Pokemon League Information

Hi there.  I saw in your Saturday’s “Pojo’s News”

http://pojo.com/news/Sept16News.html - where a number of readers have reported that their local Leagues are already closing up for the holidays or even permanently within the next couple of weeks:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many Pokemon TCG players are disheartened their League location has canceled upcoming TCG game play. While it appears WOTC’s online League page might need an update soon (dated 8/9/99 - 12/31/00), players might find another location hosting League in their area.  Click on the easy-to-follow map to find a League location (I highly suggest calling first to verify if they’re currently in session):



In the event a contact on the Wizards’ staff views this and would like to send an update on the status of Pokemon League locations, please send an E-mail to Jackie@pojo.com.

Now I’m not an official WotC authority or anything, but here are some excerpts from last week’s Chat pertaining to Toys R Us specifically:

·        Master_Trainer_Mike presents the speaker with question

#108 from pikachu89:

Has Toys R Us renewed their contract for the Pokemon League?

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “Yup.”

·        Master_Trainer_Pat presents the speaker with question #126 from pikachu89:

Will current Toys R Us Pokemon Leagues receive items to run the Victory Road Season?

·        Master_Trainer_Pat says, “Yes.”

·        Master_Trainer_Mike says, “It is up to each store whether they will run it or not, there has been a rumor that we stopped it, that is not true.”

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