STS Michigan

Hello Pojo!

I love your site.  I have been come here for well over 1 ˝!

I am 29 years old and the Gym Leader at Competitive Edge Sports in Michigan.  I encouraged all of my trainers to go to the STS at Oakland Mall on August 26 and 27!  Not everyone went but those who did had a blast!

Wizards and the DCI from general appearances did a good job with setup, keeping lines moving, deckchecks and organization.  I will give them props for that in the handling of the event.  I heard word of mouth that over 2000 people showed up for each day of the event!

What I can tell you:

Biggest surprise, everyone who showed up received Promo #7 Jigglypuff!  I have never seen one in person until Saturday and now I have my own!  Thanks Wizards!

The STS in New Jersey is Saturday November 18, 2000.  It said it on the Gold invitations.

Along with the Jigglypuff, you received at Ticket to the Qualifying tournament with a specific time.  These were referred to as flights. You also had a specific time posted on your ticket stating when you could get your deck checked.  If you got in line before your assigned time you were politely asked to leave the line and come back when it was your turn.

I saw a lot of kids from my Poke League and they did well.  They made me very (extremely) proud of them because of it.  In the 11-14 year old category, Matt and Sarah (both from my gym) played in the finals against each other!  Matt won.  More on their decks later.  Matt received a box of Hero boosters, Gameboy Color, Pokemon TCG for GB, STS t-shirt and hat, and a gold invitation to New Jersey.   Sarah recieved 24 Hero boosters, Pokemon TCG for GB, STS t-shirt and hat, and a gold invitation to New Jersey.

In the 10 and under category, Jeff and Drew (both from my gym) were in the finals against each other!  Drew won.  More on their decks later.  Same prizes as stated above.

Then Clare (from my gym) in a separate flight of 10 and under took 7th or 8th place.  Scott (my gym) in a separate flight of 11-14 took 7th or 8th place.   Clare and Scott received 4 Hero boosters each.

I myself placed second in my flight! I was very happy since this was my first every DCI event I have played in my life!  Same prizes for 2nd as stated with Sarah’s above.

Decks I saw:

In my flights I saw nothing but Haymakers and Wiggly decks or their variants.  I saw two Raindance decks total for both Saturday and Sunday!  I myself, trying to play the metagame, used a Dark Vileplume deck.  I was fairly successful with it. 

My Deck

® = rocket  J = Jungle  B = Base  H = Hero


 4 Dratini   (H)        3 Dratini   (B)

 2 Dragonair (H)        2 Dragonair ®


 4 Oddish    ®

 2 Gloom     ®    1 Gloom     (J)

 2 Vileplume ®    1 Vileplume (J)


 3 Scyther   (J)



4 DCE   2 Heal E.   16 Grass


 3 Boss         3 Computer Searches

 3 Challenge    2 Breeders

3 Oaks

I did awesome against the Haymakers because they never had any evolutions.  Therefore, they couldn’t do more than 10 damage against Erika’s Dratini.  I would also have Vile (J) sitting on my bench using PP Heal to remove the 10 damage from Dratini.  Then I had time to get Dark Vileplume out and stop all their trainers.  However, in the finals I lost to a Haymaker Variant.  He used Magmar instead of Buzz.  He also used Hitmonchan and Scyther.  I couldn’t draw a single Oddish, Oak, Computer Search or Challenge in this game.  His Fossil Magmar poisoned my Dratini and knock it out too soon.  I was able to take out a couple of his Pokemon but he knocked out all of mine first.  He won.  His name was Brian and he was a gracious competitor.  Brian gets a lot of props from me.

All the other competitors that I faced were also serious but gracious.  I did see others (15 & over flights) who were mostly teenagers, that were obnoxiously loud, over-bearing, arrogantly-rude and insulting to other players.  The judges and master trainers over seeing the games did not take kindly too them and put them in their places.  One of these trainers was even disqualified after it was found out he played his match with 59 cards.  He was in the final 4 and sitting next to me.  There game ended before mine and he had won.  His opponent wanted to check his deck and found out he was a card short.  What happened was he accidentally put one on his cards in his translation pile leaving him one short.

The trianers from my gym were using decks that consisted of Haymakers, Wigglys and Team Rocket Trap decks.  Like I said earlier, the first two types were all over the place.

On Sunday we all entered again.  Matt, Sarah, Drew and I took Fouth in our respective flights.  Clare took fist in her flight.  Fourth place received 12 Hero boosters, STS hat and an invitation.  We were all happy with the boosters. 

There was a lot of activity going on in the League Zone, Erika’s Challenge, Lt. Surge’s King of the Hill and Misty’s Zone.   Erika’s Challenge let you battle one of Wizard’s three Master Trainers.  You had to put your name on a ticket and drop it into a Pokeball.  If your name was drawn you got a chance to battle a master trainer.  They were dressed up as Professor Oak, Lt. Surge and ???  never did figure out the last one.  Needless to say that was popular and my name was never drawn. 

Lt. Surge’s Zone was filled also.  You played an opponent.  If you won you stay and played someone else.  If you lost, you left.  If you won three times in a row, you also left. 

The League Zone was packed, lots of games and trade going on all around. 

Misty’s Zone is where you made you own card.  I made one of a Magmar!


The STS looked to be well run and organized.  The staff was attentive, friendly and pleasent.  However, if you were rude and pushy the Master Trainers and Judges put you in your place and they did it respectfully!  Props to all of them and I say thank you!

Props to all the trainers I saw from my League, Eric, Sarah, Sean, Matt, Drew, Clare, Scott, Greg, Chris, Anthony, Teresa, Jermey, ...  If I missed anybody, I’m sorry.

thank you POJO!