deck from R/S with their trainer choices!) Made a very cool 40 card mon-water deck though using Swampert and Lapras Ex.

Schwimmer was prob shocked when I came up and took all his energy to make the deck, but heh, that girl was being hooked. A hooked player leads to a hooked family, leads to the future of Pokemon!!!

We got some decent food, picked up some Japanese Anime stuff, and some unique dice. Simpsons TCG game looked pretty good, I did not get a good look at Neopets, so the jury is still out.

Saw a parent become extremely dismayed that is under 10 year old son was cheated at a big YGO tourney, by an adult no less. Not a big deal, except big cash was on the line.

Shame YGO is not like Pokemon, where we do not have to keep track of numbers. All of the stats of the game are clearly on the board for all to see. No calculators, or other items which lend themselves to cheating. Cheaters will be cheaters I guess, no matter the game.

Really looking forward to going to Gencon with my kids (7 and 9) and taking Swanton1717, one of the best players in the area. We will be there to play on Friday, for team, Saturday for FAT, and Sunday to hang out and say goodbye to Wizards. See me for some great August tourneys going on the midwest during this transition period.

See you on the boards! Meganium45 - 3 years and going with POKEMON!!!!