Prop 15 - 3C .... A Veteran's Nightmare

To Pojo, Pojo staff, and all readers,

All of us ( well, most of us) know about prop 15-3c.  It means only 15 trainers and 3 of the same card instead of 4. In short.... IT REALLY SUCKS!!! WotC complains the environment is to broken, Mr. Kelly focuses completely on the corporate aspect, and Scott fights with him about how broken decks are. Aside from my own opinion, I will show the proís and conís of everyoneís argument.


I agreed with Scott the most. He showed how very possible it is to beat Haymaker and Tuff Stuff, or Wiggly decks. I play Hay myself, and Iíve lost just as many as I have won. But I donít care. Losing is learning. But, always try your best.  He brought up a good point about errata and banning.

WotC, ban some cards or errata them ( donít worry Mr.  Kelly, Iíll explain) !!! This is quite possible, which Iím about to explain.


About the corporate aspect. You said that Scott wasnít paying attention to the corporate aspect. Itís the other way around!!!! You were looking from the outside in, while Scott was looking from the inside out. We donít adapt to the companies, the should adapt to us! We, hard core or beginning players, pay their salaries. The owe us the ultimate opinion!  About banning/ errata. You brought a wall that is hard to break down. The Pokemon TCG is not the property of WotC, but Gamefreak. But, from a very reliable resource ( Pojosama), I learned that Computer Search is banned in Japan ( unless the rules have changed) ! They have the right to ban and erreta cards, so we have the right, too. Iím your reinforcement, Scott.

And play testing? Forget it! Play testing makes playing a test. A chore. Just grab any deck and give it your all! If you know you did everything you could, you know you didnít make a mistake, you were just overpowered.

Me, Brad Tiller ...  a.k.a. PokeDiablo.

I hate this!!!! Wizards game kicked until they came up with this. All my friends, and I, are worried that our hard money and desperate trades for 30 trainers and 4 Electabuzz werenít worth it in the long run.  This makes me feel bad. Andrew Cornelious, the first Trop Battle winner, inspired me for my haymaker. $80 and 20 foils later, a haymaker. Does it matter now?  Nope.

The 15 trainer rule sucks. Hey, at least they didnít pass Prop 2t ( play 2 trainers a turn). But it doesnít matter now, cause you wonít have enough trainers for you to care. Why make this rule? Ya know what theyíre doing? Theyíre giving players who donít put thought into their deck a luck based ď better draw that soonĒ way to win.

And the 3 card of the same name rule. Thatís just ugly!!!!!! I actually see a purpose for 15 trainers, but not this. I canít think of anything to even justify this one bit!!! It just makes people hate their 4th Hitmonchan, or tear it up in frustration.  So this is my thought on Prop 15-3c. Many more agree with me, others donít. People say they they like it.  So build youíre deck that way. No limits meenís you can build it however you want. So if you want to have your Machopís beaten by Magnum Punch as you search for a Hitmonchan, go ahead. While my friends and I bash away with Electabuzz and Rocketís Scyther because we didnít have to thin our deck.

Sincerely, PokeDiablo.