Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe
Pokemon Zeo
August 6, 2003

PokemonZeo.com to host a Pokemon Collectible Card Game (CCG) event - completely organized, run, and staffed by players - as a final farewell to Wizards of the Coast's retainment of the Pokemon CCG license.

YONKERS -- August 11, 2003 - Pokemon Zeo, one of the net's foremost Pokemon communities, runs their first major event.  Featuring multiple age-bracketed main events, and many side events, the event will hopefully be a memorable one.

Players will have the opportunity to participate in DCI-sanctioned tournament play in Modified format, several Limited formats, as well as ongoing Battlezone League play.  Prizes will be awarded to competitors based
on performance, and will include sealed Pokemon packs, theme decks, promo cards, foil energy, Pokemon merchandise, gaming gear, and other surprises. Also, each paid registration to the DCI-sanctioned tournament activities include an exclusive Pokemon Zeo dogtag - a different tag for each event, while supplies last!

Event descriptions:

Modified Constructed Main Events
Players bring a 60-card deck in the Modified format (Modified Deck Rules) and will play a number of swiss-paired rounds dependant upon the number of participants, before a final cut is made.  Events are divided by
age categories of 10 and under, 11-14, and 15 plus.

Booster Draft Side Events
Each player will receive 5 booster packs to draft then construct a 40-card deck for play use.  Basic Energy Cards will be provided for deck construction.  These events are not time-scheduled, and pods of draft will
begin at any time in the day when eight players are available and registered, time and supply of product permitting.

Sealed Deck Side Events
Players will receive 1 randomly selected theme deck and 2 booster packs to construct a 40-card deck for play use.  Players will then play a number of swiss rounds based upon the number of participants.  Basic Energy Cards will be provided for deck construction.

Final BattleZone
Got a deck?  Just want a casual format?  Compete in Battlezone format play in Final BattleZone for points, prizes and fun. Just like BattleZone, players earn a point for each game played and another point for each game won. Along the way of earning points, players can pick up cool promotional cards, badges and more.

Admission to Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe is free.  On site registration
fees for specific events are:
- Main event registration and exclusive dogtag, $10
- Booster draft registration and exclusive dogtag, $10
- Sealed play registration and exclusive dogtag, $8
- All-Day League registration, $2

The event is being hosted at the Yonkers Public Library - Riverfront at 1 Larken Center, Yonkers NY, directly across the street from the train station.  Events run from 10:30 AM to 7 PM.

For more information on Zeo: Invitation to Catastrophe and its formats, location, and directions for how to get to the Yonkers Public Library, Internet users can log onto http://www.sugarshock.net/zeo/event for details.