Halloween 2000 Photos

We received a few great Halloween Photos, and we are posting them as promised.  If you have any more, send them in.  :)

Richard Choy (left), turned 4 on Halloween! 

 Happy Birthday Richard!!! 

Four of us Gym Leaders dressed as Team Rocket and "took over" our Pokemon League on Saturday. It was the last day of the league for the year. The players could play as normal or they could challenge Team Rocket. If they won, the received a prize. If they lost, they had to join Team Rocket. Pictured are our versions of Jesse and James, Giovanni is in the middle and "Agent 1" in the background. We each had a special deck we made for this take-over. Giovanni used the new Gym Challenge cards and was especially effective with Giovanni's Nidoking. Jesse's deck used Ekans, Arbok and Lickitung. James didn't do real well with his Koffing/Wheezing Deck. But then who would ? Agent 1 used a "Dirty Deeds" deck that used just about every annoying trainer that was ever made. Overall, more than 20 new members were inducted into Team Rocket.  (Right)  

Amy & Anna Gill (left) are Ash & Pikachu!  
Connor (Pikachu) and Ross (Marill) Chapman, accompanied by big sister Samantha, had a lot of fun trick or treating as Pokemon in New Jersey this Halloween  RIGHT



Vulpix Pumpkins carved by Bret Larwick.  

"of course the night one looks more like the 'fire pokemon' ;)"

Okay ... this ain't really a Halloween Picture, but we'll let it slide ....  
Jesse and Brandon in Centrailia, WA. with Pikachu