R/S Challenge Prizes
August 11, 2003

We talked to the TO for tomorrow's event in our area. There's some general info that Nintendo should have put on their website that is somewhat important: If you are under the age of 15, you must have a parent or guardian at the event for the duration of the event.

Now on to the stuff that everyone wants to see, the prizes. Bear in mind this is for EACH AGE GROUP:

1st Place
$200 gift certificate to Pokemon.com
1 box of R/S
1st Place Medal

2nd Place
1 box of R/S
2nd Place Medal
Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire Game Cartridge

3rd Place
16 boosters of R/S
Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire Game Cartridge
3rd Place Medal

4th Place
16 boosters of R/S

5th-8th Place
10 boosters of R/S

(For those keeping track or trying to figure out how much product to order just for prizes, that's 2 cases)

The medals look SWEET!

There will also be 2 random drawings (for all participants, not per age group) for:

1 Game Boy SP
1 E-Reader

Everyone will get:
1 Reverse Holographic Kyogre ex
1 Reverse Holographic Groudon ex
1 EON Ticket
1 page of either R/S stickers or R/S temporary tattoos

Please bear in mind that there may have been problems with shipping and all the prizes may not have made it to your venue. Please make sure that you DO NOT KEEP the link cables provided to you for the GameBoy portions of these events. We hope that everyone enjoys!