The Fact and Fiction of Prop15

To Webmasters and Readers: Hello, my name is Tyais. I run my own respective Pokemon TCG Website as you might know, and I do visit your sites to see how other sites are doing in the way of fan material. Upon my visits, I have noticed that many of your viewers have been talking about the controversial Prop15 and Prop2T. Independent of my own site, I am writing an article to educate some of the less informed viewers, and I would greatly appreciate it if this could be shared as front page material so that some of the un-truths about Prop15 and Prop2T can be done away with. Thank you.

Proposition 2T

 I would like to get Proposition 2T out of the way first. Prop2T (which would state you could only play two trainers per turn) will NOT and I do repeat will NOT be used in any official tournament or tournament format. This has been confirmed by Wizards of the Coast employees and there is NO chance of Wizards using the Proposition 2T anywhere in the near future.

Proposition 15

Proposition 15 (Prop15) has been causing quite a bit of stir among all the fans lately. Maybe you specifically are for it, or maybe your against. But I believe that a large part of the population have NO clue what it really is.

What is Prop15?
Prop15 is a suggestion which would limit the amount of trainers you can play in a deck to only 15 Trainer cards.

What is the point of having Prop15?
For those who haven't realized, the Pokemon environment is a VERY unbalanced environment. At the West Coast STS, the Top 8 of both the 11-14 and 15+ category were ALL Haymaker or Wiggly. In the 10 and under, all but one deck (Rain Dance) was a Haymaker. That means something is up. When all but one of the decks in the West Coast Nationals are one of two types of decks, it is not a balanced environment. (Note: Balanced usually refers to the power of a deck or decks. When there are only two decks used in an environment, then it is unbalanced. Now, say we had six, maybe seven different decks in the environment, then the environment might be balanced.)

Alright... so everything is Wiggly or Haymaker? How will Prop15 change that?
The Wiggly and Haymaker decks share one thing in common. Tons of Trainer cards. The average Haymaker deck plays 30+ Trainers while the average Wiggly plays 26+ Trainers. The reason these decks can do this, is because they need very few Pokemon and very few Energy to be played correctly. So, they can fit room into play all sorts of Trainers. This way, Wiggly and Haymaker can have enough room so they can search their deck easily (Professor Oak, Bill, Computer Search), disrupt their opponent (Gust of Wind, Energy Removal, Rocket's Sneak Attack) and still help themselves (Scoop Up, Plus Power). Using Prop15 would limit their amounts of Trainers so they can't do all of that in one deck.

OK, but why can't other decks do the same thing?
Decks that use evolution cards have problems because of two main things. One, they do not have the necessary space to do everything a Haymaker or Wiggly can do. Nor the speed. Since Haymaker and Wiggly work so fast, the opponent using evolutions can't get his deck going properly to work right. Second, Evolution decks need higher energy. That is a good thing since their attacks are usually more powerful. However, with Wiggly and Haymaker moving so fast, evolution decks don't have the time to build up. (Especially since it takes only two turns to power a Wiggly which can do 60 damage!)

I'm still not sure why this helps Evolution decks... don't they need Trainers too?
While evolution decks need Trainers as well, they only have space to fit in about 20. So the 5 Trainers that an evolution deck, would be a fair amount for the Haymaker and Wiggly's to lose. With all decks running just a notch slower (by slower I mean not being able to go through half of your deck on turn one) they are equaled out.

I don't believe you! Wiggly and Haymaker will just be more powerful!
I really can't make you think the way I do, however, I can tell you from personal experience, that both decks are curbed in power greatly and that if a tournament holds one like this, then you will see a lot of different decks as well as be able to use a lot of different decks. Wiggly and Hay will still be good decks, just not as dominating as they are now.

Prop15 is a bad idea and it won't work!
You can choose to think that, but I have personally play tested it. I ask you to do the same.

Thank you for reading this through. I hope it has helped enlighten you about the Prop15 controversy.

If you have any other questions regarding Prop15, feel free to send them to me at Pokegym@Tyais.com.

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