EX: Sandstorm
August 4, 2003

The trading card game we're all familiar with is getting even better! Nintendo is releasing expansions for the Pokemon-e Trading Card Game. Because itís the same game, all cards are 100% compatible with current and previous cards!

Pokemon EX Sandstorm arrives with 108 cards packed with even more EXciting new features. EX Sandstorm unleashes brand new evolved forms of Pokemon, such as Wailord-ex, Typhlosion-ex, and Raichu-ex. On top of this, players will now have the ability to use new Trainer cards, Multi-energy cards, and new powers like "Link Attack". Adding over 50 new Pokemon, more Poke-attacks, and more Poke-powers, Pokemon-e EX Sandstorm is a must have for all trainers!

(Editor's Note: ADV 2, the Japanese expansion that Sandstorm is based off of, contained only 53 cards. EX: Sandstorm contains 108 cards. What is taking it's place? Fossil Cards. As of right now, Pojo.com does know that Mysterious Fossil is being reprinted in this set as a colorless type with twenty more hit points. What other cards are going to be reprinted for Modified Play? Who knows? This is one expansion you do not want to miss!)

Each booster pack contains: 1 foil, 1 rare, 2 uncommon, and 5 common cards.

Each Preconstructed Starter (Caravan and Oasis) contains: 60 cards total, rules booklet, 1 foil card, damage counters, list of cards, and a game coin. There are two different pre-constructed Starter Decks (Caravan and Oasis).