Report by CHRISBO

Sorry, very little in the way of news from the Chat this week (other than rulings of course).  No news on Promos, Neo, etc.

Victory Road season for Pokemon League starts on Sep. 16 in most locations.  After six weeks, there will be a break for the holidays and then Year 2 will begin on Jan 6, 2001.  No further details are currently available.

The MT"s emphasized repeatedly that "Prop15" and "Prop2T" are only being considered as a possible tournament construction format.  It is NOT being considered as an "official rule change" and will not affect casual play in the Pokemon League.

And finally:
 * Master_Trainer_Mike says, "As some of you may have heard, the East Coast STS Main Tournament's Constructed Format rules will be announced on Oct 9th. We do not know what these rules will be, if they will even be different from the West Coast STS rules at all, so please do not ask about them, as we will not have any info on it until Oct 9th. At that point, they will be posted on our web site and you will be able to call Customer Service and get the full explanation of it."

 - Chrisbo