Pokemon Election
November 8, 2000

I noticed the “Election Day Pokemon President Poll”, and I thought it would be interesting to put up descriptions IMHO for each candidate. I think you’ll find this good to look at before voting in the poll!!!!

Lugia: (poke-naturalist party)

The world of pokemon would become a mysterious place, quote lugia in a recent speech, “lest all it’s secrets be lost”. In turn, science would be reduced to a minimum. Taxes would be reduced, along with  the cost of everything. Polluting would be a harsh offense (of course, there would be laws protecting pokemon such as weezing).

Pikachu: (poke-observant party)

The world of pokemon would stay about the same, with the exception of bravery being rewarded richly. There would be new laws against cruelty to pokemon, and pokemon would be happier.

Alakazam: (poke-intellectual party)

The most intelligent would get the best jobs, in turn making the world of pokemon a much more efficient place. There would be school every day from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, though.

President of Pokemon
You are a Pokemon (voting today), Who is your choice for Pokemon President?



Slowking: (poke-monarchy party)

With his queen, he will tell the poke-army, poke-tax collectors, and pretty much anyone like that to do what he wants them to do. He is very wise and kind, though.

Entei: (poke-technological party)

Everyone will be raised to work in some field of  science. After about 20 years, technology will soar to the stars  (literally!).  Everyone will be happier because of technology that makes their lives easier. On the downside, taxes will be raised because of the cost of research.

Mew: (poke-mystical party)

Research would immediately switch over to finding how to give everyone psychic powers and such. Once that is completed, who knows what will happen (hey, he’s mystical! He likes to keep secrets!)

Mewtwo: (poke-conquest party)

He would recruit any and all strong pokemon into the poke-army, then conquer the world. Once the entire world is under his control, his sensitive side will come out and give back all of the territories conquered to their rightful owners (not before re-building them to their former glory, though!).

Meowth: (poke-anarchy party)

No laws would be enforced, except for the one he will create that says, “only members of team rocket may own pokemon”. That pretty much describes his strategy.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed  typing it! Have a nice day!!!

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